King Krule’s “A New Place 2 Drown” Deserves Your Attention

At only 22, Archy Marshall, more popularly known by his stage name, King Krule, has created several incredibly innovative bodies of work. You may recognize him from his melodic single Easy Easy but the English star has written, sang, produced, and now published, 2 albums, 2 EPs, short films, and a look book of sorts. As the saying goes, Archy wears many hats, and we’d argue that they are all equally noteworthy.


Reviewing Archy’s trifecta project feels cathartic, a baptism through art.

Although 2 years old, released in 2015, his project A New Place 2 Drown is, in my opinion, an artistic masterpiece. A creative feat that many artists are reluctant to tackle and few successfully complete. However, it seemed effortless for Archy. As one will see in his blissfully intimate short film, art has always been an outlet for both he and his brother – an opportunity for unadulterated self expression and emotional clarity. The imagery is cold yet inviting, as Archy maintains the reputation of being anti-media. It is also reflective of the often disconnected coldness felt within the vibes of his favorite 90s NYC hip hop legends like Wu-Tang and Big L.



The book is a 208-page art book of photographs, drawings, and poetry from Archy and his similarly chill brother, Jack. The meaning behind the title of the project is that he wants to be completely engulfed by his work, and the film, album, and book provide his audience with the opportunity share in the experience.

While we await the release of his forthcoming album this year, tune into this album and be sure to peep his entire body of work and prepare to sail away.

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