Prince’s Paisley Park is Officially Declared A Public Museum

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Per the Chanhassen City Council, Prince‘s Paisley Park studio complex has now manifested into an official museum. The building has already seen a record of 12,000 visitors without any complaints of traffic and convenience. This is a contrast to the rezoning efforts and concern of the city council. They worried about conflicting traffic, parking and pedestrian safety as Paisley Park is estimated to bring in 600,000 people a year.

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Al Roker from The Today Show took viewers on a tour and displayed the inner workings of the property. In the control room of studio, notes are still sitting on the consoles. There’s also a “Purple Rain Room” doused in the trademark hue with the 1984 film projected on the walls along with the infamous motorcycle.

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“He did plan it to be a museum. Everything is strategically placed,” Prince’s sister Sharon Nelson said to Al Roker.

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“I want them to maybe feel like maybe they saw Prince up close, Sometimes when you’re a fan, you get to only to see them from a seat, but this way, you’re almost face-to-face with him.”-Tyka Nelson


As of this week, Paisley Park is open for tours Thursday through Sunday. Tickets can be purchased at $38.50 for a standard tour. VIP tours are listed at $100.


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