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LIFE: Hennessy Privilege Awards Honor Carmelo Anthony x Griffin NYC x Spike Lee, JR Smith, Fabolous and More (8.21.13)

If you want to see a classy shindig, attend anything Hennessy affiliated. Every time I am invited to some splendid LVMH event, I am also overwhelmed by the utmost chicness and best dressed people in the Greater New York area.

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INTERVIEW: Vashtie For Gillette x Video Interview x $500 Ultimate Style Upgrade Sweepstake!

The nice folks at Gillette asked me what I look for in a guy, even more what I look for in his grooming. Check out what I had to say in this VIDEO and if you are a “fella”, enter to

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SPECIAL DELIVERY: Hennessy x Os Gemeos x @HennessyUS

Damn, Hennessy always comes correct with artist collaborations and perfected presentation. Just check out what they sent me…even Vladimir The Fraidy Cat was feeling it.  

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RANDOM: Tote-ally Overwhelmed In The Search For The Perfect Tote

Yep, my current adult dilemma is figuring out the perfect work and life bag. Oy vey! It’s such a difficulty, especially when you want a nice bag – it could mean a costly commitment. Seeing a bag online and in

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INTERVIEW: Ebony Magazine x Leaders Of The New Cool x Vashtie “The Tomboy Temptress” x September Issue

I’m overjoyed at being featured in Ebony Magazine’s Style/Influencers Section, written by Ericka Goodman. They let me be me and used my interview answers perfectly! My write-up is extremely kind and I’m obsessing over the title Miss Goodman gave me

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Giant Magazine feature

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Justin Bieber: “One Time”

[flv:/videos/musicvideos/beieber_500x333.flv 500 333]

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Yung LA: “Futuristic Love”

[flv:/videos/musicvideos/yungla_500x281.flv 500 281]

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Vibe: 31 Flavors

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LTD Magazine: First Ladies

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Jadakiss: “Letter to B.I.G.”

[flv:/videos/musicvideos/letter_streamclip.flv 500 375]

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Va$htie Reel

[flv:/videos/musicvideos/vashtie_reel.flv 500 282]

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Paper Mag Dec 08/Jan 09

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Slim: “Good Lovin” feat. Ryan Leslie & Fabolous

[flv:/videos/musicvideos/goodlovin_retake.flv 500 375]

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nitro:licious: Let’s Get Intimate With…

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Solange: “T.O.N.Y.”

[flv:/videos/musicvideos/SolangeTOny_retake.flv 500 375]

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Josh X-an-tus: “Let’s Ride” feat. Jadakiss

[flv:/videos/musicvideos/LetsRide.flv 500 375]

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Paper Magazine: The Nightlife Issue

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BBP presents: Stupid Fresh As Usual!

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Hypebeast Interview

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although, at times she gives me the heebie jeebies. check out her new video for WANDERLUST which is amazing and creepy. behind the scenes.

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last night, friends and i were watching tv and BLOODSPORT came on. i had never really watched it before, but we noticed that during the fight scenes there were reoccurring loud CAT MEOWS. it happened so frequently, it seemed like

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in honor of the OLYMPICS…

directed by SPIKE JONZE featuring SOFIA COPPOLA. this is a shoutout to all the gymnasts! thanks for reminding me that my body is useless compared to yours!

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where is FEFE DOBSON?

she was cute and could sing her canadian ass off. can she come back now? she was paving the way for black rocker girls in a time when it wasn’t so cute…i think now is a good tome for her

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KID CUDI breaks into my apartment…

me, ELLE and CUDI were being silly one friday night…

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ANGELO turns DIRTY 30!

*throwback pic of ANGELO and i, in, i remember being a kid and thinking 30 was ancient. now, i’m gorwn up (sort of) and my friends are hitting the big 3-0. damn. anyways, ANGELO has been a good friend

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behind the scenes with JON PHENOM on the set of JUNIORS video!

hey guys. here’s more footage from the video set shot by JON PHENOM (designer, stylist, jack of every trade).

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VA$HTIE writing a KID CUDI video: when lines are crossed

[flv:/videos/shorts/cudielle_700.flv 500 375]

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OPEN party with Q TIP & SPINNA 7/25

*ELLE and Q TIP. *YVES having a great time. *JAVON and SHARADA. *OSCAR moving the crowd *great director BEN DICKINSON. *KID CUDI showing off his sides like me. *GABBY taking yo money. *ELLE and KID CUDI. *”kid CUDI and me”.

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this is what heartbreak is really like…

this video is so on point. the dialogue is true to form…”none of them will be able to measure up to the FALSE memory of what you and i had”. GNARLZ BARKLEY keeps doing the most creative videos. yay.

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behind the scenes: JUNIOR/JOELandBENJI MADDEN.

behind the scenes of JUNIOR SANCHEZ feat. JOEL and BENJI MADDEN / ELEVATOR. damn, i’m no where to be found in this though 🙁

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Paper Magazine: 1992 Feature

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a KID named CUDI mixtape release party.

my homie KID CUDI had a mixtape release party, sponsored by 10 DEEP and FOOLS GOLD at the RED BULL LOFT. it was a PLAIN PAT production, so you have to know the music is the truth. i’m so excited

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we kicked off our first party at SANTOS with a big bang. NAS came through and later, BUSTA made an appearance. it was madness. that venue is the flyest thing in NYC right now. it makes me feel like what

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Junior Sanchez & Good Charlotte: “Elevator”

[flv:/videos/musicvideos/elevator.flv 500 281]

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DOPE HEADS are not funny, but SEBASTIAN and MICHELLE are…

it takes me a super long time before i can become friends with someone because i am a weirdo, but when ELLE was first assisting me during an editing session she broke out all these amazing jokes and won me

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Q TIP, RICH MEDINA & VA$HTIE are OPEN!!! this friday at SANTOS.

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