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Sundance 2018: Films Critics are Raving About

As the reels of film at Sundance 2018 slow to a halt, it’s recognizable to note this is a pivotal time for the movie industry. Independent films, for the most part, aren’t the box office darlings they used to be.

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Your Film Guide for Black History Month

EVERY MONTH IS BLACK HISTORY MONTH! But in the eyes of the American government, February is the annual observance into the contributions and achievements Black people have made throughout history. And what better way to compliment that clenched fist in

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You’re late if you aren’t up on these female rappers

The female empowerment movement is shaping to be the Renaissance we women always knew it could be. Culturally bridging the cap for men to settle into the proverbial saying “anything you can do, women can do better.” To quote Mother

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Oprah2020: fantasy or reality?

It’s been four days since Oprah announced her political bid for President 2020. Have we all settled into the allure? Joke or not, it’s a captivating fantasy to acknowledge the potential utopia that could lay await. Gayle King, the best




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