LIFE: Prada Shopping + Lunch at Colette + Tyrsa Studio Visit + Fafi Show & Dinner – Paris FW 1.15

vashtie_parisFW_12115131January 28th, I went shopping for Prada with my friend Pablo Attal. Not sure if you guys remember, but I did this post in 2013 about needing an adult bag in my life and I was flirting with a classic Prada bag situation. Anyways, I like to take a stupid amount of time to make an expensive decision and finally decided to take the plunge. It also helped that the price difference and airport VAT tax refund made my bag of choice 600$ cheaper than if I would have bought it in the USA.

vashtie_parisFW_12115130I decided to get two, since they were so much cheaper and it seemed like a nice investment. Afterwards, me and Pablo had lunch at Colette. They have the perfect raw/vegan salad for me. Thank goodness, because eating in Europe can be sometimes hard for my diet.


It was nice hanging out with young Pablo. 16 year olds have knowledge too, you know!



January 29th. My last night day in Paris and I had to make the most of it. I stopped by to visit my artist friend Tyrsa. It was nice to sip a quick coffee with him before running to a meeting with Next Models.


Most of the offices in Paris are this old looking and so exquisite.



Later, I went to see Fafi at her art show. She’s so incredible and it was amazing to see the new things she has been working on.vashtie_parisFW_12115140vashtie_parisFW_12115142

Busy P in the place to be, Fafi and Me.vashtie_parisFW_12115141

Later, it was dinner with Yoan Prat and Pablo Attal at my favorite – Waly Fay


Yoan made his runway model debut for Marcelo Burlon. Very nice :) 


Also dined with this one, Laetitia

vashtie_parisFW_12115148Afterwards, I met up for a couple of drinks and spotted this insane view. It was like a row of motorcycles that caught on fire or something…so crazy.


January 30th, 2015. My last morning in Paris and I stopped by to see my friend David Obadia (formerly BWGH) who started a new brand called Harmony Paris. He even gifted me some nice French threads!


vashtie_parisFW_12115149Au Revoir Paris! I had a splendid time! As per usual.

LIFE: Waly-Fay Dinner – Party at Raspoutine, Castel & More – Paris FW 1.15

January 25th, 2015. I met up with this international gang for dinner at Waly-Fay, my new favorite place to eat in Paris. Well, one of them! It was an all star cast…vashtie_parisFW_12115093


Michael Dupouy and his babe.

vashtie_parisFW_12115097Edison Chen


ASAP Bari & Guillaume Berg

vashtie_parisFW_12115095 vashtie_parisFW_12115094

Ian Connor and me in the rues of Paris

Later, me and Guillaume went to pick up Virgil at Hotel No Name…

vashtie_parisFW_12115105 vashtie_parisFW_12115103 vashtie_parisFW_12115102 vashtie_parisFW_12115101The art in the courtyard of No Name is pretty cool. Afterwards, we went to Raspoutine for party time excellent. This venue is so insanely beautiful. 



January 27th, 2015. The next night, I met my friends Afshin Momadi and Emanuele D’Angelo from LivinCool for dinner at Hotel No Name. It so happened to be the hot spot, because everyone was there!

vashtie_parisFW_12115117 vashtie_parisFW_12115116 vashtie_parisFW_12115115

vashtie_parisFW_12115120 vashtie_parisFW_12115118Playing trap jams on our way to see Brodinski DJ a Fashion Party.vashtie_parisFW_12115121Ran into the bae, Caroline Vreeland.


Brodinski dropping jams.


Afterwards we went to Castel for another party. Thank goodness we were on the list!vashtie_parisFW_12115119 vashtie_parisFW_12115125

This is why Paris is so ill with it. Not only do they serve top shelf everywhere, but they also have well made desserts just in case. Like, what?!vashtie_parisFW_12115124Hanging with some friends…

vashtie_parisFW_12115123Ran into my girl Binx!

vashtie_parisFW_12115129Me and Stephane Ashpool.

vashtie_parisFW_12115128Afshin on the left and Zac Ching from NYC on the right. Castel is a cool spot. It’s like an old narrow house with many floors. This one is my favorite area of the house.

vashtie_parisFW_12115127 vashtie_parisFW_12115126Okay, just get back into these delectable things. What a nice touch Paris!


LIFE: All Gone Book Release at Colette x Dinner at Caviar Kaspia PFW 1.15


January 24th, 2015. Stoked that I was in town for my friend Michael’s All Gone Book release at Colette.

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LIFE: DJ’ing for Chloe in Miami x Straight to Paris for FW 1.15

vashtie_parisFW_12115011Okay, so this post is super late. Although this is from January 2015, I did still want to share it. My trip begins in New York and took me to Miami to DJ the Chloe Coral Gables store. I landed on a perfect Miami day; went to the hotel for a drink with Arnaud and my Chloe family and then to the store…later, we had dinner at The St. Regis. It was a fun day and night before taking off to Paris…

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After a couple of weeks of missing my party, I finally made my return! I actually missed the craziness.. a little. Deemehlow, DJ Huggy Bear, and myself had the Marlin Room jumping all night long! We even had some very special guest dancers in the house last night so of course I had to be selfish and play them some proper music to vogue to. Someone even actually brought me some vegan treats!


I debuted my new customized laptop from Colorware Inc. (Of course its GOLD and I’m obsessed!)




Oscar, Mela Murder, Me


Mela Murder killing it during my set!

Let’s Connect, Politic, Ditto.

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