THROWBACK: Fabolous Feat. Nate Dogg – “Can’t Deny It”

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NEWS: Vashtie on 106 & Park – Style File – Today at 6pm EST

vashtie_106Oh snap. When I got the request to appear LIVE on 106 AND PARK, you know I was bout it bout it! Like many, I spent years watching this show. To be apart of it is an honor. Although, I fantasized about being on Freestyle Friday, Style File will have to do…for now. Record or Watch it live at 6pm EST! Woop woop


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INTERVIEW: Vashtie and Awkwafina – Bring Back Amish Fashion | Ep 9 | Tawk

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VIDEO: Arctic Monkeys – “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?” (Dir. Nabil)

This video is almost a year old, but I just found it and I am obsessed. I need to see them perform live…

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LIFE: DJ’ing in Los Angeles at The Line Hotel for Astro Gaming (June 2014)

Special thanks to my friend over at KNOW USE & ASTRO GAMING for having me DJ alongside DJ TROUBLEMAKER for their after party at the very hip and chic LINE HOTEL in K-TOWN, LA. It was a short trip, but a blast! I even got to hang with my friend Cherub Moore and her adorable babe Hunter! And as usual, I went to Cafe Gratitude because it might be my favorite place on earth to eat!vashtie_thelinehotel01 vashtie_thelinehotel02Hunter!

vashtie_thelinehotel03Cafe Gratitude. I love you!

vashtie_thelinehotel04Love Letter from The Line Hotel. How cozy! Thanks for the little package!

vashtie_thelinehotel05My room was super cute!


vashtie_thelinehotel08Later that night I met the clients for dinner in the hotel, at Pot! It was the bomb.

vashtie_thelinehotel09Eiknarf and Bobby Hundreds. Ran into him having dinner also.

vashtie_thelinehotel10Vashtie & Frankie aka Eiknarf!


The next day, Cherub took me to eat at another fun Vegan spot. I forget the name though…vashtie_thelinehotel12 vashtie_thelinehotel13 vashtie_thelinehotel14My Danish Photographer friend Casper Lundemann had some time to shoot me

vashtie_thelinehotel15 vashtie_thelinehotel16Hunter was also there having fun!

vashtie_thelinehotel17 vashtie_thelinehotel18 vashtie_thelinehotel19Steve Nash came through to hang! Always nice seeing him!

vashtie_thelinehotel20Me and Frankie.

vashtie_thelinehotel21Cherub and Marc.

vashtie_thelinehotel22Me and Cherub!

vashtie_thelinehotel23Beth Gibbs & Nicole Plantin!

vashtie_thelinehotel24 vashtie_thelinehotel25Atiba & Me!

vashtie_thelinehotel26Samantha Jo and her crew of cuties.

vashtie_thelinehotel28Most awkward pose with Will Wheeler, Me and Frankie.

vashtie_thelinehotel29I was so happy that my love Jean Paul Paula was in town from Paris. We had a window of about a few hours and we made it memorable!



We went to Greystone Manor with Steve Nash. It was Jean Paul’s first time in LA and we had to show him LA, even if this place is not my favorite or first choice,vashtie_thelinehotel32We made it work…

vashtie_thelinehotel33 vashtie_thelinehotel34

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LIFE: DJ’ing at La Gruta Cave, Teotihuacan – 24 Hours in Mexico City (6.27.14)

vashtie_mexcity_6271409Diego Oseguera and Vashtie. La Gruta, June 2014

Special thanks to Erika Mercado of Mex In The City and Diego Oseguera of  Diageo for booking me in their hometown of Mexico City! Can I just tell you, I DJ’ed in a legit cave (La Gruta) an hour outside of Mexico City. It was insane and super cool. Like, out of a movie. Not bad for my first time in Mexico and Mexico City. But, I need to go back. I didn’t have time to see the ruins, pyramids or even Frida Kahlo’s house!

vashtie_mexcity_6271401There’s something like 30 million people here. The city is massive!

vashtie_mexcity_6271402Cozy Boys. Stephen aka Huggy Bear came with me. I’m always afraid to travel alone, but Angelo told me the Mexicans would want nothing from a Negra like me. Hahahahaha.

vashtie_mexcity_6271403Our amazing guide, Helen, too us for a quick bite. We had no time to do much else…

vashtie_mexcity_6271404I’m always excited to see sauces and as soon as we sat down, our table was blessed with this array! I was sold.

vashtie_mexcity_6271405Grilled Cactus. This looks weird and not appetizing, but it totally was. You all know I’m a vegan/raw/sometimes fish eater, so I opted for a vegan meal this time, sans the tortilla (gluten). I know, no fun…but it was still delicious. Cactus is the bomb!

vashtie_mexcity_6271406On the way to the venue! The dress code was tribal chic…I tried to make what I had work.

vashtie_mexcity_6271407My braided do. I wanted to do something more Frida, but didn’t have the time or the skills.

vashtie_mexcity_6271408I almost screamed out loud when I saw the cave, but I had to be professional so I kept it inside.




vashtie_mexcity_6271412The night was a success!!! I had an amazing time with mi Mexican gente! They were sweet, loving, vivacious and accommodating. I can’t wait to go back.

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LIFE: Ben Pundole’s 40th Birthday at Indochine, Massive Party at Up & Down and Dive Bars in Greenpoint (May 2014)

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 10.18.22 AM

Wow, I have been so behind on my postings…my bad. Anyways, a month ago or so was a big birthday celebration for what seems like everyone’s loved and admired friend Ben Pundole.  To know him is to absolutely adore him. Ben is a charming and sweet and extremely talented. Glad I could be there to ring in his birthday.DSC01095Met Karl Justin for some pre-gaming, which entailed some Provence Rose and Raw Food via The Standard East Village – Gazpacho and Salad.

vashtie_benpundole02 vashtie_benpundole03 vashtie_benpundole04 vashtie_benpundole05 vashtie_benpundole06

Anoma Whitakervashtie_benpundole07

Ian Bradley and Boysvashtie_benpundole08

Eli Reed and Jenne Lombardovashtie_benpundole09

Later, Karl and I stopped by at The Bowery Hotel for a nightcap.vashtie_benpundole10 vashtie_benpundole11 vashtie_benpundole12I stopped by Oscar’s Party at Up & Down, which was one of the best parties I’ve attended in a LONG time. I ran into some English friends…

vashtie_benpundole13 vashtie_benpundole14Prince, Jay Boogie & Guest


vashtie_benpundole16Sus Whiskey.

vashtie_benpundole17Tan from London

vashtie_benpundole18Talking to American Cab Drivers about what English Cab Drivers know as “The Knowledge”. Its this insane education of knowing any street and any cross section from memory. Something you rarely find elsewhere.

vashtie_benpundole19Dive Bar’ing in Williamsburg.


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VIDEO: FKA Twigs – “Two Weeks” Dir. by Nabil


“Give me two weeks, you won’t recognize her…”

I am so thankful for Twigs. Sorry, not sorry…I’m bored by pop starlets who have the right creative team/stylists/song writers/choreographers, yet have zero art. This song and video is now on repeat and I’m so excited to see Young Twigs kill it. She’s like Sade meets Bjork, wrapped up in a baby-faced goddess.

The video was directed by the great Nabil. It has a slight similarity to the work of Marco Brambilla – specifically the Kanye West “Power” video…but with its own touch.

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INTERVIEW: Vashtie & Vladimir for The Window at Barneys New York


Haha, yes you read that right. Me and this jobless son of mine were asked to be in a feature about fashionable people and their cats. Among some of the other amazing people featured Karen Elson, Harley Viera Newton and MORE!



Vashtie-2Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 4.16.47 PM

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LIFE: Hooping with Black Rainbow & Friends – Terminal 23 New York City’s Jordan Gym (May 2014)

vashtie_basketball_520141Back in May – I got asked to hoop with my Parisian Friends from Black Rainbow Agency, Jay & Greg, which was super fun. I never get asked to play with the boys, probably because the ones that live state-side know that I’m a dud when it comes to playing sports. I think my Parisian friends knew that too, but they were down for some fun-filled hooping. I was excited and super nervous, just because I feel like I always end up indirectly getting hurt. Anyways. It was good times. The Jordan Gym, Terminal 23, provides you with a uniform and Jordans – but, since my feets were too small I improvised and brought my own…literally
vashtie_basketball_520142 vashtie_basketball_520143 vashtie_basketball_520144 vashtie_basketball_520145The space is incroyable! These photos are not :( vashtie_basketball_520146

My siggy right there next to Diggy’s. vashtie_basketball_520147

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INTERVIEW: Vashtie for Into The Gloss – The Top Shelf (6.18.14)

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 5.50.57 PM

And another interview with your favorite bushy-browed lady boy! This one is even more amazing, because its INTO THE GLOSS which is top notch when it comes to fashion, style and beauty. Needless to say, I am stoked to be featured! Check it out, you can read about me and my organic beauty products as well as my holistic approach to beauty and wellness. Although, my Macadamia Beauty Products went a bit unmentioned because I was out – but, I use their leave-in for my messy locks.

Read the whole thang thang


IMG_1476-408x613 IMG_1492-613x408 IMG_1580-613x408 IMG_1593-408x613

My wardrobe and apartment are a Hypebeast Tween Boy’s Dream. I guess that makes me a Hypebeast Tween Boy…Oy vey!


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INTERVIEW: Vashtie on The Combat Jack Show (Audio)


Note to self…maybe never do an interview after 2 glasses of Rosé. Sometimes the perks of having a bartender friend that never lets your glass empty works against you in an interview. Ha, actually – it’s not that bad…I’m just being overly-critical I think. I got some good feedback from this interview on Twitter and Instagram, mainly from other folks who identified with a lot of what I said. I don’t know, you can be the judge…the judge to hear my annoying voice and more annoying ramblings.

Yikes. For someone who rarely talks that much to people I am not very familiar with…I rambled.

Thanks to Reggie Ossé and Premium Pete for a wonderful opportunity to sit and chat.

(There was also not so great feedback, which is always funny…)

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THROWBACK: “You Better Work” Violette New York Look Book by Amanda Lopez (2012)

After the success of the first VIOLETTE VINTAGE COLLECTION, which focused on Sportswear – we bring to you another batch in the form of 90′s Bustiers. Inspired by 90′s Supermodels and Fashion, here is “YOU BETTER WORK” shot by AMANDA LOPEZ.

Makeup by TAI LOTSON (@TaiLotson) & Hair by GABI CORNEY (@GabiDoesHair).






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MUSIC: Vic Mensa

Vic Mensa, a 20 year old Chi Town native and 2014 XXL Freshman, is a new age lyricist with fresh perspectives that chemically blend to retain his lone, but worldly frequencies. This legend… in the making… has expanded the subject matter in hip hop by highlighting the limitless adventures of being young in the digital age, the gritty political culture of Chi Town and surviving rotten luck. With the spotlight on him, Vic Mensa is packing heat (musically, I mean). In July 2010, he released his debut mixtape “Straight Up” and of course gained unzipped Internet buzz. It’s Mensa’s 2013 mixtape “INNANETAPE”, with guest appearances by Ab-Soul, Thundercat, Chance The Rapper and Rockie Fresh, that is the A1 sauce to his come up. And recently, Mensa announced that his new ingredient/EP “Street Lights” will be coming soon. I’m obsessed and I’m excited…special thanks to my friend and booking agent James Rubin for putting me on (once again).

Vic Mensa – Down On My Luck Dir. by Ben Dickinson (my friend!)

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RIP: Life & Times of The Great Maya Angelou


The life and times of the great literary prophet Dr. Maya Angelou has sadly come to an end. At the age of 86, the poet, essayist, novelist and actress died Wednesday morning in her Winston-Salem, North Carolina home. While this news generates great sadness and universal loss, Dr. Angelou’s life and achievements will always be celebrated. And without any debate, she will be remembered not only for her poetic work but also for her vision of equality, tolerance and peace. Historically, Dr. Maya Angelou is the literary eyes and ears of the Civil Rights Movement and for that we salute her.


A Maya Angelou Event Timeline

  • 1928- On April 4, Maya Angelou was born Marguerite Ann Johnson in Saint Louis Missouri.
  • 1941- She attended George Washington High School in San Francisco and studied dance and drama on scholarship at the California Labor School.
  • 1952- Marguerite Ann Johnson started her career as a nightclub singer and changed her name to “Maya Angelou”.
  • 1954/5- Toured Europe with a production of the opera Porgy and Bess.
  • 1957- Completed and released her first album Calypso Lady.
  • 1958- Moved to New York City and joined the Harlem Writers Guild.
  • 1958- Acted in the Off-Broadway production of Jean Genet’s The Blacks and wrote/performed Cabaret for Freedom.
  • 1959- Worked with Civil Rights Activists.
  • 1960- Moved to Cairo, Egypt and worked as editor of the English language weekly newsmagazine The Arab Observer.
  • 1961- Moved to Ghana and taught at the University of Ghana’s School of Music and Drama.
  • 1961- She also worked as a feature editor for The African Review and wrote for The Ghanaian Times. While staying there, she met with Malcolm X.
  • 1964- Returned to America to help Malcolm X build his Organization of African American Unity.
  • 1965- X was assassinated and soon after Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. asked her to served as Northern Coordinator for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.
  • 1970- I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings was published.
  • 1972- Wrote the screenplay and composed the score for the film Georgia, Georgia which was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.
  • 1977- Appeared in television adaptation of Alex Haley’s Roots.
  • 1981- Wake Forest University appointed her as Reynolds Professor of American Studies lifetime chair.
  • 1993- President Clinton requested she compose a poem to read at his inauguration.
  • 1993- Appeared in John Singleton’s Poetic Justice.
  • 1996- Directed her first feature film, Down in the Delta.
  • 2000- Awarded the Presidential Medal of Arts.
  • 2002- Won Grammy for Best Spoken Word Album for A Song Flung Up To Heaven.
  • 2008- Awarded the Lincoln medal.
  • 2011- President Barack Obama awarded her with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
  • 2013- Her 8th autobiographical book “Mom & Me & Mom” was published.
  • 2013- Interviewed by Oprah.
  • 2014- Dr. Maya Angelou passed away in her North Carolina home on May 28.


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NEWS: New York’s Abandoned North Brother Island – BBC News

You can hear the Mr. Softie truck and other New York City sounds from this deserted island/ secret hiding place, according to photographer Christopher Payne. After being abandoned for more than 50 years, North Brother Island is now trending and showing New Yorker’s what nature will do to our melting pot once we no longer exist. Imagine the city with no people…and just dense forests and wildlife (super spooky). I promise you, you’ll be in awe when you watch this BBC News video…

asylum-christopher-payne-1 North Brother Island: The Last Unknown Place in New York City asylum29 Christopher_Payne Yankton_Stair_CMYK_post

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Life: Dinner With The Creep Crew: Belated Birthday (5.12.14)


A few weeks ago, Angelo, Rafael and Elle took me to a lovely belated birthday dinner at  our favorite place. It was cozy and creepy, as usual. I love my familia!

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 8.39.43 AMvashtie_LD_boysdinner_5201403Angelo Baque and Minya…we ran int her having dinner before our date.

vashtie_LD_boysdinner_5201404Rafael and Angelo



vashtie_LD_boysdinner_5201407Elle picked up a raw dessert for me!

vashtie_LD_boysdinner_5201408Awww, I love these fools.





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THROWBACK: Sade – “By Your Side” Dir. by Sophie Muller

Sade_pic_08You all know how I feel about Sade. I mean, just look at her, do I need to explain? I love this photo of her au natural without the faux ponytail. #VERYRARE


Some Facts About Sade

- Sade is a singer-songwriter, composer, record producer, and mother.
– Sade was born Helen Folasade Adu in Ibadan, Nigeria on January 16, 1959.
– She didn’t plan on becoming a singer and started out only to help two friends in a group and later became a background singer for the Latin funk group “Pride”.
– Today, Sade is the best selling solo female artist in British history.

Sade Portrait of British pop singer Sade


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WATCH: “Amazing Jam Session – Three Random Guys” – Jimmy Kimmel

So you guys might have seen the video of this impromptu jam session in Iriving Texas gone all the way right, which went super viral a few days ago. Basically, a street musician is just chilling and playing his guitar and singing (quite exquisitely) and then a stranger comes by and starts to freestyle sing and then another stranger comes by and he started freestyle rapping. The original made me teary eyed, but this Jimmy Kimmel clip made me all the way cry while smiling. Ya’ll know I’m a big baby!

This clip shows a re-enactment of the scenario, supported by Trey Songz, Juicy J and Aloe Blacc! It is amazing. I’m so happy for those 3 random dudes and I hope someone signs Jessie or all 3 of them!

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LIFE: 1992 The Party at Webster Hall’s House Party; Q-Tip, Andre 3000, Jay Smith & More (3.15.14)

vashtie_1992housepartyNYC_5151408Vashtie and DJ Huggy Bear

Last week we rocked our Webster Hall Thursday residency! Our friend Jay Smith aka Oulala Jay Smith of Black Rainbow Agency was in town from Paris and DJ’ed a set. Q-Tip came through and so did Andre 3000!!! I watched him walk in and then I bounced. Yeah, like “Why Vashtie? Why did you leave?!”. I have no idea, but I was tired. Anyways, I heard that Tip and 3 Stacks just kicked it in my room all night…Amazing!!!


vashtie_1992housepartyNYC_5151403Oulala Jay Smith

vashtie_1992housepartyNYC_5151405Jay Smith, Vashtie & DJ Huggy Bear

vashtie_1992housepartyNYC_5151406Khalil (Livin’ Proof UK), James Rubin & Rachel


vashtie_1992housepartyNYC_5151410Me and Q-Tip. He’s the best!


vashtie_1992housepartyNYC_5151412James Rubin, he’s the best!

vashtie_1992housepartyNYC_5151413From time to time, the rooms empty out because the crowds move around from room to room. This is our room here, emptied out for a little while. At first glance, there is nothing to report here, but I took a deeper look that night and saw two preppy white dudes dancing with two hip black girls and it made my night. Not only is interracial grinding a rarity (in the United States at least), it is even rarer for different social groups (even of the same race) to integrate. I took a picture and told Oscar and he told me that apparently those preppy white boys tried to dance with some white girls and they stuck their hands up in their faces and said “Ewww. No!”. It made this moment even more special to me! I love it.

vashtie_1992housepartyNYC_5151414Get it!!! Yes!!!


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VIDEO: M.I.A. & The Partysquad – “Double Bubble Trouble” Dir. by M.I.A.

Totally obsessed with this song and this video. Not to mention, there’s a smoke artist featured in the video! I don’t smoke, have never smoked but totally think it’s fascinating.

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NEWS: Happy Birthday Christopher Wallace a.k.a. Notorious B.I.G.!

Happy Birthday to the late Christopher Wallace, better known as The Notorious B.I.G., Biggie or King of Bedford-Stuyvesant!!

Christopher George Latore Wallace was born on March 21, 1972 and would have been 42 years old today. Due to unfortunate and untimely events, he was murdered March 9, 1997. Biggie was raised in Brooklyn where he became a #1 figure for the East Coast Hip Hop scene and after releasing his debut album Ready To Die in 1994, he gained mainstream success. Biggie went on to release a collaboration album, Conspiracy, with Junior M.A.F.I.A in 1995 and two years later he dropped a second studio album entitled Life After Death. The New York rapper was acknowledged for his work in award nominations from Billboard, The Grammys, MTV Video Music Awards, Soul Train and The Source. While we do know Biggie for his lyrical talents, there are definitely a number of things we didn’t know.

Some Unknown Facts About Biggie


- This is the last photo taken of B.I.G. on March 7, 1997 (a day before his murder) when he attended the 11th Annual Soul Train Music Awards at The Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles California. Here he is backstage with Diddy.

- Before his death, Biggie was chosen to play a drug lord alongside Robert Deniro and Christopher Walken. He also appeared in the cop drama “New York Undercover”.

- A soul food restaurant “Big Poppa’s” was almost opened up by Biggie in the Brooklyn neighborhood Bedford-Stuyvesant.

“However living better now, Coogi sweater now”- Big Poppa (1994)

- Biggie, Busta Rhymes and Jay Z all attended George Westinghouse Career and Technical Education High School in Brooklyn.

- The name “Biggie Smalls was inspired by the 1975 film called “Let’s Do It Again”. In the film there were a group of OG’s led by a hustler by the name of Biggie Smalls.


XXL Pays Tribute To Biggie in March 2012 Cover

The Notorious B.I.G “Sky’s The Limit” directed by Spike Jonze

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NEWS: Vashtie Featured As a Face for Macadamia Beauty!


I’m so excited to finally announce this! I am featured as one of the faces of MACADAMIA BEAUTY, alongside babes Maria Papathanasiou and Camila Morrone. The brand is amazing and I am honored to be apart of it. They literally cater to all kinds of textures and I love how universal it is…


If you follow me on Instagram, you may remember these posts…which were some shots from behind the scenes of the shoot.

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 4.38.45 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 4.38.33 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 4.38.58 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 4.38.17 PM

Now that it has been announced, you can follow @MACADAMIABEAUTY on Instagram for…#BTS Images from Macadamia Photo Shoot, Beauty Tips & International Hair Inspiration.


They also sent me the bomb birthday package of products!


Peep the VIDEO from the Photoshoot.

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LIFE: Designing for I Am Other – Launch Party at Uniqlo NYC – Andre Leon Talley, Nigo, Sean Risely, Kristoff Murphy & More (4.28.14)


So, I designed some graphics for I AM OTHER and now they are everywhere! First of all, I was honored to even be asked – but since I am of an “Other” nature it made sense. After my last trip to Paris (April) there was a launch party at Uniqlo NYC Uptown. I stopped by for a minute to hang…


vashtie_IAO_4201401Sean Risely & Vashtie

vashtie_IAO_4201402Andre Leon Talley

vashtie_IAO_4201403Kristoff Murphy

vashtie_IAO_4201404 vashtie_IAO_4201405

T-shirt and hat designed by me
vashtie_IAO_4201406T-shirt designed by me

vashtie_IAO_4201407T-shirt designed by me


T-shirt designed by me

Interview by Shaina for The Source 
vashtie_IAO_4201412Checking out my designs…



Below are the shirts that I designed for the collection, but you can buy that and more here at UNIQLO.COM

goods_00_128042 goods_03_128066 goods_00_128063 goods_00_128069 goods_09_128055 goods_56_128043

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NEWS: #BellesandWhistles / Whistles x Garance Doré feat. Vashtie Debuts at Style.Com (VIDEO + PHOTOS)

Bells & Whistles Behind the Scenes (22 of 85)
Elle StraussBells & Whistles Behind the Scenes (31 of 85)
Cecile TogniBells & Whistles Behind the Scenes (8 of 85)
Jeanann WilliamsBells & Whistles Behind the Scenes (51 of 85)
Yasmin SewellBells & Whistles Behind the Scenes (29 of 85)
Rebecca DayanBells & Whistles Behind the Scenes (77 of 85)Bells & Whistles Behind the Scenes (84 of 85)Bells & Whistles Behind the Scenes (82 of 85)


whistles teams up with Garance Doré for #bellesandwhistles

Whistles, the British contemporary fashion brand, has teamed up with Garance Doré to direct
a short digital video titled #bellesandwhistles. The video—which kicks off the brand’s further expansion into the US and French markets—features an inspiring cast of women living in the US, UK and France that embody the qualities of a Whistles muse—modern, sharp and stylish women who are carving their own path.

Both the title #bellesandwhistles, and the cast, represent the brand’s British roots mingling with American and French influences. The featured women include Yasmin Sewell, a London-based fashion consultant, Elle Strauss, the Fashion Director of Shopbop and Brit living in New York, Vashtie Kola, an American artist and DJ, Jeanann Williams, an American stylist, French actress Rebecca Dayan, and French DJ and creative consultant Cecile Togni.

“I am delighted that we are working with Garance Doré on a digital first for Whistles. We see a great synergy between the aesthetic of both Whistles and Garance, which has been brought to life in the #bellesandwhistles film. To have such inspiring women working on and in the film is representative of the brand’s DNA, it’s like working with friends who understand you.”

Jane Shepherdson, Chief Executive, Whistles

The video will air on the Garance Doré website on May 19th and shorter versions will be posted to Instagram using #bellesandwhistles. Consumers will also have the opportunity to submit their own “whistling” video to Instagram for a chance to win a luxury shopping spree at Whistles. Whistles, which already ships to both the US and France through, recently announced the opening of their first brick-and-mortar presence in the US, with a concession

at the Bloomingdale’s 59th St. flagship in New York. In addition to an already established concession at Le Printemps, the brand lands in Le BHV Marais this month and will roll out a French language website this summer.

The brand is known for seasonal must-have pieces as well as staple items in luxe fabrics such as shearling, cashmere and leather and will debut a men’s collection for autumn/winter 2014. The product offering at Bloomingdale’s and BHV Marais will include a hand selected edit of Limited Edition pieces from Whistles’ London Fashion Week collection.

Film Credits

Creative Direction by Garance Doré. Styled by Meredith Melling and Valerie Boster of La Marque. Hair by Adam Markarian at Bryan Bantry. Make-up by Tatyana Makarov at WSM. Behind the scenes photography by Samantha Goh.

Shopping Credits

Jeanann Williams wears the Louise Vest Top in Coral, Stretch Leather Pants in Black (shop similar), and the Lena Slip On Trainers in Pale Blue. Elle Strauss wears the Split Hem Tee in White and Layla Culottes in Black. Cecile Togni wears the Split Hem Tee in White, the Ivy Stripe Midi Skirt in Blue Multi and the Fee Block Heel Mules in Grey. Rebecca Dayan wears the Lulu All in One Jumpsuit in Black and the Bonnie Block Heel in Nude. Yasmin Sewell wears the Ocelot Print Dress in Grey Multi and the Bonnie Block Heel in Nude. Vashtie Kola wears the Morgana Midi Dress in Pale Pink and the Daria Lace Up Trainers in White.

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LIFE: Behind The Scenes – Shooting with Garance Doré & Whistles UK (5.5.14)


After a long weekend of traveling and DJ’ing in Vancouver and Los Angeles, it was an early Monday shoot with fashion phenom Garance Doré and Whistles UK. I was featured among a handful of incredible other women…

Yasmin Sewell, a London-based fashion consultant, Elle Strauss, the Fashion Director of Shopbop and Brit living in New York, Vashtie Kola, an American artist and DJ, Jeanann Williams, an American stylist, French actress Rebecca Dayan, and French DJ and creative consultant Cecile Togni

It was a fun and easy shoot. All I had to do was whistle, dance and jump around on camera…you know, all the things this camera shy and introvert loves to do. Regardless, I did my best…I may be introverted, but I hate nothing more than to waste other peoples time and playing shy would have ultimately wasted my time too. So, I did what I had to to and enjoyed it in the end!vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201401 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201402 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201403 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201404Garance teaching me a thing or two…

vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201407 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201408I totally sweat my natural deodorant out, it was so not cute.

vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201410 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201411 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201412 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201413 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201414 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201415 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201416 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201417 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201420 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201421 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201422 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201423 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201424 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201425 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201426 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201427 vashtie_garancedore_whistles_4201428The #bellesandwhistles / Whistles x Garance Doré Video

debuted today on STYLE.COM

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LIFE: Weekend DJ’ing in Vancouver for Republic & LA for Broccoli Fest – Steve Nash, DJ Jay Swing & More! (5.2.14)

vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201418Steve Nash & Vashtie – Vancouver, CA May 2014 at Club Republic

May 2nd & 3rd I did double duty. A Friday gig DJ’ing at Republic in Vancouver and then Saturday day DJ’ing in LA. Then it was back to NYC Sunday night for a Monday morning shoot with French Fashion Blogger Garance Doré and UK Brand Whistles. More to come on that today!

As soon as I landed in Vancouver I worked on my set and took a nap. Then it was dinner with the promoter/DJ and my friends, Jay Swing and his boo Bre Wallace (with their adorable little one).

vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201401 vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201402 vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201403The Wallace Family!

vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201404Got interviewed with The Screen Girls who were super sweet and lovely. Peep the interview here:

vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201405 vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201406 vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201407 vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201408 vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201409Well she had a good time!

vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201410This DJ booth is so sick. It literally is like a hovering stage on the wall. Amazing.

vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201411 vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201412Van City Babe Squad

vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201413DJ Jay Swing & Me.

vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201414 vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201415Bre Wallace

vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201417 vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201418Later that night, my friend (and Vancouver native) Steve Nash came through. We got to catch up for a little, it was nice!


Later on, we landed in Los Angeles and ad to pick up a Hertz rental which was so surreal. You basically video chat with a representative. So next.
vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201420 vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201421

I plugged my phone into the rental for some tunes and this song popped up. I was like, “whoa, am I still in Paris and what station is playing this song?” Then I realized it was my phone because I own this song. So bizarre.vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201422You know I stopped at Cafe Gratitude for some food. It’s my favorite place in LA to eat.

vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201423My dear friend Karl sent some lovely things. We sipped on it Sunday morning while my friend Casper took some great quick portraits of me.

vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201424 vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201425
vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201427 vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201428 vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201429The End. I’m super jet lagged.

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THROWBACK: “Sock It 2 Me” By Missy Elliot & Da Brat

Some Facts About MISSY ELLIOT:

- Missy Elliot is a rapper, singer-songwriter, and record producer.

- Missy Elliot and her childhood friend, Timbaland, first found success through songwriting and producing projects  with Aaliyah, Total, SWV, and 702.

- In the early 1990′s, Elliot formed an R&B Group called Fayze with friends La’Shawn Shellman, Chonita Coleman, and Radiah Scott.

- She is the only female rapper to have six albums certified “Platinum” by the Recording Industry Association of America.



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LIFE: Secret VIP ASAP Ferg Performance at Up&Down (5.10.14)

My boo Alex Sossah told me and Jay Smith about the super secret and VIP performance that ASAP Ferg was having the night before and we couldn’t miss that. I was with Elle all day and we met Jay outside UP&DOWN (formerly The Darby) for a good time. Sydney Reising was also holding down the cool people invites, so you know all the right people were there.
vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201401 vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201402 vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201403 vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201404Trinidad!

vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201405 vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201406 vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201407 vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201408 vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201409Like I said, Jay Smith takes photos too close for comfort!

vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201410 vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201411 vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201412Me and Ferg! Awwww, he is a sweetie. And he’s Trinidadian, like me!

vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201413We wiled out, just a little.

vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201414 vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201415 vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201416Then a lot…

vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201417 vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201418 vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201419Bobby and his babe of a boo, post wedding.


Me and Elle went home for a tipsy night of a vegan feast. We stopped at my favorite 24 hour deli that has vegan options and we went in.vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201421I also forced her to make her fruit compote ver almond milk ice cream because I had strawberries in my fridge.

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LIFE: Birthday Dinner at Jack’s Wife Freda with Int’l Friends; Black Rainbow, Alex Sossah, Jonny Shipes & More! (5.9.14)


So, yes…my birthday was April 23rd and no…I’m not one of those people that makes their birthday a month long celebration. I do, however, work a lot and travel (lately) so I have to break up birthday dinners with friends over time. SO…last Friday I had a lovely dinner with my friends that were in town from Paris, London and Boson at Jack’s Wife Freda…including the dudes from BLACK RAINBOW and my management team – Jonny Shipes, Druha and Noha. It was a really great time.

vashtie_birthdaydinner_JFW_5201401Jack’s Wife Freda has a super special place in my heart!




Jay Smith of Black Rainbowvashtie_birthdaydinner_JFW_5201405Druha and Noha, these guys hold me down on the daily!

vashtie_birthdaydinner_JFW_5201406 vashtie_birthdaydinner_JFW_5201407Don’t let Jay Smith take your picture or he will snap too close of a photo, always.

vashtie_birthdaydinner_JFW_5201408The Greek salad sans the feta, my favorite!



vashtie_birthdaydinner_JFW_5201411Yassine and Greg! I love them!

vashtie_birthdaydinner_JFW_5201412Jay Smith, me and Julian


Later that night we went to see my boo thang, Alex Sossah, who was also in town for a blip. It happened to be at a gay club, but hey – I’m not complaining. I think I was a gay man in my past life.vashtie_birthdaydinner_JFW_5201415Alex Sossah and Vashtie.

vashtie_birthdaydinner_JFW_5201416These guys weren’t too happy to be there, but we didn’t stay long anyways…





After, we got a cab and went to the Bowery Hotel where we were told it was closed to non-guests of the hotel – but, my friend works there and we got on. A lot of people think you have to be well-known or super cool to get into nice places, but really – it’s all about who you know and sometimes who you know are just regular cool ass people that work in super chic places. Just some advice.


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NEWS: 5 Things – If You Don’t Know, Now You Know

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 7.30.58 AM


Moncler 2014 Summer Backpack Collection. (HYPEBEAST)




10 Educators Who Went Above & Beyond For Their Students. (BUZZFEED)

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 7.37.30 AM


Supreme x Vans 2014 Spring/Summer Collection. (HYPEBEAST)




Akomplice x Originals Kids Capsule Collection. (HIGHSNOBIETY)

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 7.35.40 AM

Tommy Hilfiger Discusses Hip-Hop’s Influence on the Brand. (HYPEBEAST)


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LIFE: 1992 The Party x House Party x Webster Hall – Jourdan Dunn & DJ Clark Kent (5.8.14)


I always describe my weekly 1992 Party at Webster Hall as “an exciting nightmare”…because it is. 19 years old and up added with 2,000 – 3,000 entries a night mixed in with 4 different parties throughout the club makes for a hot, fun sweaty mess. Every week is exciting despite it all because I get to meet new people and get more experience DJ’ing…which I absolutely love!!!

Last night was nothing less than Guess…it was great. If you live in New York or close, come. If not, schedule your overdue New York trip and hang!!!


DJ Clark Kent came in with his legendary self and I screamed seeing him next to me as I DJ’ed. He told me that I shouldn’t let his presence make me nervous and he told me that he was very proud of me for DJ’ing on turntables. Yay.vashtie_1992WH_58142My friend Maurice came in with a tall beautiful girl that I thought was Jourdan Dunn, but wasn’t too sure. I stood there having small talk with Maurice and then asked her what her name was again and she said “Jourdan” with a cute British accent and then I was like “Oh, Jourdan Dunn…yes. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating.”

vashtie_1992WH_58143Stopped by Electric Punnany’s Rooom and it was amazing. I danced to some ill reggae jams, I could dance to reggae anywhere…in Church, at a gas station…I love it.

Then I peeped this…

vashtie_1992WH_58144 vashtie_1992WH_58145 vashtie_1992WH_58146

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THROWBACK: “You’re Makin’ Me High” By Toni Braxton


Some Facts About TONI BRAXTON:

- Toni Braxton was born on October 7th, 1967.

- She has won six Grammy Awards.

- She is often known as the “Queen of R&B” and has sold over 66 million records worldwide.

- Braxton has four sisters, Traci, Towanda, Trina and Tamar who all performed together as “The Braxtons” in the late 1980′s and were signed to Arista Records.


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PEEP: Ray-Ban Remix x Vashtie x Jeanette Hayes



Me and Jeanette Hayes hanging out in our cute custom @RayBan’s that we made at RAYBAN.COM #raybanremix



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PEEP: Ray-Ban Remix x Vashtie



Looking statuesque in our custom @rayban that we made at #raybanremix

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LIFE: Birthday in Paris – Day 3 – DJ’ing at Favela Chic with DJ Reach (4.24.14)

vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY311The night before I got a little out of hand, but can you blame me? It was my birthday for goodness sake. I woke up at 3pm the next day and had no time but to eat, practice my set and then head to the clix-ub. This time around it was Elle that had all the fun. Before we headed out, we went to visit my friend Alex Sossah who was also staying at our hotel…Hotel Amour. 

vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY301He’s a smoker…

vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY302I got him some sweets from Rose Bakery

vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY303DJ Reach gave me some cool stickers!


vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY305DJ Reach and Babes

vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY306In the zone

vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY307Too cool, LC

vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY308Jean Paul Paula came through to support!

vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY309Elle C. and LC

vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY310 vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY311Jean Paul Paula, Me and Elle Clay

vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY312 vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY313 vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY314LC, Mehdi and Me

vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY315 vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY316Thanks to a tipsy Elle Clay for taking this…

vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY317Her lemon pound cake from Rose Bakery was her late night snack for after the club

vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY319I gave her a wedgie to get her back! Hahaha.

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LIFE: Birthday in Paris – Day 5 & 6 – Party at Nano – Charaf, Stephane Ashpool, Tremaine, Hadarrah (4.26.14)

vashtie_parisbirthday_4201402Elle and I woke up super late after a terribly fun and hilarious night/early morning in our hotel rom. We stopped by the Nike x Pigalle Exhibit where I met a photographer who wanted to take my portrait. He was funny and sweet…

vashtie_parisbirthday_4201403Elle’s White on White.


vashtie_parisbirthday_4201404We took a nap, we were so tired. Between the jet lag and the partying, we were beat…

vashtie_parisbirthday_4201405We met Charaf for drinks and dessert…


vashtie_parisbirthday_4201420On the skreets.



Later, at Club Nano – we celebrated me and Stephane’s birthday! It was a teeny tiny club and there was a super fun/gay party happening there called House of Drama. 

vashtie_parisbirthday_4201415Stephane Ashpool & Vashtie

vashtie_parisbirthday_4201411Tremaine and Stephane


vashtie_parisbirthday_4201413I showed up to DJ and they didn’t have any equipment I could use at all. I was bummed and almost decided to call it a night. One of the dancers we met was so sweet and loved that me and Elle (Americans) were there. He tried to help me figure out the system and introduced me to the owner…Christophe Arak. He was a super sweetheart and decided to teach me how to DJ using a USB stick, since he couldn’t accommodate the system I needed.

It was exciting, frightening and amazing all in once – learning a new DJ system on the fly in front of people who wanted to dance. Christophe was so patient and positive, I am forever thankful for him and that night. Glad I decided to roll with the punches and try something new – rather than call it quits.

vashtie_parisbirthday_4201409The face of me learning.

vashtie_parisbirthday_4201414This guy!

vashtie_parisbirthday_4201408House of Drama performance.

vashtie_parisbirthday_4201410Hadarrah More.

vashtie_parisbirthday_4201419Me and Elle hadn’t eaten all day and found a late night spot, called Clichy’s Tavern. It was good. I had the Moules Frites (minus the Frites) and Elle had the Cheeseburger. 


Our last day in Paris was a quiet Sunday. Elle slept in while I had an Americano with my friend Alex Sossah. We had a nice chat about the Orient Express, Cannes and taking long overdue breaks.

vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY5&64Later – Elle and I ran into Tremaine and Hadarrah checking out of the hotel and we had a nice little lunch with them. Tremaine ordered the Bagel Burger,which we were all amazed with – s0 much that I forgot to take a photo of the crew before we all departed.

vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY5&65 vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY5&66

Oh, Paris! You were good to me as usual. Je t’aime!!!

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WATCH: Ray-Ban Remix x Vashtie x Jeanette Hayes

Peep the video of me and Jeanette Hayes hanging out with our rad custom Ray-Bans that we made at RAYBAN.COM HERE.

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 2.59.16 PM


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5 Things – If You Don’t Know, Now You Know



Bounty Hunter Just Dropped a “Deadly” Summer ’14 Collection. (COMPLEX)



15 Charts That Perfectly Illustrate How to Properly Pet Animals. (BUZZFEED)

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 2.02.41 PM

“Star Wars Legion Art Show” by Neff @ Robert Vargas Gallery. (HYPEBEAST) 


16 New & Returning TV Shows Worth Watching This Summer. (BUZZFEED)


Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 2.05.16 PM


nonnative x Office Creative Italian Cow Leather Dweller Daypack. (HYPEBEAST)


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LIFE: Birthday in Paris – Day 4 – Nike Pigalle Launch – Dinner at Hotel Amour – Party at Folies Pigalle (4.25.14)

Friday, April 24th was the big day. Nike invited International Influencers, mainly Euros, for a day of events. Those are always tiring, but amazing because you meet people from all over the world who are always super interesting. A bus picked us up from Hotel Amour and we were on our way to a private lunch.vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY401I stopped by to get Alex from his room. He was working, of course.

vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY402vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY405Sharmadean’s Nails!



Afterwards, we were given gear from Pigalle and allowed to play on the Duperre Court. It was fun, although it was rainy and slippery. So after I made my shot, I bowed out for the rest of the game.vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY406

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 5.36.08 PM

Afterwards, we headed to the exhibit. Needless to say, it was breath-taking. I won’t even explain it, just google it all. I’m so proud of my friend Stephane and the Pigalle Crew for making the best collaboration I’ve seen in FOREVER. Seriously. It re-invented how people see Basketball and made me wish I was a baller.
vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY408 vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY407The craze outside.

vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY417 vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY416 vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY415Tan watching the live exhibit of one on one basketball.






vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY424Awww, Pablo Attal







vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY426 vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY425 vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY428 vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY427 vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY429


After the exhibit, we got back on the bus and headed to Hotel Amour for dinner…which was lovely.

vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY431 vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY435 vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY434 vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY433 vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY432

Later we toasted some Moët in my room and headed to the after party at Folies Pigalle.

vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY436 vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY437 vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY438 vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY444Hami, Frazier & Alex Sossah

vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY443Jean Paul Paula and Me…ooh la la.

DSC00486 - Version 2

Elle Clay, Jean Paul Paula and Me!

vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY440 vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY439 vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY445 vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY442

vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY447We danced so insanely, it was a great night!


The party was madness! So amazing! We wished the music had been slightly better, but it was cool. Then there was the after-afterparty in my hotel room, which happened by total accident. Jean Paul Paula was waiting on a taxi and well, a party happened. It was cozy, because I got to lay up in my bed the whole time.

vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY450vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY449Elle Clay mean mugging…

vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY448Tan making graffiti. 

vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY457Slumber Shot. #LastNightWasMadCozy

vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY456Girl Talk

vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY454Awww, I love Alex!


Tan and Irene…vashtie_parisbirthday_42014_DAY451Tan and Sharmadean…

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