INVITE: Kwikstep & Rokafella in “Innaviews” x Teatro Pregones Theater x February 14th, 2013

The other night I had the distinct honor of meeting legendary BBoy and BGirl, Kwikstep & Rokafella, at the Video Music Box 30th Anniversary. This married dance duo started a dance collective in 1996 called Full Circle and have done a slew of things including writing and producing their own semi autobiographical play titled “Innaviews”.

The New York Times wrote: “…They (Kwikstep & Rokafella) are also funny and very, very smart. That playful intelligence is one of the points of “Innaviews,” a series of devastatingly on-target interviews in which Rokafella and Kwikstep impersonate characters intent on discovering the heart and history of hip-hop

If you are around, I urge you to see the show. I have yet to see it myself, but it’s imperative we support one of the crucial elements of Hip Hop like BBoying which is unfortunately losing popularity these days.


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