5 Things Found in Faux Makeup That Will Make You Scream

The beauty industry is booming. Everyone Rihanna to Kim Kardashian and Kyle Jenner are creating beauty lines to keep up with the latest make up trends and allow their fans to feel a tad bit closer to them while wearing their make up. While, we’re positive shoveling out $30 of your rent money on a lip kit won’t in fact give you Kylie Jenner lips, playing yourself and ordering a fake one online, will.

Where there is a real, there is  fake. The “knock off” beauty community is booming just as fast. While influencers are on IG doing color swatches and tutorials, scammers are out watching, taking notes and figuring out how they can duplicate the same product for much less. In your mind you’re thinking you’re short on cash, so why not, but in reality, the ingredients in these faux make up products can do some serious harm to your health. Here are five things found in faux makeup that will make you scream and double think purchasing a knock off product:



Mercury is a key ingredient in faux make up products and it also sits pretty at number 80 on your little sister’s periodic table making it quite alarming to see listed in your lipstick. Although it is a natural ingredient commonly used in thermometers, it can be extremely toxic and do damage to the lugs, heart and immune system. In can cause skin rashes and in eye make up, damage your vision.


Extremely high levels of aluminum have been found in faux make up and its also an ingredient sold in deodorant, so the dangers of it are known. While many are starting to stray away from traditional deodorant because of the dangers of aluminum, straying away from faux make up may be a great idea as well. Ingestion can lead to dementia, memory loss, bone disease and more.


Paint Stripper

Paint Strippers are usually found in faux mascaras and liquid eyeliners. Usually, they are found in your local Home Depot or Lowes, but when it comes to faux mascara, it’s a top listed ingredient. Dangers from using paint strippers near your eyes range anywhere from damage to the brain to damage to your nervous system.


According to The Talko, some faux makeup brands have up to 19 times the legal limit of lead in them. Because lead can build up in the body over months leading to lead poisoning, its extremely harmful to have in make up. Lead poisoning can lead to memory loss, joint and muscle pains and headaches.


Bacteria is one of the most common ingredients in faux makeup. Whether the bacteria was added in intentionally or just comes from working in a filthy factory, its still something to be very careful for when purchasing faux make up. E.coli is the most common and can cause serious diarrhea along with kidney failure.



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