Animal Cruelty: 5 Reasons Why Your Horse and Carriage are Out of Style

Cinderella’s fairytale story has everyone fooled on their thoughts on transportation. There’s no way a pumpkin can turn into a carriage and there’s no reason for you to be riding in one, especially in 2017. While the classic Disney story may have deemed it romantic to ride away with your loved one in a buggy carried by a horse, today’s modern horse and carriage has done nothing but cause tension on the horse while raising red flags for animal cruelty. Let’s think about it. While you and your bae are snuggled up in the back seat after your wedding, your poor pony  is forced to carry both of your weight along with the weight of the carriage while wearing blinders in a busy park. Trust us, it’s not ideal for the horse and Uber is way faster.

Here’s five reasons why your horse and carriage are out of style:

Your horse is tired

Believe it or not, your horse is tired of carrying your weight. Even if you’re on Kanye’s fitness plan or a frequent subscriber to #VashtieVitals, you’re still causing strain on your pony. On average, a horse takes up up to 10 customers a day in the scorching sun with little breaks for food, water, or medical care in a nine hour shift. By the time you’ve decided to catch a horse instead of the L train, the horse may have had enough for the day.

There is no retirement plan for your horse

Many of us look forward to retirement. The thought of putting in years of work to finally kick up your feet and enjoy lemonade on a beach you can’t pronounce is amazing, but unfortunately for most horse and carriage companies, that is not the case. You’d think that when horses grow older or sicker, they are retired to a horsey retirement home full of green grass, fresh water, and all they hay the could imagine, but you’re wrong. It’s very expensive to maintain a horse retirement home, so instead, many worn-out horses are slaughtered and turned into food for zoo animals.

Your horse doesn’t like carrying you.

Pullling a cart three times a horses weight is unnatural. In their natural habitat, horses are found galloping in the wind, drinking from rivers, eating grass, you know normal horsey things. Most likely, they don’t enjoy being forced to pull you in extreme weather conditions.

Your horse isn’t a city gal.

The loud noises and unexpected sounds aren’t something they are used to and the busy streets of NYC have both. The city isn’t for everyone, especially your horse. They are extremely sensitive to loud noises, so pulling in a city can easily scare them and once they are scared, well, you already know what happens.

Your horse’s crib is not glamorous

There’s enough space for you to walk around your living space freely right? Well, we hope. In a horses case, it isn’t. Carriage horses live in stalls half the size recommended for animals their size. The horses are kept in cramped apartments where there’s no room to move around or sometimes even lay down. Imagine not being able to lay down in your home, but you have to be at work the next day bright and early for a nine hour shift.

In all, we’re not here for horse and carriage rides in 2017 when there’s plenty of other forms of transportation and entertainment. in city. Whether you’re going sight seeing or just left the wedding chapel, remember the pain and pressure you’re bestowing upon a pony when you’re forcing a ride.



Cris Content Manager @CrisDaCat @RnBaeCollective