Ankle Bracelets Are This Summer’s Go-To


This summer’s hottest accessory is the anklet. A subtle nod to 90’s fashion, the anklet has been making a comeback since Calvin Klein’s Spring 2016 show, in which the models wore silver anklets. Since then, the anklet has acquired many fans, including style icon Rihanna,  Vanessa Hudgens , Jlo, Beyonce and more. It’s the perfect accessory for festival season and can easily spice up any outfit.

It’s known that fashion always repeats itself, but not many know the history of ankle candy. The anklet dates back to Ancient Egypt, where women of all social classes donned them for everyday use. Later on, the anklet was used in South Asia, where it is worn in traditional dance styles such as Salangai or Ghunghru. Anklets are also favorite for Bridal jewelry in which Hindu brides often wore them on their big day. Outside of traditional use, many South Asian women also wear anklets as fashion accessories, generally wearing them on both ankles.

Here are a few of our favorite people wearing ankle bracelets. Are you copping a few this summer?




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