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LIFE: Hennessy Privilege Awards Honor Carmelo Anthony x Griffin NYC x Spike Lee, JR Smith, Fabolous and More (8.21.13)


If you want to see a classy shindig, attend anything Hennessy affiliated. Every time I am invited to some splendid LVMH event, I am also overwhelmed by the utmost chicness and best dressed people in the Greater New York area. So…when I got the invite from Hennessy that they would be honoring Carmelo Anthony (New York Knick) for their 10th Anniversary Privilege Awards, I (lover of all things New York, especially The Knicks), was absolutely going to attend.

Screen shot 2013-08-22 at 3.57.49 AM

When I was told the affair would be “Black Tie”, I froze and did what any over-thinking weirdo would do…I got myself worked up in a stressed frenzy and over dressed. Thanks to Reformation for the Dress, Anna Sheffield for the Jewelry and Illy for the Hair.

vashtie_hennessy_privilegeawards_201301Legendary Damon & Me.

He said “I love to see you dressed in drag”. I told him I tucked just for him (I know, TMI…sorry).

vashtie_hennessy_privilegeawards_201302Scott Williams aka “Young Scoozle” aka “Past Tense”, Charles Barkley, Heron Preston and Aura

vashtie_hennessy_privilegeawards_201303Hair by Illy (Illy Lussiano)

vashtie_hennessy_privilegeawards_201304Scott Williams in a Marc Jacobs Suit. Mhmmm. Fancy Pants…and vest and jacket.

vashtie_hennessy_privilegeawards_201305Maxwell Osbourne and Scott Williams aka Young Scoozle

vashtie_hennessy_privilegeawards_201306Coltrane Curtis, Levi Maestro and Me.

vashtie_hennessy_privilegeawards_201308Mack Wilds (aka Tristan Wilds) and Mack Daddy.

vashtie_hennessy_privilegeawards_201307DJ Huggy Bear and Me

(DJ Clue photobombing…)



Congrats to Melo. I was hoping to meet Lala and take a photo with her…after all, she follows me on Instagram and I follow her so if we are cyber friends then that makes us acquaintances in real life…right? 


The End…vashtie_hennessy_privilegeawards_201311Here I am looking cold.

Finally. The End.

INTERVIEW: Vashtie For Gillette x Video Interview x $500 Ultimate Style Upgrade Sweepstake!

The nice folks at Gillette asked me what I look for in a guy, even more what I look for in his grooming. Check out what I had to say in this VIDEO and if you are a “fella”, enter to win the sweepstake to win $500 towards a Style Upgrade.

Screen shot 2013-08-21 at 6.40.32 PM


Look, I already filled out the below…

Screen shot 2013-08-21 at 6.37.54 PM

SPECIAL DELIVERY: Hennessy x Os Gemeos x @HennessyUS

Damn, Hennessy always comes correct with artist collaborations and perfected presentation. Just check out what they sent me…even Vladimir The Fraidy Cat was feeling it.

vashtie_specdel_HennessyOsGemeos1 vashtie_specdel_HennessyOsGemeos2 vashtie_specdel_HennessyOsGemeos3 vashtie_specdel_HennessyOsGemeos4


RANDOM: Tote-ally Overwhelmed In The Search For The Perfect Tote

Yep, my current adult dilemma is figuring out the perfect work and life bag. Oy vey! It’s such a difficulty, especially when you want a nice bag – it could mean a costly commitment. Seeing a bag online and in person helps, but I feel like bags (like cars) should be given test drives. Sure, it looks great in the store – but is there room for my laptop or will it fit comfortably on my shoulder? Oh…and that’s not the only conundrum. There are many other issues to consider…I know some of you are in the same boat!


Vashtie, NYC 2012

Although this photo was taken last year – I’ve made it a habit to use a random canvas tote for my everyday life.


My life as a freelance artist is constantly changing – sometimes I bring a laptop to work, sometimes I take my iPad Mini, other days I just grab a notebook and other days I grab it all. I need something big enough for the biggest component and yet small enough for the minimal days.

blog_bags1With friends and a Louis Vuitton Red Epi Leather Duffle, NYC 2005.

This bag was cute, not an everyday bag and I’ve also grown to loathe this shape by any brand

For the longest, I’ve carried random dusty canvas tote bags to all my work meetings and sometimes evening events. Sure – it gets the job done, but besides not having compartments, it lacks real style. It’s fine for everyday work, but I’m now taking meetings with Tommy Hilfiger and Heads of Companies…it may be time to step it up and “dress the part”. BUT – I also don’t want an overpriced fancy shmancy bag that celebrities have played out…someone at Jeffrey tried to get me to buy a Celine Bag that everyone and their Mama has (no thanks you).

Céline Trapeze Bag 1

Celine Trapeze Bag

This is definitely a beautiful bag, but everyone has it…and it’s DUMB exepensive. Like almost $3,500



Me and Oscar 2013, in Paris France. I’m wearing a DQM Tote.

For the most part, I am a frugal female. I’m not cheap, but I certainly don’t spend a lot of money on clothing – EXCEPT when it comes to things I will own for a long time. T-shirts and jeans I like to keep on the cheap side, but for staple items that need and can last a lifetime ( like motorcycle jackets and bags)…I believe in investing. A lot of these bags are beautifully crafted, but don’t seem like they will last the test of time. That’s important to me, especially if a pretty penny is attached to it.


Miami Beach 2007, me and my Marc by Marc.

This bag was incredible! As you can see I was able to carry my cumbersome old school Polaroid camera in it as well as the other necessities.


Shockingly enough, I’m open. It could be a no name bag or a high end luxury bag, I am willing to check it out. I will also point out that I believe in getting a discount for expensive purchases, only because I live in a big city and my local friends are all about a hookup.


Dinner at Lucky Strike, NYC 2010 with my baby Balenciaga.


What bags am I considering to perfect my adult work life and my immature play life? Take a look and weigh in…



PRO: I love anything reversible because you get two different looks for one price and it resembles a basic tote and that’s convenient since I’m used to that look

CON: There aren’t really compartments. Everything all in one big pocket can suck.



Prada Double Zip Executive Tote $1,995

PRO: This bag has a detachable long strap which can be worn for work during the day and detached at night with the shorter handles for a more evening look. It also has compartments and Saffiano leather has a longer life span than most other leathers.

CON: I debate if its really my style, although I’m leaning towards this one.


photo 1

photo 3 photo 4

A nice dressier and night-time way to wear the bag.photo112 photo311What do you guys think?

A vote between the two or something else I should consider?

Something that works for you?

Drop a line or a link in the comment section and I will check it out.

I’m open. Help your girl out! Please!

I’ll keep you posted on what happens and once I get a bag, I’ll let you know how it’s working out for me.


INTERVIEW: Ebony Magazine x Leaders Of The New Cool x Vashtie “The Tomboy Temptress” x September Issue

Ebony - September 2013 - Women's Classic 6 Inch_Page_2

I’m overjoyed at being featured in Ebony Magazine’s Style/Influencers Section, written by Ericka Goodman. They let me be me and used my interview answers perfectly! My write-up is extremely kind and I’m obsessing over the title Miss Goodman gave me of “Tomboy Temptress” – owwwww! I am also extremely honored to be featured in such a historic and important September issue that features the 4 cover tribute to Trayvon Martin.trayvon-cover-grid

Giant Magazine feature


Justin Bieber: “One Time”

Yung LA: “Futuristic Love”

Vibe: 31 Flavors


LTD Magazine: First Ladies