Beauty Tip Tuesday: How To Make Your Eyelashes Pop Naturally

Although we think we have everything covered for our standards of personal beauty, natural eyelashes are probably the most neglected asset on our faces. Wearing false eyelashes are super cute, but if worn too much or not applied properly, they could damage your natural tresses of your eyes. Truly, your eyelashes– in combination with your eyebrows— are what makes your face pop! No matter how you flip it, this is why you need to treat your eyelashes with the same care as everything else on your face. Whether you beat your face or decide to rock a natural glow, your eyelashes shouldn’t have to suffer!

Here are some tips on growing your eyelashes naturally:

-Brush your eyelashes.

-Always remove your makeup at night.

-Apply Castor oil with a eyelash brush–Vashtie’s preferred method!

-Rubbing natural oils, such as Vitamin E, Coconut or Avocado oil on your lash line.

-Rubbing Aloe Vera on your eyelashes before bed.

-Massaging your eyelids.

-Try your best not to wear fake lashes too often!

Once you have your natural eyelashes popping again– or you can’t go much longer without your lashes making a statement– here are some ways to glam up those lashes again!:

-Always curls your lashes before applying mascara. Heating up your curler with hot air from your blow dryer will help keep the curl.

-Make sure you wipe off your mascara applicator to remove flaky residue. Add a few drops of contact solution or sit the tube in hot water to help loosen the liquid for easier application.

-When applying, swipe your mascara brush side to side at the base of your lash line then work your way up to add volume and keep the curl of your lashes.

-Use regular mascara first, then use waterproof mascara to have long lasting fab eyelashes.

-Coat both sides of your eyelashes for a thicker, more dramatic look. Stroking vertically gives a more natural look, while stroking horizontally with give a more drastic look.

And lastly, don’t forget the bottom eyelashes!

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