#BeautyTipTuesday: Anti-Pollution Beauty Products

Living in a big city such as New York City can take a toll on your beauty. Not only do you want to look cute, but you also have to mindful about protecting your face. Air pollution is not just a concern when it comes to Earth but it should also be a concern when it comes to our beautiful faces. According to conserve-energy-future.com there are two types of air pollution: visible and invisible. Most people in NYC have to worry about the gas being emitted from cars, bus, jeeps, and airplanes. Although farms aren’t really a thing in the city there are farms further upstate and further west in Long Island, the agriculture industry tends to produce ammonia, which is one of the most hazardous gases. We also have to worry about exhaust from factories. They produce hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and other organic compounds harmful to the air. There are also indoor air pollutants; they can come from cleaning products and even painting supplies.

As stressful and scary as all of that sounds there are some steps we can take to help our skin. After all the skin on your face is just as noticeable as your smile. For all the face mask lovers Kiehl’s got your back. They have the Cilantro & Orange Extract Pollutant Defending Masque, which is to defend against impurities and replenish skin to help reduce the effects of pollution. The masque instructs one to apply a visible layer, leave on for a few minutes before wiping off the excess, leave a thin protective layer on the skin, let it set on your face overnight, in the morning follow your usual morning routine. Since there is Alpha Hydroxy Acid in the masque it can cause sunburn and you are recommended to use a sunscreen, which you should already be doing! It is also recommended to use the masque at least three times a week.

I have used the mask myself a handful of times and stand behind it. It doesn’t take long to dry, it doesn’t smell weird, and a little bit goes a long way. The following morning my skin has a glow to it and my face feels amazing. I will admit my first time using it my cheeks looked a bit patchy but not overwhelmingly noticeable. If a Chantecaille has an Anti-Pollution Mattifying Cream to visibly refine skin, shrinking blackheads and pores caused by urban and green light pollution. Now this cream is going to cost you a pretty penny retailing at $98 but healthy skin has no price if we’re being honest. The cream provides the skin with immediate protection against heavy metals and particulate matter to give the skin a more radiant and rosy look. The Anti-Pollution Mattifying Cream is supposed to be your last step in your beauty routine.

I will admit when I saw the word mattifying I was scared. My mind immediately went to ashy, but I was quickly proven wrong. After putting on my sunscreen moisturizer I applied the Anti-Pollution Mattifying Cream. It felt light, had a fresh scent, and was easy to work into my skin. Once I was done massaging the cream into my face, my skin felt like skin. Whether you choose the face mask or the cream just remember that your skin is important. In this day and age not only do we have to incorporate sunscreen into our everyday regimen but soon enough we’ll be implementing anti-pollution products, as global warming becomes less of an issue we can ignore.

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