Why Cat Lovers Love Cats And Why You Might Want To Consider LovingThem Too

If you’ve found your way to Vashtie.com, we are assuming you are a fan, lover, or supporter of Vashtie. If that is the case then you are very familiar with our dear friend/son/roommate/boo Vladimir AKA Fraidy Cat aka Lil’ Kitty Vert. As certified cat lovers we have noticed that cats have not always had the best reputation. These special creatures are often looked at as sneaky, dirty, and disturbingly mysterious animals and some people want nothing to do with them. Contrary to popular belief, cat’s are more poppin’ pets than dogs are, cats outnumber dogs as pets by as many as three to one. If you’re not a fan of these fierce felines than this post is for you. Here are a couple reasons why cats are nowhere near as bad as some people say they are:

“I’m Allergic To Cats”

One of the biggest hiccups around owning or being around a cat is that everyone and their mama claims that they are allergic, and although it may or may not be true we can assure you that cats are not the enemy. The reason why so many people feel the icky symptoms when they are around cats is that people who have general allergies have overly sensitive immune systems. When you have allergies your body mistakes small and very harmless things like cat dander for invaders which will begin to trigger the body. The sneezing, coughing, and red noses are all your bodies way of telling you that it feels attacked! Although we appreciate our body for always having our back when it feels like some shit isn’t right, these symptoms can get confusing and will turn people completely away from cats.

“The Mystery & The History”

One of the biggest hiccups that people have with cats is that they may seem to be a mystery and are not as outwardly friendly or emotionally accessible as dogs. Human nature has an urge for control and not being able to control your pet 100% does not sit well with some folks. Interesting enough, the relationship between a cat and a human dates back to almost 15,000 years ago. The reason why cats are so independent and choosey is that of their evolutionary past. Cat’s are rarely intentionally bred by people. They choose their own mates, do what they want, when they want and have a mind of their own. Which is pretty badass, do your thing kitty!

“All The Independent Kitty’s Get Up On The Dance Flo”

If you don’t want to pick up poop or walk your dog in the middle of the night, a cat is for you. Cat’s doing their own thing is a plus, especially for someone with a busy and on-the-go lifestyle. Cats are self-reliant, they need little to no training, they clean themselves (you can wash them too if you’d like but they hate water!), and they won’t cry for you when you’re gone for too long. They are simultaneously affectionate and they will love you every morning and as soon as you walk in the door no matter what, unconditional.

“Breed’s & Tingz”

Lastly, let’s talk about different types of cats. There are approximately 58 breeds of cats out there in the world according to The International Cat Association. We are going to focus on “hypoallergenic” cats because about 10% of Americans are allergic. Here is a list of the most “hypoallergenic” cat breed’s that may be a good start for you if you’re interested in owning a cat: Balinese, Russian Blue ( Word To Vlad!), Bengal, Devon Rex, Oriental Shorthair, Cornish Rex, Siberian, LaPermSphinx, Javanese. 

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