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LIFE: NYFW – Jill Stuart Fall 2014 Runway Show (2.8.14)



This Saturday, I got to attend Jill Stuart’s Fall 2014 Runway show. The show was spectacular with oversized coats, berry tones, lush fabrics, and much much more! Peep the pictures below.




 Zoe (ASTR) and Vashtie







LIFE: Night Lights – Def Jam’s 30th Anniversary – Pre-Super Bowl Party (1.31.14)

vashtie_newera_defjam_sb4801 On Friday night, I met up with the homie Josh Madden for a Def Jam & New Era party at one of my favorite venues…Hudson Hotel’s Good Units. The music was ill…provided by DJ MICK. The scene was full of entertainment and since it was pre-Super Bowl there were birds-a-flocking. I showed up in a Supreme Football Jersey looking like I lost my pants in a terrible bet, but I had fun anyways. vashtie_newera_defjam_sb4802 vashtie_newera_defjam_sb4803

Legendary Damon & Unlengendary Vashtie


Venus X & Malcom Xvashtie_newera_defjam_sb4805 vashtie_newera_defjam_sb4806 vashtie_newera_defjam_sb4808 vashtie_newera_defjam_sb4809

Nigel Sylvester, Nigel Sparkes and Vashtie

vashtie_newera_defjam_sb4810 vashtie_newera_defjam_sb4811

Champagne for the pain.vashtie_newera_defjam_sb4812

Vashtie, Josh Madden & Big Mikevashtie_newera_defjam_sb4813

Josh had a lot of fun dancing super hard on the couches. It was fun to watch and fun to not care because everyone was way too serious.vashtie_newera_defjam_sb4814An exhausted Josh.


LIFE: DJ’ing for Patta & Stussy x Gilded Lily NYC x Angelo Baque, Neal Santos, Patta SoundSystem

photoLast night, it was a classic “Boys Night Out”, which basically means me and Elle having a lovely dinner, talking about emotions and then heading out to a party…only to leave after about an hour. #Lames. This time around, things were no different – we had a great dinner and then headed out to The Gilded Lily on East 15th Street so that I could DJ alongside Neal Santos & Angelo Baque. The party was in celebration of our Amsterdam homies, Patta, who have a sick collaboration with Stussy! It was nice to kick it with Gee and the boys.

vashtie_patta_stussy_djing_1241401 vashtie_patta_stussy_djing_1241402Dweebettes.

vashtie_patta_stussy_djing_1241403Hot Toddy’s. Yes Please!

vashtie_patta_stussy_djing_1241404These soft peppermints were the bomb. Thank you Uber!

vashtie_patta_stussy_djing_1241405Front Door cray at Gilded Lily.


Mee and Geevashtie_patta_stussy_djing_1241407

Fancy Pants Chandeliervashtie_patta_stussy_djing_1241408

Downtown Crew.vashtie_patta_stussy_djing_1241409 vashtie_patta_stussy_djing_1241410

Spinning some Mobb Deepvashtie_patta_stussy_djing_1241411

Kunle Martins aka KK came by and licked my hair, apparently.

vashtie_patta_stussy_djing_1241413 vashtie_patta_stussy_djing_1241414

Ya’ll Nasty.vashtie_patta_stussy_djing_1241415

Angelo Baque and Vashtie Kola.vashtie_patta_stussy_djing_1241416

Elle Clay, Vashtie & Nianga (Illuminati AMS)vashtie_patta_stussy_djing_1241417Me and Hollywood Holt.


The End.

I can’t sleep.

My jetlag has me losing my mind. 

Boo hoo. 


LIFE: My Paris Trip x DJ’ing Ronnie Fieg’s Party at Silencio With #BeenTrill (1.13 – 1.17)


I am the luckiest lass! This is my 4th trip to Paris in the past year and it has been all for work. Woo hoo. This time around, I was asked to DJ for Ronnie Fieg’s Pop-Up Shop After-Party alongside Virgil of #BeenTrill# and Supa! at Silencio (one of my favorite places to party in the whole world). I also had a meeting with a brand I’m doing Creative Directing work for & Dinner with my Moet friends.

vashtie_paris_pfw_1201401 vashtie_paris_pfw_1201402 vashtie_paris_pfw_1201403

My Air France Flight was really nice. When the flight attendant asked me what I’d like for dinner, I said just fruit because I knew they wouldn’t have a vegan option for me. When he asked why, I explained my diet…which somehow peaked his interest. He told me he would find me some options and he ran them over for me to approve. Just then another flight attendant informed me she had a similar diet and brought over more food and rice cake snacks. I wasn’t even hungry, but I felt like I should be polite and thankful.vashtie_paris_pfw_1201404



vashtie_paris_pfw_1201406Uber picked me up and my Algerian driver taught me some French and informed me of the history of Algeria. He was cool and the ride was “SAY BON” which I think is spelled “C’est Bon”.

vashtie_paris_pfw_1201407Then on the radio, Joey Bada$$ came on and I got super excited! It was so nice to hear my friend on the radio in a far away city!

vashtie_paris_pfw_1201408Hanging in my hotel room.



Dinner at NanashiIMG_8123IMG_8124





I woke up at the crack of dawn to work out. Since no hotel gym ever has my favorite cardio machine, the Arc Trainer (a step above the Elliptical) – I always have to use the treadmill which I absolutely hate. Running feels so oppressive and not zen like my runner friends say. It’s like, what am I running from? Anyways, I ran for 30 minutes straight and felt like an accomplished marathon runner.vashtie_paris_pfw_1201410Had a nice meeting at the Brit-run Rose Bakery, full of Vegan delights.


vashtie_paris_pfw_1201412Nuwoe & Yassine.



Later that night I had a lovely dinner with my Moet friends at Cantine Du Faubourg. I heard it was fancy so I dusted off my Surface To Air heels and took a wobbley walk over. I forgot my camera in my rush to get dolled up so here are some eh-iphone photos.

IMG_8159 IMG_8161 IMG_8162 IMG_8163 IMG_8164 IMG_8165 IMG_8169

I heard that it was very French to have sorbet with Vodka…particularly a good one…like the one Greg (BKRW) recommended, Zubrowka.IMG_8171

These are bon-bons! Candy!!! It was actually really delicious despite the fact that they look like gross candy peanuts.IMG_8173

Group Selfie, which Elle drunkingly named at her birthday party a few days prior…”It’s an US-SIE”





I ran 3.9km, or whatever that means #stupidAmericanvashtie_paris_pfw_1201413Delicious Bob’s Juice Treats!


vashtie_paris_pfw_1201415Ronnie Fieg Pop-Up Shop.

vashtie_paris_pfw_1201416 vashtie_paris_pfw_1201417 vashtie_paris_pfw_1201418Greg (BKRW), David (BWGH) & Jay (BKRW)

vashtie_paris_pfw_1201419 vashtie_paris_pfw_1201420Alessandra & Surco

vashtie_paris_pfw_1201421Heron, Virgil Abloh & Ronnie Fieg


vashtie_paris_pfw_1201424Joe LaPuma & Greg Weinstein

vashtie_paris_pfw_1201425Dinner later at Hotel Amour

vashtie_paris_pfw_1201426Stephane (Pigalle) and His Lovely Mama.

vashtie_paris_pfw_1201427Paul Hamy & Me.


vashtie_paris_pfw_1201429 vashtie_paris_pfw_1201430 vashtie_paris_pfw_1201431 vashtie_paris_pfw_1201432Afterwards, we headed to Silencio for the party!

vashtie_paris_pfw_1201442vashtie_paris_pfw_1201433Virgil on the 1′s and 2′s.

vashtie_paris_pfw_1201434 vashtie_paris_pfw_1201435 vashtie_paris_pfw_1201436Jessica Linon & Me

vashtie_paris_pfw_1201437Tom, Yoan & Nordine

vashtie_paris_pfw_1201438Me & Gio (Forfex)

vashtie_paris_pfw_1201439Matthew Henson (Complex), Jean Paula Paula (WAD) & Me

vashtie_paris_pfw_1201440Valentina Moreno (Surface To Air)

vashtie_paris_pfw_1201441Yoan Prat, Tom Brunet, Me, Virgil and Alex Sossah


Thanks Paris! It was TRE BIEN as always and I can’t wait to go back, which is soon…I think. Incroyable! Say-Bon! Ouai Ouai Ouai!

NEWS: If You Don’t Know, Now You Know


The wait was well worth it as Kith previews a full look of its upcoming Coat of Arms Collection. (COMPLEX)

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 10.46.40 PM

Social media just got that much “creepier” with the new Creepy Facial Recognition App. (STYLEITE)

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 10.47.25 PM

Superbowl keeps getting better with the VH1 Super Bowl Blitz… Who doesn’t love free concerts, especially when TLC is performing. (MY FREE CONCERT)

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 10.51.16 PM

Patta and Stussy do it again as they collaborate for their 10th Anniversary Capsule Collection. (HIGHSNOBIETY)


The 25 Most Iconic Moments in Purple Tinted Sunglasses History (BuzzFeed)



LIFE: New Year’s Eve Dinner at The Odeon x Party at Westway x DJ Brenmar, SureShot & Huggy Bear


Brenmar & Vashtie (The Westway NYC, NYE ’14)

New Year’s Eve in New York City is always dreaded yet welcomed for me. The start of a new year is always amazing, it represents a new year to get it right or at least get it closer to right than the year before. Although, the night of NYE is dreaded because its always filled with chaos, traffic and lunatics running around. Previously, I spent NYE dining with friends at The Odeon (a New York City landmark)…as some of you may know from previous posts. This year I was asked to have my own soiree at The Westway. I’d never worked on NYE, but was down to try it for fun. It ended up being amazing!vashtie_nye201301


Sabrina, Greg and Papa Passuntino.vashtie_nye201302

The family tradition is taking a normal picture and then a crazy one. I love that!vashtie_nye201303

Resident NYE DJ’s for The Odeon; Harry McNally & Young Scoozle (aka Scott Williams)vashtie_nye201304




After dinner, I jetted to the cliz-ub. On my way out the door, I met director John Waters who was also dining at The Odeon. I introduced myself and awkwardly let him know I was a fan. He was very kind to me.




Jonny Shipes & Vashtievashtie_nye201310


vashtie_nye201312Hope you all had a wonderful NYE and that you are on your way to conquering 2014 like the bad-asses you are!


LIFE: Sabel Boo’s Baby Shower (My Very First One Ever)

What can I say, I kicked it with the fellas my whole life and a lot of my friends had babies in high school…so, I never attended a baby shower before. I had no idea what to expect, all I knew was that I was excited to be in the company of good friends and Sabel’s adorable expecting self! I mean, look at her – she looks stunning! I’m so happy for her and Chris. Ya’ll better go!


As we approached, 42nd Street was shut down. Apparently there was this insane fire and I believe there were some injured victims and maybe someone perished. It was a terrible and my sympathies go out to anyone who knows the victim or victims.Vashtie_Sabel_Shower_151302 Vashtie_Sabel_Shower_151303 Vashtie_Sabel_Shower_151304

Apparently the food was off the hook, thanks to Carmela’s Mama. I don’t know though, there were no vegan options. Vashtie_Sabel_Shower_151305

Cedric and Oscar talking fashion.Vashtie_Sabel_Shower_151306

Diapers Galore.Vashtie_Sabel_Shower_151307

Amaris, Sabel and Reba.Vashtie_Sabel_Shower_151308 Vashtie_Sabel_Shower_151309

Oscar gave a brief and sweet speech.Vashtie_Sabel_Shower_151310 Vashtie_Sabel_Shower_151311

Yay! We love you Sabel. I am so honored to be apart of this friend community that will welcome your baby into the world! I can’t wait to meet Baby Boo. 

LIFE: Heineken Friends & Family Holiday Dinner x Hosted by Vashtie x #HKNFF (12.19.13)


Special thanks to Heineken and Team Epiphany for giving me a fancy shmancy 50 person dinner at the W Hotel in Union Square. Music was provided by DJ Clark Kent and Photography was taken by Mel D. Cole. It was a true family affair…vashtie_heineken_12191301

Dress by Reformation. Shoes by Surface To Air. Bag by Janvier London.vashtie_heineken_12191302

Sabel Boo & Baby Boo on the rise (sorry Razor Ramon), Amaris, Jasmine Solano and Christelle.


Miles Chamley-Watson, Vashtie & Curtainsvashtie_heineken_12191304

Heron, Ruth and Vashtievashtie_heineken_12191305

Brandee Brown and Anna Sheffield.vashtie_heineken_12191306

When it came down to the menu, they knew they had to make vegan options for moi. I gave them a kale salad recipe that I make all the time and they actually made it! I was impressed! Yay!vashtie_heineken_12191307

Kunle Martins having fun with my Janvier London bag.vashtie_heineken_12191308 vashtie_heineken_12191309

Having fun with Miles Chamley-Watson’s fancy rings…vashtie_heineken_12191310

KK aka Kunle Martins and Me.vashtie_heineken_12191312 vashtie_heineken_12191313

Ferris Bueller, DJ Mirandom and Brad Clarke.

Curtains, Lisa Curtis, Tiffany Archer and Samn!vashtie_heineken_12191315

Tony and Rose Garcia!vashtie_heineken_12191316

Kunle Martins, Oscar Sanchez and Angelo Baque.

These dudes!vashtie_heineken_12191318

We were clearly stoked to be in the same room together!vashtie_heineken_12191319 vashtie_heineken_12191320

Teyana Taylor came through!vashtie_heineken_12191321

A-Trak too…vashtie_heineken_12191322

Wynter Gordon and Chad Easterlingvashtie_heineken_12191323

DJ Kitty Cash, Wynter Gordon and Brandee Brown

Ian Bradley, Ruth Gruca and Heron Prestonvashtie_heineken_12191325

Tiffany and Me.vashtie_heineken_12191326

DJ Clark Kent killed it…his sets are always on smash!vashtie_heineken_12191327

Angelo Baque, Savie Kola and Young Scoozle aka Scott Williamsvashtie_heineken_12191328

Miles Chamley-Watson & Vashtievashtie_heineken_12191329

The gals.vashtie_heineken_12191330

Sis!vashtie_heineken_12191331Wynter and Brandee Brown.


The night was a success and my peeps had a grand ole’ time. 

LIFE: NYC Moet Rose Lounge x Performance by Future x The Box NYC (12.17.13)

Invite - MLR NYC x Future[3][1]

Man, you’d think work would be quieting down as we near the holidays – but, absolutely not. Keep in mind that there are Holiday Dinners and Holiday Parties galore (which is work in itself to get dressed for, etc). But, when I heard about private Moet Rose party happening – there was no way I could turn it down or turn down when I got there.


It was my sister’s birthday, December 17th, and she came to visit me from Albany for the week (which I dubbed her birthday week). We went to a lovely dinner at The Standard Grill (my favorite) and then hopped in a cab through dirty slush to get to The Box for the soiree. It was black tie so we made sure to come correct; I was wearing my friend Yara’s line, Nomia, and my sister donned a seductive Aritzia number. Check it out…


Top and Skirt by Nomia. Jacket by Kenzo. Shoes by Surface To Air. Bag by Janvier Londonvashtie_moetrose_12171302

Savie and Me.vashtie_moetrose_12171303

My special made Vegan plate. Thanks!vashtie_moetrose_12171304

Steak…not mine.vashtie_moetrose_12171305

Happy Birthday Savie!vashtie_moetrose_12171306 vashtie_moetrose_12171307

The bar was ONLY serving Moet Rose and everyone in the place looked like a million bucks! Seriously. There were boy babes and girl babes everywhere, dressed to perfection!vashtie_moetrose_12171308

Acrobatics. Why not, it is The Box!vashtie_moetrose_12171309

Cayla Cousins and Vashtie.


Cayla Cousins, Vashtie & Elle Clay.vashtie_moetrose_12171312 vashtie_moetrose_12171313 vashtie_moetrose_12171314

Dee Twin. Where is Ricky?!vashtie_moetrose_12171315 vashtie_moetrose_12171316

Coltrane Curtis.vashtie_moetrose_12171317 vashtie_moetrose_12171318

Sister Sister…vashtie_moetrose_12171320 vashtie_moetrose_12171321 vashtie_moetrose_12171322 vashtie_moetrose_12171323 vashtie_moetrose_12171324

Curtains, Vashtie Tiffany Archer & Nigel Sylvester

Looking like the black Abba…Black Abba-tha.

LIFE: DJ’ing The Chloe Store x Wynn Las Vegas (12.14.13)


Last weekend was Miami with the Revolt TV family and this previous weekend was Las Vegas with my Chloe Family. So much traveling in such a short time has left me in a whirlwind, but I cannot complain…in fact I’m loving it. Meeting so many incredible people and gaining so many different kinds of experiences has me hungry for more!

My weekend Vegas trip was spent DJ’ing at the Chloe Store in the Wynn Hotel. It was a pre-Celebration to the Chinese New Year…which I learned at the party is, The Year of The Horse (You know how I love horses and feel about Horse Carriages)!

It was a fun trip – spent with my Chloe Friends, Arnaud and Alex. Samantha Jo Alonso came through also, it was nice to see her.

Breakfast at JFK.vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141302

I think this is the Grand Canyon? It is unbelievably gorgeous. We Americans forget it, but America is truly beautiful. Hence, “America The Beautiful” – right?!
vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141303 vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141304

Yay! My name.vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141305

So, if some of you may recall. I did a Birthday Party at The Wynn Hotel in 2008 and I was given free hotel rooms for me and my friends. My room was a massive space, complete with a massage room…because you absolutely need those. It was so big, I was afraid to sleep there alone – you know growing up in the hood and in New York City has left me mortified of space because I’ve never had it. The room I had this time around at the Wynn encore was perfect! vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141306 vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141307 vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141308 vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141309 vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141310 vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141311 vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141312 vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141314

Lunch with Arnaud & Alexvashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141313

I don’t think there are enough veggies here.vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141315

My Chloe kit for the evening!vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141316


How adorable are these macaroons!vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141318

These fabulous Chinese babes and their midget friend.vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141319

Me and my friend Arnaud! He is the sweetest!

Samantha Jo and her babe squad.vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141321 vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141322 vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141323

Girl Talk after the party and before the dinner.vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141324 vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141325 vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141326


Prom Pose at the Wynn Encore. We may never understand the decor of the Wynn Hotels, but we had despite the confusion.vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141328

After dinner drinks at Gold Spike (Arnaud)

It was SO nice to get off the strip. Vegas is cool for its casino and club culture, but its not really true Vegas…at least it’s not the local vibe. Gold Spike was full of interesting locals and (analog) games for people to play: Cornhole, Giant Jenga, etc. It was a highlight of the trip and I wish we had something like that here in NYC.vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141329Fun times with Friends!

The End <3