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LIFE: Vashtie & Oscar In Paris & Amsterdam x 1992 & Pain O’Chokolat (October 2007)

For some of you who may remember and those of you who don’t know – I started blogging in 2006 for a community blog site called RIOTTT.COM. In about 2007 when the site became defunct, I switched over to my very own Vashtie.Com and during the switch – I lost some posts and photos. One of which, was my trip to Paris and Amsterdam with Oscar for our 1992 party. We were booked by the Pain O Chokolat Crew (who are now the Pigalle and Le Pom Pon Crew) and they couldn’t have been a better guide to all things cool in Paris. Check some of the photos, taken on our trip 6 years ago!




vashtie_paristrip_200704Our flat was supplied with French goodies.

vashtie_paristrip_200705Eating at Hotel Amour.


vashtie_paristrip_200707Stephane and Hami.


vashtie_paristrip_200709Charaf and Oscar



vashtie_paristrip_200712The meanest cat that ever existed. It lived at the flat we stayed at and it was mean and I got scratched a few times testing it’s patience.

vashtie_paristrip_200713Stephane and a nerd with a Polaroid in the club.

vashtie_paristrip_200714Visiting our friend Julien at Nike.

vashtie_paristrip_200715Party Time!


vashtie_paristrip_200717Sebo, Promise and Nemo

vashtie_paristrip_200718Nadege Winter

vashtie_paristrip_200719 vashtie_paristrip_200720 vashtie_paristrip_200721 vashtie_paristrip_200722 vashtie_paristrip_200723Mister Wix of Amsterdam

vashtie_paristrip_200724 vashtie_paristrip_200725Kesh

vashtie_paristrip_200726 vashtie_paristrip_200727 vashtie_paristrip_200728 vashtie_paristrip_200729Driving through Belgium to get to Amsterdam

vashtie_paristrip_200730KFC is just universal.

vashtie_paristrip_200731 vashtie_paristrip_200732Stephane and Me outside of the Patta store

vashtie_paristrip_200733Oscar and Gee of Patta


vashtie_paristrip_200735The best sign ever.

LIFE: Elle’s Last Vegan Hurrah at Pure Food And Wine (8.2013)



This past Summer, Elle decided to do a “Vegan Summer”. To celebrate not only an amazing food choice, but a healthy experimentation in diet – I took her to PURE FOOD AND WINE for her last Vegan Hurrah. If you don’t know, PURE FOOD AND WINE is the mecca of RAW FOOD (organic, uncooked plant-based foods)…the Don Dada, if you will. I once took Young Scoozle there and didn’t tell him it was all RAW. After we got our Ice Cream Sundaes, I told him and he didn’t believe me. We debated for a bit until I had to call a waiter over and the waiter explained that it was, in fact, all raw! This place is just AMAZING.vashtie_LIFE_VEGANSUMMER_LASTHURRAH2


Organic Wines by the glass. They also serve cocktails made with freshly pressed juices. vashtie_LIFE_VEGANSUMMER_LASTHURRAH3

I got the Lasagna.vashtie_LIFE_VEGANSUMMER_LASTHURRAH4

She got the Tamales.lastveganhurrah1


Brownie and Ice Cream! Yum.vashtie_LIFE_VEGANSUMMER_LASTHURRAH7

LIFE: Nike Basketball #SummerIsSerious Game in Brooklyn x Team Harden VS. Team Durant x Scott “Past Tense” Williams

When Elle and I got that news that Young Scoozle aka Scott “Past Tense” (thanks to Nike for that alias) Williams would be playing in the Nike Basketball Summer Is Serious Game, we were dead bent on attending! If you follow my blog, then you may be familiar that we like to watch Young Scooz play. The game took place in Brooklyn and was filled to the brim with folks…even mobs of people outside trying to get in.vashtie_nikebasketball_08201302





vashtie_nikebasketball_08201308This kid was hilarious. He was too cool for school and dead set on getting an autograph from Kevin Durant, which he succeeded at.






vashtie_nikebasketball_08201314Afterwards, Elle and I went out for a drink that she loves in the hood – “dark and stormy’s” but the machine was down so we settled for simple rose’ next door. Elle happened to have a mustache…you know…we roll with props 24/7.

vashtie_nikebasketball_08201315In her bag, Elle had the anonymous notes that I left on her bed every night we stayed in Old Lyme for our mini group vacation…They still make me laugh uncontrollably as I was attempting to scare her in the middle of the night at that country house…

vashtie_nikebasketball_08201316Which note would scare you or make you laugh if you found it on your pillow in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere?

LIFE: Day At The Beach + Dinner With Joey Bada$$ (8.24.13)

I seriously don’t think I’ve been to the beach in 2 years. That realization came to me this past weekend as I got packed for the beach with Angelo Baque, Rafael Rios and Friends. I remember making sure I’d be at the beach every single weekend when Summer was around and now I make a trip every two years?! What the hell is happening to my life? Where are my priorities? I feel like the lame adult in those kids movies that is out of touch with fun and all serious, but then at the end of the movie they like quit their corporate job to take the kids to the playground or skip their promotion to see their kids dance recital (tangent, yes – but you know what I mean). Anyways, I will never ever let myself go like this again.vashtie_beachday_joeybadassdinner01

vashtie_beachday_joeybadassdinner02Luzern Labs Sunscreen.

Everyone should be wearing sunscreen, even you chocolatey-toned folks. One of my facialists, Mamie McDonald, who is an African American woman told me that the sun is the number one cause of aging. Once she told me that I was scared forever into a cave…hmm, maybe that’s why I don’t frequent the beach as often?

vashtie_beachday_joeybadassdinner03 vashtie_beachday_joeybadassdinner04I found the beach bathroom.

vashtie_beachday_joeybadassdinner05Rafael Rios

vashtie_beachday_joeybadassdinner06Young Scoozle





Later I had dinner with my friend and labelmate, Joey Bada$$. He told me tour stories and we talked about some future collaborations. Oooh-weee. It’s gonna be great!



Stopped by the studio to drop a hot 16 for him and Pro Era. Actually, I just went to say hello, listened to some music and then biz-ounced.vashtie_beachday_joeybadassdinner12


LIFE: The Agency x Hennessy x Pre-VMA Party x Wiz Khalifa Performance x Avenue NYC x ASAP Ferg, B.O.B., Dougie Fresh, Wynter Gordon & More!

image001It was Saturday night and Hennessy did it again, this time with The Agency, Wiz Khalifa and D-Nice.  I should have known it would be a major event, but as Huggy Bear and I approached the mob-filled block it dawned on me. Thankfully, I was spotted by the Hennessy Team and I was whisked in! Everyone in the building was dressed to the 9′s (whatever that saying means) and it felt like I was watching a movie…an interesting one no less!

vashtie_theagency_hennessy_824131This scene was an omen reminding me that New York would be insane for the next week. Pre-VMA, VMA, Post-VMA, Fashion Week…oy vey.

vashtie_theagency_hennessy_824132The hottest model sandwich ever made. I imagine they didn’t say “cheese” for the photo, but instead they imagined the mumbling the french version “fromage”

vashtie_theagency_hennessy_824133Brittany Escovedo and Me.

vashtie_theagency_hennessy_824134Wynter Gordon

vashtie_theagency_hennessy_824135Me and B.O.B.

vashtie_theagency_hennessy_824136Dougie Fresh and Janell Snowden

vashtie_theagency_hennessy_824137ASAP Illz and ASAP Ferg

vashtie_theagency_hennessy_824138ASAP Illz, ASAP Rocky & ASAP Ferg



LIFE: Hennessy Privilege Awards Honor Carmelo Anthony x Griffin NYC x Spike Lee, JR Smith, Fabolous and More (8.21.13)


If you want to see a classy shindig, attend anything Hennessy affiliated. Every time I am invited to some splendid LVMH event, I am also overwhelmed by the utmost chicness and best dressed people in the Greater New York area. So…when I got the invite from Hennessy that they would be honoring Carmelo Anthony (New York Knick) for their 10th Anniversary Privilege Awards, I (lover of all things New York, especially The Knicks), was absolutely going to attend.

Screen shot 2013-08-22 at 3.57.49 AM

When I was told the affair would be “Black Tie”, I froze and did what any over-thinking weirdo would do…I got myself worked up in a stressed frenzy and over dressed. Thanks to Reformation for the Dress, Anna Sheffield for the Jewelry and Illy for the Hair.

vashtie_hennessy_privilegeawards_201301Legendary Damon & Me.

He said “I love to see you dressed in drag”. I told him I tucked just for him (I know, TMI…sorry).

vashtie_hennessy_privilegeawards_201302Scott Williams aka “Young Scoozle” aka “Past Tense”, Charles Barkley, Heron Preston and Aura

vashtie_hennessy_privilegeawards_201303Hair by Illy (Illy Lussiano)

vashtie_hennessy_privilegeawards_201304Scott Williams in a Marc Jacobs Suit. Mhmmm. Fancy Pants…and vest and jacket.

vashtie_hennessy_privilegeawards_201305Maxwell Osbourne and Scott Williams aka Young Scoozle

vashtie_hennessy_privilegeawards_201306Coltrane Curtis, Levi Maestro and Me.

vashtie_hennessy_privilegeawards_201308Mack Wilds (aka Tristan Wilds) and Mack Daddy.

vashtie_hennessy_privilegeawards_201307DJ Huggy Bear and Me

(DJ Clue photobombing…)



Congrats to Melo. I was hoping to meet Lala and take a photo with her…after all, she follows me on Instagram and I follow her so if we are cyber friends then that makes us acquaintances in real life…right? 


The End…vashtie_hennessy_privilegeawards_201311Here I am looking cold.

Finally. The End.

LIFE: Liming In Old Lyme – Dark & Stormy’s, A Thug Bug’s Life & Scott “Past Tense” Williams (2013)

We’ve been going to our friend Laura’s Country House in Old Lyme for the past few years now and every year we look forward to it like rain during a drought. As much as I hate leaving my city because I ended up missing it so, taking a break from New York in the Summer is a gift…no matter where you happen to go. New York residents pride themselves on the “New York Minute”, hustling and making moves faster than Speedy Gonzalez is the name of the game…which is exactly why a break is always needed. Anyways, we are all thankful to Laura and her family extended the invitation to all of us. Here is how the trip went. If you are a long-time reader you already know how we do…grilling, games and swimming.vashtie_oldlyme_201301Elle Clay asleep at the wheel…she lives on the edge.

vashtie_oldlyme_201302Greg Kubie and Rachel Levene with Young Scoozle in the way back…

vashtie_oldlyme_201303Funky feet…

vashtie_oldlyme_201304Funkier feet. 

I should also mention that we all decided that Vladimir The Fraidy Cat should come with us. It would be a couple hours in the car, but then he’d be free to be in nature for the weekend. He was found in the streets of Queens and I’m unsure if he’s ever seen grass in his life – this seemed to be something he should see. You know, experience life in nature…

vashtie_oldlyme_201305Yes thank you Lord…Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Shiva, Krishna…

vashtie_oldlyme_201306Some heifers…

vashtie_oldlyme_201308Me and Elle…

vashtie_oldlyme_201309Rach and Greggles


While we were on the trip, Young Scoozle aka Scott “Past Tense” Williams was notified that he’d be playing in a big Nike Basketball Game #SummerIsSerious, after a competitive tryout on the court. Check out how he got the news…

vashtie_oldlyme_201310Dark and Stormy’s? Why, yes please.

vashtie_oldlyme_201311Elle getting ready to throw down on the court…

vashtie_oldlyme_201312We had to wait our turn until the boys were done…apparently chivalry IS dead.


Shortly after this shot, we witnessed some strange things in nature…things our human eyes shouldn’t have been forced to see. It was either a murder or a rape or both…it was a violent crime between two giant bugs. Neither of them looked to be the same kind, but one swiftly pummeled the other across the court just as I was in the middle of ball handling and shooting drills (my first time thanks to my jock friends). Then the one bug carried the other bug up the hoop. It was disturbing to say the least so we bounced to get food and hang by the pool.vashtie_oldlyme_201314Scoozle is ready…


vashtie_oldlyme_201316Nice catalog by Brooklyn We Go Hard and some excellent reading thanks to Juxtapoz.

vashtie_oldlyme_201317The corn hole competition was going strong…

vashtie_oldlyme_201318Cate Bell and Jillian…

vashtie_oldlyme_201321vashtie_oldlyme_201322 vashtie_oldlyme_201323 vashtie_oldlyme_201324 vashtie_oldlyme_201325

“That Bitch Sasha”. This little doggy was hilarious.vashtie_oldlyme_201326Elle wanted a macro shot of baby hairs…


vashtie_oldlyme_201328T: Cate Bell, Laura, Jillian, Young Scoozle, Greg Kubie. B:Elle Clay and Sheryl Swoopes

vashtie_oldlyme_201330I made a giant kale dinner salad!

vashtie_oldlyme_201331Scott made flank steak on the grill.

vashtie_oldlyme_201332Meat Plate…

vashtie_oldlyme_201333Vegan Plate…

vashtie_oldlyme_201334For dessert, Elle blessed us with grilled peaches drizzled with mole-asses and some ice cream! It was heaven sent and I made love to it in mind every day since.

vashtie_oldlyme_201335 vashtie_oldlyme_201336 vashtie_oldlyme_201337Kitty was mortified for a lot of the trip, mostly because he’s already a fraidy cat but also he’s never really been anywhere except to the vet and to Brooklyn during our Hurricane Sandy refugee days. I wanted him to see nature and I thought this experience would put some hair on his wussy chest. He was stoked on it when we were in the room with him, but when there was too much noise from other rooms – he bolted. Here he is taking advantage of Elle’s lower half…

vashtie_oldlyme_201338Grilled Squash and Onions.

vashtie_oldlyme_201339Greg had some incredible one liners during the trip: “Shut up, Idiot”.

vashtie_oldlyme_201340 vashtie_oldlyme_201342 vashtie_oldlyme_201341 vashtie_oldlyme_201346vashtie_oldlyme_201350vashtie_oldlyme_201347This frog popped out when I was in the hot tub and out of no where he starting hopping towards it. Suddenly he jumped in and I got so scared he would drown but then Laura scooped him out and we were all relieved that froggy didn’t die.

vashtie_oldlyme_201353The look on kitty’s face is like “I hate you. This nature is for the birds,  take my back to Manhattan”.

vashtie_oldlyme_201354Home sweet home!!!

INVITE: DJ Huggy Bear x Sea House, South Street Seaport NYC x Thursday August 8th

Come out and celebrate, not only the sounds played by DJ HUGGY BEAR, but also come to celebrate his birth! It’s also Sabel Boo’s actual birthday. Come and hang!


LIFE: ASAP Ferg “Trap Lord” Album Listening Party – The Darby, NYC (8.5.13)


asapferg_listeningparty_8520132After spending the earlier portion of the day working and running errands with Elle, we made our way to West 14th Street for ASAP Ferg’s Listening Party at The Darby. As we approached we ran into Rocky and just as Rocky and I were taking a picture, Ferg dropped in for the photoshoot.



SIDE NOTE: I thought I was obsessed with his “Work” then the “Work” remix came out and I was smitten…but now that damn “Shabba Ranks” has me putting on all my gold jewelry and dancing in the mirror like I’m sha-Shabba Ranks.


Brock & Timmhotepasapferg_listeningparty_8520133

Joe La Puma & It’s The Realasapferg_listeningparty_8520134

Ferris Bueller, Tremaine & Guestasapferg_listeningparty_8520135

asapferg_listeningparty_8520136Elle Clay & Felipe Delerme

SPECIAL DELIVERY: Blackberry Q10 – My Lifelong Love Of Pressing Buttons Is Satisfied!


Me in 2007 holding my favorite toy…a Blackberry.

I have been like coo coo for Cocoa Puffs over gadgets for as long as I can remember! Cameras, Cell Phones, Scanners…you name it. If it’s got great design and solid function, best believe I have internet stalked its photos and its reviews.

Trying to stay organized in 2013 is an everyday struggle for me and I can imagine for anyone else out there. You have to juggle social media, emails, texts, phone calls, iCal, notes, work, and then life. It’s no easy task, so I find that  having all the necessary weaponry is a must.


 Peep the 2 Blackberry’s when I worked at Def Jam

I’ve had a second phone like for some time now linked to a Blackberry, so that when I do more on the go freelance work – I can send emails like all other Industry Adults (iPhone for fun and Blackberry for work is pretty much the industry standard these days).



Miami Beach 2007

When the Blackberry Q10 released, my friends at The Participation Agency gifted it to me. I couldn’t wait to caress my fingertips along it’s curvaceous buttons! I’m like a toddler, I mean – who doesn’t love to press a button?! The latest Blackberry Q10 quenches all your fun and business needs…although, I’m not sure I can ever part ways with my iPhone, she’s just been too good to me!
specialdelivery_blackberry1 specialdelivery_blackberry2 specialdelivery_blackberry3

Amen!specialdelivery_blackberry4 specialdelivery_blackberry5 specialdelivery_blackberry6

This smartphone is everything you want and need in life. I absolutely love it’s functionality and its beautiful design.

Thank You Blackberry!!!