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LIFE: Working In DC x Broccoli Fest & Afterparty At Opera x Big K.R.I.T. x Day 3 (4.21.13)

We woke up ready to start the day. Earlier, Elle had put on Stephen’s Ewing jersey for jokes and I wanted to do the same thing for a photo. This is what you’d call ‘a jersey dress to the max’…or maxi. It was even more appropriate with The Knicks win on Saturday, boom!

Elle’s feets in Baron Von Fancy socks and Nike Flyknits.


I was so hungry for a good meal that I Googled for a Vegan/Raw restaurant and found Khepra’s Raw Food Juice Bar (a reader named Brittany also suggested this place). It was the bomb…like…really. It was all homegrown, I loved the vibe. I walked in to find a goods being sold in the front and in the back was the little set-up where you buy your food and sit and eat if you like.


A Hempburger with Broccoli and Kale…fitting for 4/20 and Broccoli Fest.


It’s important to be resourceful…always!

Before we saw this band, we heard them…and we totally believed they were black. When we saw that they were long-haired white boys we were surprised. They jammed and the crowd loved them! I wish I knew their name…anyone?

Spinser Tracy, Me & Uncle Scooty

Me and DC Rapper LightShow, who I quoted on my Instagram earlier that day…

We played a baseball pitching game…it was fun!

Young Scoozle did the best out of all of us…

Elle was riding dirrrrrrty.

Elle said “Roll Tide” to one of the guys working the festival and he was so stoked and said “Roll Tide” back. Later, he saw us again and suggested they take a photo together and I was with that!

It was so incredible to be at this festival. I thought it would be a nightmare to be there from 12-8 and by the time 8 came around I was bummed to leave. I met so many great people…took photos with them and conversed a bit . Not only that, they were all really attractive and had great style. #JustSaying

I was a happy camper.

Broccoli Bouquet

Amaris and her Pepsi…”Now Made With Real Sugar?” she asked. “What was it made with before?!” Hahaha I laughed and questioned the same thing. #stopeandfrisk

Me and Amaris in DKNY, oh my – we’re Jiggy!

Jamel and Amber Mims

Getting ready to announce Krit! Before that, the crowd was going nuts to some Go-Go music. It was fascinating to see, I know nothing about Go-Go.

Krit killed it. He is a great performer.

Stephen aka DJ Huggy Bear in the cut…literally


After the Broccoli Fest there was an afterparty at Opera. The club was super chic and Spinser Tracy killed his set! Me and Krit got to catch up and we found out that even Elle had been refering to him as her Country Cousin for a long time, they really are actually related!

Elle thought this would be a funny photo and it so is.

Real Country Cousins and not Play Country Cousins

Ryan Kibler and Friend


Then…I saw this and just about lost my mind!!!

It’s my Vladdy baby, on a cute tee. I was so stoked I couldn’t get over it. It took me a minute, I was geeked.


Spinser Tracy who is also the cousin of my friend Janell Snowden. Its a small world!

Sipping Ro-zay With My Bro-zay.

Bros Before Hoes

We turnt it up like Dee & Ricky and killed the couch!


Then, right at 2 the lights came on and the club was closing. Perfect time for us to bounce, get to the hotel and check out, pick up food at The Diner and head home to NYC! On our way out we saw a gang of Deer, like 6 or 7 of them just in someones front yard. It was incredible! Look!

And before I let this DC trip go like Blackstreet, here’s another ode to…



LIFE: Working In DC x Day Off Cookout With Amaris & Jamel x Day 2 (4.20.13)

Elle said, “post this photo on your blog and see if your readers can guess which bottle belongs to who. Starting from Right; The BBQ is Stephens, the water is yours since you’re so healthy, the ginger ale is Scott’s and the wine is mine since everyone probably thinks I’m an alcoholic”.

Day 2 of our DC trip was chill. We scooped up Amaris and she took us to the farmer’s market. Then we went to get groceries so we could have a little cookout at Jamel’s Mom’s house. Although I was exhausted beyond words, we set up shop and got to cooking. Before we knew it, the greatest team of all won the game (eh em, The Knicks) and we headed back to the hotel so my toddler self could get sleep.

The purchase of this air freshener by Huggy single-handedly ruined our trip experience and at the same time completed it. It had slipped out of its bag and was giving us all headaches, yet none of us threw it out. Every time someone got a strong whiff of it they had to say out loud “Black Ice”…and that happened a lot.

This homeless woman was just sleeping by the pool.

I was too hungry to take pictures before and during. So, as soon as I was done stuffing my mouth I took some flicks.

Young Scoozle and Jason

Amaris, DJ Huggy Bear (constantly playing chess) and Elle Clay

I rode my bike home after it was all done


We didn’t do much this day, just kicked it lazy style and before we knew it – the day was over. I was so beat, I was in bed by 8. From what I can tell DC is beautiful. We didn’t get to ightsee, then again I’m not the sightseeing kind of gal (I hate admitting that because it sounds so terrible). I was looking forward to Day 3, for the Broccoli Fest which I was hosting and DJ’ing at. Stay tuned tomorrow for that post!

LIFE: Working In DC x DJ’ing The Howard Theatre Gala x Chaka Khan & More x Pre-Birthday Celebrations x Day 1 (4.19.13)

I was so stoked for this trip to DC for a few reasons. Mainly because I had never been before (at least I don’t think) and because I was playing selector at 3 events! I was originally booked to host and DJ at the BROCCOLI FESTIVAL on 4/21, then I was booked to host the after-party the same night with my friend Big K.R.I.T and the after-party to Howard Theatre’s Second Annual Gala Benefit on 4/19.

I made a meal for the road…you know, a little kale/tomato/cucumber/chick pea salad!

Basically, that all means I had a weekend to get to know DC. I decided to take my friends DJ Huggy Bear, Elle Clay and Young Scoozle on a road trip and we would meet our other friends Amaris and Jamel when we got to “Chocolate City” (thanks to Elle for informing me of the city’s nickname). It would be a sort of pre-birthday celebration for me…

Roy Rogers and Hot Fries


After driving in heavy traffic and a monsoon, for what seemed like 6 hours, we got to the hotel room and chilled for a little bit. We then got ready and headed out to the gala in pouring rain.

I met Chaka Khan and just look at her!!! She’s incredible and gorgeous and 60!!! She was also very sweet.

It was a very grown event and although we felt underdressed, we had a good time.

Raheem DeVaughn and Jaguar Wright

D.L. Hughley was also in the house…

There was an exquisite dessert bar…but, nothing was vegan :(

Then we headed out with our very sweet coordinator, Tiffanie Wagner, to the local club…Current (I think). It was fun, but soon we had to leave since clubs close at 2am there.

Tiffanie Wagner and Elle Clay

Haha, Elle looking at her Instagram. She posted a pretty hilarious photo of me and her…

The fellas! Young Scoozle and Huggy Bear

There was a hookah in the club. I still don’t quite understand the point of smoking from one despite having it explained to me by the  locals. I don’t know…

Afterwards we headed to The Diner for some late night food. Everyone said it’s “the spot” so we had to go. Of course I got a Greek Salad (no Feta) and steamed Brussel Sprouts and it was delicious and I was happy.

Stephen aka DJ Huggy Bear and his pancakes.


Since we got in at night and went to the hotel and to the venue, there was nothing I could report on my interpretation of the city. Everyone seemed nice and of course the architecture was incredible.

All in all, it was a fun night that had some glitches here and there. Traveling with anyone is hard, but traveling with friends while working can also cause some strain. It’s a difficult place…trying to find a balance between business and pleasure. Either way, we had some good laughs. More to come on Day 2 and Day 3 of our DC trip tomorrow and Wednesday.


LIFE: Lamping At Beauty & Essex x Jonny Shipes, Elle Clay & Brock

When my manager Jonny Shipes asked if Elle and I wanted to have dinner on a lazy Sunday night, we were more than ready. After-all, “Boardwalk Empire” isn’t back on and what else do you do on a late Sunday night but clip your nails and wait until the last minutes of your weekend slip from your clutches and back into a manic Monday.

I’m a little feisty. Oh and no my pants are not leather, they are a coated denim. I got them for free and since my other clothes don’t fit because I lost so much weight, I wear these all the time. My friends laugh at me and call me Kanye.

Check out Jonny and I trying to take a picture, which was impossible…

This one was okay, but Elle said let’s take another.

Then Jonny wouldn’t stop talking mid picture and Elle had to yell at him and retake it a few times. Right before this one, she said “You look like a white Santa who doesn’t want to take a picture with a little black kid on your lap”. Hence me laughing…

Then we took this one and Elle yelled at Jonny because his eyes were closed but he retorted that his eyes are always closed! We settled on this even though she also said he looked like “A snowman holding a black twig”. Oh my friends and their love for me.

Pop A Wheelie. Some amped up Kuwaiti Guy (we know he was Kuwaiti because he told Elle) would not stop talk her ear off and he read her hat and said something along the lines of having a handlebar mustache and continued to tell her to ride his mustache. Yikes.


LIFE: Jordan Brand Classic Opening Night x Hosted By Spike Lee x BAM (4.10.13)

Thanks to Kiran Prasher and the Jordan Brand Classic Family for inviting me out for an interesting evening. I didn’t know what to expect. I was told that the high school basketball stars playing in Saturday’s big JBC13 Game at Barclays would be in attendance and that Spike Lee would be also. Needless to say, I was stoked…stoked on Spike and not so much the underage boys, come on people!

Although I knew who would be in attendance, I had no idea what to really expect – or better yet, what to wear!!! I figured, I could always wear something that none of the fellas have – my very own Violette Jordan 2′s.

I greased up my legs real good because ya’ll know I stay ashy. Some people #BEENTRILL and I #BEENASHY.

I took a cab to Brooklyn…

As I walked in, I was approached by a very tall young man who immediately and politely introduced himself. “Hi, my name is Rondae Hollis-Jefferson and I’m from Philly. I’ll be studying Criminology at Arizona”. He was very sweet and very funny, I should have taken his picture – but, I found one online instead.

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson

Elle met up with me since I was in her hood. There was a photo booth setup and we took some awkward “Glamour Shots”.

There was also lots of food, candy and ice cream which basically meant – nothing that I could eat (*cries vegan, raw tears).

Datwon Thomas, 13th Witness and Hawaii Mike

I met Spike Lee! It was the second time I’ve met him actually. The first time I met him was at a party during my very first weekend living in New York City (another reason why I love this city). Anyways, of course he didn’t remember me and I didn’t bore him by bringing up the details. He was cool even though I hate meeting idols. It’s just never ever how you picture it. You always concoct some grand fantasy of how awesome it will be and you don’t factor in that (famous or not) people are people, and they have good moments and bad.

Afterwards, Spike and Sway had a live Q&A where Sway asked Spike questions and they screened clips from his greatest works! It was a great night!


LIFE: Video of Trap Paradise II x WMC 2013 x Mannie Fresh, Vashtie & More!

If you weren’t there, peep the video for the fun we had at TRAP PARADISE!

“The creative female duo known as the 2DopeBitches held their second installment of their Trap Paradise party. If you didn’t get to go, just take a look at the recap video to see at what you missed out on. Hosted by Vashtie and 40 Oz Van, along with Mannie Fresh, who celebrated his birthday that night as well.” -via THE305.COM (

LIFE: Joe Fresh One Of A Kind x 1 Year Anniversary x Modeled by Vashtie, Dee & Ricky, Kilo Kish & DJ Kitty Cash, Mr. Mickey, Michael Musto and More!

On April 3rd, 2013 Canadian Fast-fashion retailer, Joe Fresh, celebrated their 1 year anniversary in New York style. Select New York City residents were asked to model color-blocked ensembles up and down the Joe Fresh flagship store elevators. Models included; yours truly Me, Dee & Ricky, Michael Musto, Mr. Mickey, Steven Rojas, and more! Peep it!!!

Joe Mimran aka Joe Fresh and Me  (Photo Credit: BFA/ Neil Rasmus)

Me  (Photo Credit: BFA/ Neil Rasmus)

Dee, Brendan Fallis and Ricky (Photo Credit: BFA/ Neil Rasmus)

Michael Musto & Mr. Mickey Me  (Photo Credit: BFA/ Neil Rasmus)

Lynn Yaeger (Photo Credit: BFA/ Neil Rasmus)

Ricky (Photo Credit: BFA/ Neil Rasmus)

DJ Kitty Cash, Janjay Sherman, Me and Brandee Brown (Photo Credit: BFA/ Neil Rasmus)

(Photo Credit: BFA/ Neil Rasmus)

(Photo Credit: BFA/ Neil Rasmus)

Photobombed by Dee (Photo Credit: BFA/ Neil Rasmus)


Following Photos by Elle Clay

DJ Kitty Cash and Kilo Kish

Rickster pouring up some Champagne

Brandee Brown

Dee photobombing me and Elle’s selfie

Me, Dev Hynes and Tracy Antonopoulos

Me and Peter Davis!


The End!!!

SPECIAL DELIVERY: Kenzo Quilted Blanket via Paris Fall 2013 Show x La Samaritaine

As you guys know, I was just in Paris for Fashion Week to play attend the Kenzo Fall 2013 Runway Show and to play their after-party at The Balajo.

The Runway Show took place at La Samaritaine, which was an incredibly beautiful vacant space originally used as a large department store and built in 1869. The place was decorative and filled with these massive and intricate stairways. The space was phenomenal but bone-chilling cold.

On the benches arranged for the show were these complimentary quilted Kenzo blankets, with buttons so that it could be worn as a poncho. They were printed with a giant Kenzo logo and the name of the space and the date of the show. There were different colors; from yellow to navy to mustard…

I sat on mine and then post show ran to take some footage of the models who had gathered across the staircase to be photographed.

I came back to find that my blanket was gone and I was terribly sad. I told the fine folks at Kenzo and they said they were fresh out…BUT THEN, out of nowhere…they found one and sent it my way!!! I am so happy and I am thanking my little stars for being bestowed this incredible piece!

Special thanks to the lovely folks at Kenzo and Letizia for taking care of me!

LIFE: MADE for Macy’s Impulse Launch Party at Milk Studios #Made4Impulse (3.11.13)

Vashtie March 2013 at Milk Studios, NYC #Made4Impulse (via My Instagram)

Post-Flu and I’ve lost so much weight! I even got confused for the headlining performer, Angel Haze, who if you don’t know is a slim little thing! Ugh, I’m going to binge on tofu steak dinners and cashew milkshakes tonight.


Vashtie & Yara Flinn (Nomia NYC)

On Monday I ventured out into the cold. I was suffering from the flu for about 5 days and was feeling much better in my delirious mind. I had to attend since the lovely folks at Made had invited me to their event in such a classy way…they sent me clothes and paid my hair and makeup team to jazz me up for the evening. They even gave me a car service to and fro…I felt like I was on the best date of my life.

Elle’s footwear for the evening. I customized her Timbs for her. I went for a Pollack motif. What’cou think?

Galaxy Girls

An old drag queen and Ty

ELLE CLAY was my partner in crime for the night. The event was lots of fun, but after an hour I started to feel sick and woozy all over again. I realized that I may had jumped the flu-gun and decided to hustle home and throw on my jammies while seeking refuge on the couch.

Anyways, you should definitely check out the collection. Basically, MADE is sort of like the CFDA and how they sponsor up and coming designers and help to facilitate their fashion show needs for fashion week. Instead of working with bigger designer and helping them get to Lincoln Center, they help smaller and more avant-garde designers fulfill their fashion dreams…which is super cool if I do say so myself. Some of their designers teamed up with Macy’s for their Impulse Collection to create greatness…affordable greatness, I might add! Find the full collection, HERE

LIFE: A Weekend In Paris x DJ’ing Kenzo’s AfterParty at Balajo x Lady Miss Kier x Fun at Le Pompon & More!!!

Selecting at Le Pompon, Paris 3/2013

It has been so long that I have blogged. I got busy like we all have, but then I got called away to work in Paris (which you are about to read about) and then I got sick when I got returned. I was blindsided with the flu! Today is the first day I’ve felt somewhat normal and so…Vashtie has returned to her .Com. Are you with me?

A couple weeks ago my old friend Nadege Winter from Paris reached out asking if I was available to play music for the Kenzo afterparty during Paris Fashion Week. I was more than down! As some of you may already know, Paris is probably the only other city I could ever live in outside of New York…and I base that solely on the handful of short trips I’ve spent there and my love for French New Wave Cinema (don’t judge me).

via My Instagram

I met Nadege in 2004 and was reunited with her when Oscar and I did 1992 in Paris at the end of 2007. She was one of the guest DJ’s that our friends Pain O Chokolat had booked for our Paris/Amsterdam dates…POC has now gone on to do bigger and better things; Pigalle, Le Pompon. Nadege has also continued making strides and now has her own agency, Nadege Winter Agency, which is adorably nicknamed NWA.

It’s amazing how much has changed in just 6 years. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to revisit Paris…


The Louvre

Shame I’ve never been there. Double shame that it was the first Sunday of the month and admission was free. I had so much to do and only had time to get equipment from the Apple Store. Took a couple picks though…

Wolford Tights.

Ladies, if another lady friend hasn’t told you about these gems then it’s time you know. My friend Cristina Vallecilla put me on years ago and I haven’t looked back since. Basically this lingerie/hosiery company has super soft products that will live for years…run-free. They are pricey, but when you consider how long they will last – it’s worth it. I also wear these Merino tights under jeans during the winter for an extra layer of warmth. These were cheaper to buy in Paris…score!

On our way to the our friends club, Le Pompon. I forget this beauteous things name. Feel free to add below.

We ran into our darling London babe friend Irene!



Some of the clothes that Kenzo let us borrow for the show and the afterparty. I had some decisions to make…

Later that evening I played selector alongside DJ Lucas Tutus at Le Pompon

Lucas Tutus and Deirdre Maloney (Capsule)

Me, Deirdre & Ty

Jay Strut, Natalie Levy and Me.

Best virgin drink I ever did have…look, I can’t drink on the job.

Ben Detrick & Natalie Levy.

Basically everyone I knew in New York was in Paris for Fashion Week.

My dear Charaf Tajer

Stephane Ashpool! He’s a super sweetheart!

…and Stephane and I in 2007 (Patta Store, Amsterdam).

I met a nice young lady who follows my work. When taking a cell phone selfie didn’t work, I offered a blog picture post! Nice meeting you darling!

via My Instagram



My Kenzo head to toe look for the runway show…



After the 10 am morning show, we headed back to our hotel rooms and tried to nap. My jetlag mixed with the guilt of trying to nap while in Paris would not let me rest. My friend Tom Brunet planned on scooping me via scooter. It was a good thing I was so dazed from lack of sleep, otherwise I might not have agreed to the ride. He assured me that it’s the way most Parisians travel and although I was scared for dear life – it turned out to be the best and only way I could have seen Paris the way I did.

There was so much I had never seen of the city before, I fell in love over and over again. Tom took me to meet with our mutual friends Valentina and Alex Sossah in the Marais. It was a really nice time…



via VMAGAZINE: Oscar & Vashtie at the Kenzo Afterparty, Paris 3.3.13

Nadege Winter & Vashtie

Yara Flinn swarmed by Parisian Men, Tom Brunet & Friend

Capsule Crew!

Valerie Von Prisk, Tyann Jackson & O.

Robyn & Me.

I love Robyn and her music so much. She’s the tiniest and sweetest thing in person.

Carol Lim & Me.

Carol and Humberto do so many incredible things! They totally inspire me!

Oscar and Humberto Leon.

I loved my shoes for the evening…although I didn’t dance much in them.


Technically those 2 bottles were mine and I only got one glass. It’s ok, because I don’t think I could have finished all 3 bottles myself. Well, I could have…it just wouldn’t have ended pretty.

Solange Knowles came through after her show, which I heard was amazing.

Mixed-ed Girls…

Lady Miss Kier!!! I could have thrown up upon seeing her. She’s so exciting and incredible! I love her.


Phewwww! That was a lot of blogging after a lot of non-blogging. My head hurts now, are you happy? Just kidding, but it does hurt – it’s just not your fault, pumpkin.