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PRESS: Vashtie for The Coveteur

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O. M. G. I’ve been Coveteured! After being a fan of the site for so long I have finally been featured on it. I mean, they have covered the best of the best…eh em, like Kate Moss!

       Check The Full Story @ THECOVETEUR.COM

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unnamed-5Screen shot 2014-01-28 at 11.39.29 AM

WATCH: “Brandy & Coke” – The Golden Days of UKG Style (8 Minute Short Doc)

Garage photographer and author Ewen Spencer rewinds to the golden days of UKG style – and finds out how it all fell apart via Dazed Digital

If you like club culture or cool subcultures, then you need to peep this. This was a well executed short about a scene I had no idea even existed. I know I rag on the internet, but today – the world wide web wins for teaching me about a truly interesting culture. Now, if only the internet can teach me how to build a time machine and visit London during this era as an adult!

NEWS: 5 Things – If You Don’t Know, Now You Know!

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 12.54.34 PM


Reebok celebrates its 20th Anniversary as they rid the Insta Pump Fury of laces and instead add a “pump system” for a new look of style and comfort. (HYPEBEAST)

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 1.07.28 PM

If you missed Disclosure’s performance in New York joined onstage by Mary J. Blige, don’t fret as there is now an official version of the hit song, “F For You,” with Blige on vocals. (HIGHSNOBIETY)

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 1.19.06 PM

Check out this Vegan Quiz as you might be surprised as to what really is and isn’t vegan. (BuzzFeed)

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 1.33.02 PM

Japanese artist Kosuke Kawamura teams up with the Japanese bag & accessory label master-piece and the results are worth it as they prove to be durable and fashionable. (HYPEBEAST)


Even though it has been 10 years since the movie Mean Girls came out, it never gets old quoting the movie, especially when it’s on jewelry. Four for you Stella and Bow as they launch a jewelry “Burn Book Capsule Collection.” (COMPLEX)






MUSIC: BOY/FRIEND – “Never Not Looking”

I’m so excited for my friend Shan Poo aka BOY/FRIEND. Not only is he a super adorable babe, his music has me feeling nostalgic for the 90′s and hopeful for the future. Check out his new single “Never Not Looking” (download on SoundCloud).

BONUS: Also, get a chance to see him perform February 12th at Glasslands.



VIDEO: Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Despair”

Who doesn’t love Karen O.?! I mean, she’s a babe and she just rules. This video is proof that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have solidified their place in the game! This video was shot at the top of the Empire State Building, which is super cool. I also shot part of a Curt@!n$ video at the top of the Empire State Building…with no permission of course! See below for that little gem.

PRESS: Vashtie Feature in Snatch Magazine x Menilmontant, Eastern Paris x Photos By Louis Canadas (2013)


During my October trip to Paris, I was asked for to do a last minute interview and shoot by Snatch Magazine. It was freezing outside, and although I was reluctant – I did it. Well, it turned out pretty remarkable – if I do say so myself, oh – and I do! photo 4 photo 5

Photographer: Louis Canadas

Styling: Yangzom Tsering

Interview: Raphael Malkin
Vashtie-final-1 Vashtie-final-2 Vashtie-final-3 Vashtie-final-8

LIFE: DJ’ing for Patta & Stussy x Gilded Lily NYC x Angelo Baque, Neal Santos, Patta SoundSystem

photoLast night, it was a classic “Boys Night Out”, which basically means me and Elle having a lovely dinner, talking about emotions and then heading out to a party…only to leave after about an hour. #Lames. This time around, things were no different – we had a great dinner and then headed out to The Gilded Lily on East 15th Street so that I could DJ alongside Neal Santos & Angelo Baque. The party was in celebration of our Amsterdam homies, Patta, who have a sick collaboration with Stussy! It was nice to kick it with Gee and the boys.

vashtie_patta_stussy_djing_1241401 vashtie_patta_stussy_djing_1241402Dweebettes.

vashtie_patta_stussy_djing_1241403Hot Toddy’s. Yes Please!

vashtie_patta_stussy_djing_1241404These soft peppermints were the bomb. Thank you Uber!

vashtie_patta_stussy_djing_1241405Front Door cray at Gilded Lily.


Mee and Geevashtie_patta_stussy_djing_1241407

Fancy Pants Chandeliervashtie_patta_stussy_djing_1241408

Downtown Crew.vashtie_patta_stussy_djing_1241409 vashtie_patta_stussy_djing_1241410

Spinning some Mobb Deepvashtie_patta_stussy_djing_1241411

Kunle Martins aka KK came by and licked my hair, apparently.

vashtie_patta_stussy_djing_1241413 vashtie_patta_stussy_djing_1241414

Ya’ll Nasty.vashtie_patta_stussy_djing_1241415

Angelo Baque and Vashtie Kola.vashtie_patta_stussy_djing_1241416

Elle Clay, Vashtie & Nianga (Illuminati AMS)vashtie_patta_stussy_djing_1241417Me and Hollywood Holt.


The End.

I can’t sleep.

My jetlag has me losing my mind. 

Boo hoo. 



Special thanks to NOW Foods for sending my a nice gift package. After they read my piece in Ebony where I mentioned that I use their Almond Oil to keep my ashy skin in check, Alana Horinko of the company reached out and sent me goodies! Thanks so much Alana! You guys should totally check them out. They are great eco-friendly and healthy products that range from vitamins to snacks to beauty!photo 1NOW FOODS


INVITE: Patta & Stussy Celebration x Neal Santos, Angelo Baque, Vashtie, Patta Soundsystem & More! (1.23.14)


So stoked to have my Patta friends from Amsterdam, come through and shut things down! I’m even more stoked about their Stussy collaboration. I needs me some pieces! Check out the Pop-up opening and or the party!photo

LIFE: My Paris Trip x DJ’ing Ronnie Fieg’s Party at Silencio With #BeenTrill (1.13 – 1.17)


I am the luckiest lass! This is my 4th trip to Paris in the past year and it has been all for work. Woo hoo. This time around, I was asked to DJ for Ronnie Fieg’s Pop-Up Shop After-Party alongside Virgil of #BeenTrill# and Supa! at Silencio (one of my favorite places to party in the whole world). I also had a meeting with a brand I’m doing Creative Directing work for & Dinner with my Moet friends.

vashtie_paris_pfw_1201401 vashtie_paris_pfw_1201402 vashtie_paris_pfw_1201403

My Air France Flight was really nice. When the flight attendant asked me what I’d like for dinner, I said just fruit because I knew they wouldn’t have a vegan option for me. When he asked why, I explained my diet…which somehow peaked his interest. He told me he would find me some options and he ran them over for me to approve. Just then another flight attendant informed me she had a similar diet and brought over more food and rice cake snacks. I wasn’t even hungry, but I felt like I should be polite and thankful.vashtie_paris_pfw_1201404



vashtie_paris_pfw_1201406Uber picked me up and my Algerian driver taught me some French and informed me of the history of Algeria. He was cool and the ride was “SAY BON” which I think is spelled “C’est Bon”.

vashtie_paris_pfw_1201407Then on the radio, Joey Bada$$ came on and I got super excited! It was so nice to hear my friend on the radio in a far away city!

vashtie_paris_pfw_1201408Hanging in my hotel room.



Dinner at NanashiIMG_8123IMG_8124





I woke up at the crack of dawn to work out. Since no hotel gym ever has my favorite cardio machine, the Arc Trainer (a step above the Elliptical) – I always have to use the treadmill which I absolutely hate. Running feels so oppressive and not zen like my runner friends say. It’s like, what am I running from? Anyways, I ran for 30 minutes straight and felt like an accomplished marathon runner.vashtie_paris_pfw_1201410Had a nice meeting at the Brit-run Rose Bakery, full of Vegan delights.


vashtie_paris_pfw_1201412Nuwoe & Yassine.



Later that night I had a lovely dinner with my Moet friends at Cantine Du Faubourg. I heard it was fancy so I dusted off my Surface To Air heels and took a wobbley walk over. I forgot my camera in my rush to get dolled up so here are some eh-iphone photos.

IMG_8159 IMG_8161 IMG_8162 IMG_8163 IMG_8164 IMG_8165 IMG_8169

I heard that it was very French to have sorbet with Vodka…particularly a good one…like the one Greg (BKRW) recommended, Zubrowka.IMG_8171

These are bon-bons! Candy!!! It was actually really delicious despite the fact that they look like gross candy peanuts.IMG_8173

Group Selfie, which Elle drunkingly named at her birthday party a few days prior…”It’s an US-SIE”





I ran 3.9km, or whatever that means #stupidAmericanvashtie_paris_pfw_1201413Delicious Bob’s Juice Treats!


vashtie_paris_pfw_1201415Ronnie Fieg Pop-Up Shop.

vashtie_paris_pfw_1201416 vashtie_paris_pfw_1201417 vashtie_paris_pfw_1201418Greg (BKRW), David (BWGH) & Jay (BKRW)

vashtie_paris_pfw_1201419 vashtie_paris_pfw_1201420Alessandra & Surco

vashtie_paris_pfw_1201421Heron, Virgil Abloh & Ronnie Fieg


vashtie_paris_pfw_1201424Joe LaPuma & Greg Weinstein

vashtie_paris_pfw_1201425Dinner later at Hotel Amour

vashtie_paris_pfw_1201426Stephane (Pigalle) and His Lovely Mama.

vashtie_paris_pfw_1201427Paul Hamy & Me.


vashtie_paris_pfw_1201429 vashtie_paris_pfw_1201430 vashtie_paris_pfw_1201431 vashtie_paris_pfw_1201432Afterwards, we headed to Silencio for the party!

vashtie_paris_pfw_1201442vashtie_paris_pfw_1201433Virgil on the 1′s and 2′s.

vashtie_paris_pfw_1201434 vashtie_paris_pfw_1201435 vashtie_paris_pfw_1201436Jessica Linon & Me

vashtie_paris_pfw_1201437Tom, Yoan & Nordine

vashtie_paris_pfw_1201438Me & Gio (Forfex)

vashtie_paris_pfw_1201439Matthew Henson (Complex), Jean Paula Paula (WAD) & Me

vashtie_paris_pfw_1201440Valentina Moreno (Surface To Air)

vashtie_paris_pfw_1201441Yoan Prat, Tom Brunet, Me, Virgil and Alex Sossah


Thanks Paris! It was TRE BIEN as always and I can’t wait to go back, which is soon…I think. Incroyable! Say-Bon! Ouai Ouai Ouai!