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SPECIAL DELIVERY: Hennessy x Os Gemeos x @HennessyUS

Damn, Hennessy always comes correct with artist collaborations and perfected presentation. Just check out what they sent me…even Vladimir The Fraidy Cat was feeling it.

vashtie_specdel_HennessyOsGemeos1 vashtie_specdel_HennessyOsGemeos2 vashtie_specdel_HennessyOsGemeos3 vashtie_specdel_HennessyOsGemeos4


SPECIAL DELIVERY: Brooklyn We Go Hard Paris (BWGH) – Thanks David Obadia!

I’ve been hearing great things about a brand named Brooklyn We Go Hard out of Paris. Not sure where the Brooklyn namesake comes from, either way – everything they create is tre magnifique! Luckily, the brands founder reached out to my friend Alex Sossah to gift me with pieces. I was stoked! It’s no wonder I love everything they make, it’s a menswear brand mainly and we all know how much I love to dress like a dude. Anyways, peep this adorable collaboration they made with Ronnie Fieg of Kith…

BWGH.FRspecialdelivery_oldlyme13 specialdelivery_oldlyme14specialdelivery_oldlyme16

photos by ELLE CLAY.




Thanks to Craig from B-side By Wale for always sending me some amazing pieces! Again, this photo set was taken in Old Lyme Connecticut and shot by Elle Clay.

specialdelivery_oldlyme04 specialdelivery_oldlyme03 specialdelivery_oldlyme_vancouver02



SPECIAL DELIVERY: Mary Rich Leather Paneled Tank + Wilfred Free Leather Jogger Shorts (Vancouver Styles in Old Lyme)

During my little weekend get-away to Old Lyme Connecticut, I did a mini shoot with all the SPECIAL DELIVERY goodies that I have received! No makeup (obviously), hair (just vacation hair), lights, or lotion for that matter (I stay ashy). Just some quick fun photos taken with my not so great camera. This post features a beautifully crafted super light leather paneled tank top by Mary Rich paired with cozy leather jogger shorts by Wilfred Free (connected to Aritzia, my new friends) – both are Vancouver brands! Photos taken by Elle Clay.



These Wilfred Shorts are incredibly soft and comfy. I couldn’t find them on the site, not sure if they are sold out are unreleased (as they were gifted to me).

Either way, check out their site HERE. There are tons of amazing goodies there.

specialdelivery_oldlyme_vancouver11You can find the tank top HERE. It retails for $250 and is made to order. Pretty special!specialdelivery_oldlyme_vancouver06That crack in the rocks in between my legs is hilarious.



SPECIAL DELIVERY: Warby Parker Prescription Glasses



You may remember a few years ago when my friend Brian Magida at Warby Parker gifted me some prescription glasses and sunglasses. I was blown away by the young company then. Not only is their business a charitable one (for every pair of glasses purchased a pair of glasses is donated to someone in need), but their business is also a booming one. My friend Lori Krauss was now working at the company and reached outfit me in some new specs. The timing couldn’t have been better as I was window shopping for new glasses the very same day she emailed me!


I walked into their showroom blown away by how much they have grown, still killing the game! We may be collaborating on something special soon. Stay tuned. In the mean-time, check out these specs!



specdel_warbyparker_861302 specdel_warbyparker_861303 specdel_warbyparker_861304specdel_warbyparker_861307


Peep my Instagram Post. I share 2 little known facts:

1. I’m Nearsighted (meaning I can see things up close, but not far away).

2. I lied on a vision test in 5th grade  because I wanted glasses badly. I lied so extensively I ended up with bifocals and since I forgot to factor in that my poor kid status couldn’t afford me cute frames – I was given the ugliest pair known to man. Hence, I never wore them. But, a few years later I really did need glasses.


SPECIAL DELIVERY: Blackberry Q10 – My Lifelong Love Of Pressing Buttons Is Satisfied!


Me in 2007 holding my favorite toy…a Blackberry.

I have been like coo coo for Cocoa Puffs over gadgets for as long as I can remember! Cameras, Cell Phones, Scanners…you name it. If it’s got great design and solid function, best believe I have internet stalked its photos and its reviews.

Trying to stay organized in 2013 is an everyday struggle for me and I can imagine for anyone else out there. You have to juggle social media, emails, texts, phone calls, iCal, notes, work, and then life. It’s no easy task, so I find that  having all the necessary weaponry is a must.


 Peep the 2 Blackberry’s when I worked at Def Jam

I’ve had a second phone like for some time now linked to a Blackberry, so that when I do more on the go freelance work – I can send emails like all other Industry Adults (iPhone for fun and Blackberry for work is pretty much the industry standard these days).



Miami Beach 2007

When the Blackberry Q10 released, my friends at The Participation Agency gifted it to me. I couldn’t wait to caress my fingertips along it’s curvaceous buttons! I’m like a toddler, I mean – who doesn’t love to press a button?! The latest Blackberry Q10 quenches all your fun and business needs…although, I’m not sure I can ever part ways with my iPhone, she’s just been too good to me!
specialdelivery_blackberry1 specialdelivery_blackberry2 specialdelivery_blackberry3

Amen!specialdelivery_blackberry4 specialdelivery_blackberry5 specialdelivery_blackberry6

This smartphone is everything you want and need in life. I absolutely love it’s functionality and its beautiful design.

Thank You Blackberry!!!

SPECIAL DELIVERY: By Dori Jewels x Boxing Kitten x Hellz Bellz: Goodies From My Favorite Girls!

Super stoked to get so many amazing girly goodies! First off, my friend Kai of ByDori sent me some adorable pieces made of brass. They are very cool and very affordable!

Check out her Etsy store here: BYDORI.

specialdelivery_bydorijewelry4 specialdelivery_bydorijewelry3

I was cleaning my desk…I know it’s a mess, but it’s organized now – I promise!specialdelivery_bydorijewelry2 specialdelivery_bydorijewelry1


I got a special package a while back from my friend Maya of Boxing Kitten. I love that her brand resonates with everything she loves; ethnic prints and cats! I’m sure you’ve seen her pieces on everyone from your favorite pop stars to your local fashionable babe, but if not – check out her collection…

BOXINGKITTEN.COMspecialdelivery_boxingkitten1 specialdelivery_boxingkitten2 specialdelivery_boxingkitten3


Then, I get a bundle of joy from my girl Lanie over at Hellz Bellz. Look at all these amazing pieces, perfectly suited for my everyday use!

Check out HellzBellz for mas amazingness!specialdelivery_hellzbellz1 specialdelivery_hellzbellz2 specialdelivery_hellzbellz3 specialdelivery_hellzbellz4 specialdelivery_hellzbellz5

SPECIAL DELIVERY: Obesity + Speed & Theory 38

I haven’t done one of these in a minute and yet all these amazing goodies that are being sent my way are just piling up. I feel terrible. I have to post my friend Lyz’s line OBESITY & SPEED. I love the name and the aesthetic is everything us tomboy girls love!

Hard Times? Honey…you know it.

Hate Racerback Tank: $65.00

Athletic Mesh Tank: $65.00

(The clothes were not wrinkled when they were sent to me, please note. They were in perfect condition until my idiot self wrinkled them.)


Theory 38 is the new athletic division of Theory, which provides fashion forward and functional workout gear! I missed their spinning class launch party during allergy season, but look at the goodies they sent me!




SPECIAL DELIVERY: Budweiser Bow-Tie Shaped Can x Made In America Festival

Special thanks to the folks at PMKBNC for sending me the brand new Budweiser Bow-Tie Can Package. It’s so cute and easy to grip! Can’t wait for the Made In America Festival. I needs to be there!


SPECIAL DELIVERY: LSD Fashion Lab x Luxurious & Fashionable Camera Straps & More!

This is genius! Seriously. Every time I go to a fancy-shmancy event I throw on one of my vintage Chanel bags and my Canon G12 on my shoulder. I always think, it would be so cool to have a camera trap that looks like my  Chanel trap…voila! My prayers (and I’m sure many of yours) have been answered by LSD FASHION LAB! Check it out! Also, they have some snazzy phone cases.