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SPECIAL DELIVERY: Animal Bikes Clothing, Thrasher & NYC PARIS (4.24.12)

Since I haven’t had a sufficient enough camera to shoot my “SPECIAL DELIVERY” posts, I’ve been stockpiling so many items that my work space looks like a hoarders dream come true.

Finally, here is some stuff that some awesome people have sent me!



Special Thanks to ANIMAL and SKINNY for sending over a massive package. This is only half of what they actually sent me!



Special Thanks to BROCK FETCH for sending these goodies over! This brought me back to my angsty teenage years when I’d read skate magazines…

VLADIMIR seems to like it a lot…



Special Thanks to PETER JAMES LEE for handing me these goodies during my last LA visit.




SPECIAL DELIVERY: B-Side By Wale – Cheetah Varsity Jacket


Special thanks to Craig Darryl Arthur for keeping me laced in some fresh threads, straight from London!

Check out their other pieces. B-SIDE BY WALE has some really fresh pieces. They need to just keep their American Sister laced 24/7!

*Wearing the Cheetah Varsity, B-Side by Wale and Supreme Snakeskin Bowling Shirt on VH1 “Big Morning Buzz Live”




SPECIAL DELIVERY: Pigalle Hooded Sweatshirt & T-Shirt

I miss my French babes, they know style and they know fun. I’m so stoked on their brand Pigalle and it seems everyone else is also. Years later, I finally get some gear…

SPECIAL DELIVERY: Nike+ Fuel Band (3.13.12)


Finally!!! I got my NIke+ Fuel Band! After all, I am only like Nike’s illegitimate daughter from the hood and I actually do count calories like a high school girl with an eating disorder  (don’t ask, having an App for anything makes me want to keep track of everything!). I’ve been stoked on this gadget since they first unveiled it and now I have one of these bad boys in my hand, thanks to Julien, Heron and the Nike Family. If you don’t know what it is…check it out:


SPECIAL DELIVERY: Aerial 7 Tank Evil x Vans OTW Woessner

Special thanks to the homie JOSH MADDEN for always keeping me on my headphone game. This time he hooked me up with AERIAL 7 TANK EVIL Headphones which retail for $90, if you can find them.


Special thanks to my buddy Chris over at VANS OTW who sent me some super fly WOESSNER’S. I know – I stay dressing like a junior high boy, but at least I’m consistent!


Special thanks to Brian Wood for this cute crewneck and nice note…check more of his pieces at



SOREL BOOTS are the authority for warm footwear with style. OSCAR and I both had a pair in 2006 and it got us through some freezing weather in fashion. Special thanks to Chandni for hooking her Indian Sistren up!

*The ones I picked are called the WOMENS 1964 PREMIUM CANVAS and they retail for 130$


As you may know, I love food…in particular RAW,VEGAN GOODNESS. Since I was 12, I’ve mainly kept a VEGAN styled diet (with moments of not here and there) for ethical and health reasons. Basically, I just function more productively that way. I’ll try and do a separate post about my diet history this week, but for now…

I present to you some deliciousness courtesy of EMMY’S ORGANICS. Don’t you wish you could sample it? I hate watching cooking shows for that reason, you never know how they really taste and that frustrates me. Anyways…

*I don’t really do reviews on things since it’s not really my style, but I will for things that are natural to my life.

I first rolled up on EMMY’S ORGANICS last year when my sweet tooth had me browsing for Vegan treats at my local health food store. I bought the EMMY’S ORGANICS macaroons and was smitten. Raw, Gluten-Free and Delicious! It became my go-to. When I learned more about the company, I became more and more interested in their products and wanted to spread the good word.

EMMY’S ORGANICS was born in 2008, shortly after SAMANTHA and IAN met in Ithaca (where the company lives). Fresh out of college, Samantha was experimenting with Raw recipes and Ian had just re-located back to his hometown of Ithaca after working as an artist and a Raw Food Chef in San Francisco and New York. The two have continued to create products that are not only super delicious, they are also made from raw, gluten-free, organic, non-gmo ingredients and sold in recycled or sustainable packaging.


If none of that interests you, then on a basic level let’s just say this – you can have your sweet tooth without the guilt of excessive calories. Seriously, it’s super low in calories since the bad stuff is not an ingredient.


*I love seeing the makers of products on their products. It’s rare, but super re-assuring…


You can find EMMY’S ORGANICS at your local WHOLE FOODS and you can also order online at their site:



It’s a New Year!

Why not start it off with some healthier habits (that contribute to a healthier earth)!

You don’t have to stop eating sweets entirely, just eat the good ones like EMMY’S ORGANICS!

There are so many options out there – just explore (and I’ll always put you on to what I find in the meantime).


I was first informed about HAIR STEAMERS by my lovely friend and makeup artist – TAI LOTSON. When I asked about how she kept her luscious locks so healthy, she mentioned that the use of her HUETIFUL HAIR STEAMER helped keep her hair in check and insisted I get one. I was open to the idea, but  I was not really open to changing my already simple routine of literally wash and go and a “hair steamer” sounded so complicated.

When TAI sent me the link to the site, HUETIFUL.COM, I was immediately pleased by the site’s design (I admit, I judge websites/books by their main page/cover – I’m a design snob). I checked out some of the images and videos of the their hair steamer and it appeared to be very simple to use and conducive to healthy hair. I even double checked on YOUTUBE.COM to see regular people reviews and girls with all different kinds of hair were RAVING about it.

As I read more about the HUETIFUL STEAMER, (which is a play on the word beautiful and hue – meaning its for women of all shades) I read interesting facts…



We offer a 45 day, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied with the results, Huetiful will pay for the Return and refund you 100% of your money.

Restores moisture to your dry hair 5x better than deep conditioners or hair treatments alone

Replenishes moisture lost from chemical or heat treatments

Reduces future breakage and split ends caused by dry hair

One year replacement warranty

*VLADIMIR was skeptical.

The equation was simple. In the comfort of your own home, you sit under one of those dryer thingies (that I refuse to sit under at the salon because I’m claustrophobic and the one time I sat under it, it felt like my scalp was melting) and let the steam do the work. It opens your hair cuticle – allowing 5x more moisture to penetrate your hair than conditioner alone. Although they do not make claims of hair growth (which I think is smart), I can’t see why the equation couldn’t help in that department if you’re interested.

So…I decided I needed one. Thanks to MYLEIK I was granted one for review and here it is children’s…but before that…here’s some…



I realize I’ve been lucky when it comes to my wig. I’ve never had much of a complaint in that area (except my junior high obsession with wanting bone-straight hair). Since I’m super low maintenance and no patience – I just wash my hair and go. Especially now that I am color free (for the moment) and organic, my hair is very healthy. The few times I have colored my hair, I was always left with dryness and since I didn’t take much care with it – my hair suffered.



I had an artsy musician boyfriend who had blue hair and decided to try it on me. My sister got me hip to the Kool-Aid trick.

(Me talking to my high school boyfriend CHRIS on the phone while spending the night at my friends house in the ‘burbs rocking  her soccer sweats.)



This was done by a crazy man who owned a fleeting salon on Lark Street in Albany.

My mom almost had a heart attack when she saw me because

I didn’t have her permission, but I didn’t ask so in my adolescent mind —

“you never said no, mom”

Some of my hair eventually fell out from breakage due to the bleach…to which my mom replied – “thats what you get”.


*Too bad “16 & Pregnant” wasn’t around when I was a teen. I so look preggo here.


*Eventually, I just added more streaks…



(NO PHOTO of me, but I thought this was perfect timing to add a picture of my boo – ZOO KID aka KING KRULE)




In hindsight, it always kind of looked the same when I colored it…but Terry made is super nice.




Ok, so now that you’re done having a good laugh at me let’s move on to my review…eh em.

I went to RICKYS NYC (our bomb beauty supply store in NYC) and got a couple of leave-in-conditioner packets. I washed my hair and left the leave-in on and prepared for my session. I got the steamer ready to go (HUETIFUL provides a thorough “HOW TO” video on their website and YOUTUBE.COM) and it was super simple. Basically, you fill the container with water and press the two on buttons (you should definitely watch the video before hand for all the specifics).

I cued up an episode of MARTIN, sat under the hood and chilled. 20 minutes later, I rinsed my hair in cold water to seal in the moisture, then I added leave-in conditioner again and wrapped it to dry. I noticed that my hair felt the same as always, despite hearing other girls reviews where they said their hair felt softer…but I assume maybe their hair had some damage or dryness.

After my hair dried a couple hours later…I did, however, notice it had more bounce to the ounce. The curls were perkier and felt fuller. Even until a couple days after.

*Fresh out the steamer…

you probably can’t see much of a difference, but my curls felt plumper.

*BABY HAIR pumping and askew.


*I ain’t never lied. I have a unibrow.

*VLADIMIR approves…sort of.


I give it 2 THUMBS UP AND A SNAP! If you are interested in repairing damaged hair, adding more moisture or just general maintenance - this might be the product for you. You also have the option of a FACIAL ATTACHMENT, which acts like a facial steamer. It works just as lovely. BUT – just like anything, I highly suggest you research the product on your own and see if it’s something that works for you. I always look for all the good and bad…just so I know.

I’m not sure how often you should use it, but I use mine about once a month. I also have a phobia about my body not naturally taking care of itself because it’s used to products doing all the work – don’t ask, but I always imagine the end of the world and how I would look if I didn’t have all the things I “needed” to keep me in check so I like to live as though it’s the end of the world. Does that make any sense to anyone? I know…it’s crazy.

If you’re in the market for getting a gift for some lady or ladyboy, this would be nice and it retails for $114.95. Or – treat yourself for the holidays!


Special thanks to BRICK and the ODD FUTURE FAMILY for all this merch!



Shout out to TOBY MORSE for my shirt and bracelet!

I met dude when I was 14 and it was super nice running into him and his wife when I was last in LA.


Thanks to my boo ANGELO BAQUE at SUPREME.

This is the exact vintage “stanky chambray” that I wore for 5 years straight…

special delivery: TIMBERLAND WHEAT BOOTS x TEAM EPIPHANY (11.8.11)

I’ve been waiting months for these bad boys, but I’m glad I didn’t have to buy them. Special thanks to JAN and TEAM EPIPHANY for these brown babies!