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NEWS: Frank Ocean Comes Out…About True Love


Frank Ocean comes out and I am so happy I could scream.

I grew up with a gay brother who came out when he was 14 and I was 7, so the Gay Community has been close to me for a very long time (so close that, although I am straight, I feel included in the Gay Community). When our abusive father figured it out, it was tragic and heartbreaking – to say the least. I could re-count some tales, but it’s neither here nor there. My brother ended up running away at such a young age, learning life on the street.

Our relationship didn’t end. He would come back to hang out with me, his beloved little sister…spoiling me with gifts and teaching me about the world. He would take me to Pride Parades, sneak me into gay clubs and take me on dates with him to the movies and strolling the mall. At a young age, I experienced what it was like for two people of the same sex to genuinely love each other.

I also experienced hate first hand, having kids in class make fun of you for having a gay brother and have yet another reason to bully you. I also experienced what it was like second hand to be persecuted for your sexuality, having people angrily yell names at him, do hateful things – and worst crimes of them  all of them all, having your own father throw you out of the house as a child and ultimately reject you (something that no child can ever recover from).

It only made me stronger and made me want to champion the community (and all “under dogs” more).

It’s really strange that I’ve made a name for myself in the Hip Hop Community which publicly has zero tolerance for Homosexuality – (despite my “gaydar” reading off the charts with most of the people in it). I’ve felt strongly about this forever and quite frankly, I hate it. In general, while it’s a community the world loves (and thankfully has embraced me)  it’s also a community that is not open to things that are different – let alone gay.

Now that Frank Ocean has come out – I am ecstatic, overjoyed, overwhelmed, in tears. I am happy he has found the strength to come out in the poetic and lovely way that he did (FRANKOCEAN.TUMBLR). I ‘m sure he has battled with some demons over the past few years and to be able to let it out must feel fantastic. I know he didn’t expect or probably want to be a martyr for the cause, he probably just wanted to let it out in the open…but, the world will rush to his aid.

Do you know what this means for the world & the Hip Hop Community? Do you know how this will change everything? He’s giving young men and women the strength and courage to come out, to know that they are not alone…not to be afraid. If you’re gay or you’ve shared the struggle with someone  who was gay (out or not), you know what kind of afraid I’m talking about…its debilitating.

If only right now I was 7 and my brother was 14 and this was all happening. It could have changed, in the least, how my brother felt about himself even if my father still couldn’t accept it. He would have felt like he wasn’t alone. Although we can’t turn back the hands of time, I’m thinking about the other little girls out there now with big brothers (or sisters, cousins, friends, etc) who are coming out, knowing that this Tumblr post has created a domino effect…ultimately changing the way we all think.

How revolutionary! How progressive!

I walk away from reading Frank Ocean’s post feeling like he just wanted to be honest. That is triumphantly inspiring. Gay or not, this will impact all of our lives. This will all make us a bit more honest about who we are – and we could all use more of that.

Thank you Frank Ocean.

xo, va$htie.


NEWS: Vashtie & Harley Viera Newton For Target’s TargetStyle.Tumblr.Com – Summer Playlist

Checkout Me and Harley Viera Newton’s Summer Playlist on Target’s Tumblr

The first 6 songs are mine!

NEWS: Vashtie & Harley Viera Newton – Guest Style Editors for TargetStyle.Tumblr.Com During June!


Yes!!! Target as in TARGET! My mind is still blown that a major (and I mean major) brand like Target, asked me off all people to be a Guest Style Editor for Target’s Official Tumblr during the month of June! I guess it’s just another reason to show how “ON THE DOT” Target is like they’re tag line says! Check me out  - alongside Miss Harley Viera Newtown, as we share our favorite Summer Jams and favorite looks for Summer.




Special thanks to Janjay and the entire lovely team at Target!

They rule and I’m stoked that they’re paying attention to the little guys!!!

NEWS: NY1 x One On 1 x Budd Mishkin & Vashtie Interview (Airing Saturday & Sunday 6:30/9:30PM)

Special thanks to SEAN FLAX and legendary BUDD MISHKIN for the interview. The original interview aired August 29th 2011 and is re-airing this weekend! Be sure to catch it, if you can :)

*Me and the homie and host, BUDD MISHKIN.

NEWS: Subscribe to Vashtie on Facebook (Just Social Media Whoring)

Yeah, nothing here but a shameless plug. I’m naturally anti at heart, but I’m being urged to be more virally present while my real self lives in a Matrix Pod. I weep for the future…


NEWS: Happy 18th Birthday to “Illmatic” By Nas

Ugh, if only “Illmatic” was a real boy. Now that he’s of legal age

I would have hollered at him and made him mine


Anyone who knows me, knows how much Nas’s album ILLMATIC left an lasting impression on me. The album is everything. I mean, its easily the most thorough and flawless rap album of all time. I’ve stated it in many-a-interview (like here at SMOKINGSECTION.UPROXX.COM) and I’ve been playing the album non-stop ever since I heard it as a youngin’ in the hood of Albany. Hell, I love it so much I may even get hitched to the track “New York State Of Mind”. It is quite simply…perfect.

via: Smoking Section


Yesterday marks the 18th Anniversary of the album and Complex.Com recently posted a well-written article titled “10 THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT NAS’ ILLMATIC” full of gems that I had no clue about. I highly suggest you check it out.

And since we’re on the topic of the great Nasir, I should mention that while I worked at Def Jam I was honored to work on his project “HIP HOP IS DEAD”. I always say that meeting your idols can be the most terrible thing, because you find out that they’re not super heroes…they have bad days just like everyone else. On top of that, we fantasize about meeting them and put so much on it and have expectations of what they will be like and worse – how they SHOULD act. Like “500 Days of Summer”, when you’re expectations don’t meet reality…you are terribly let down.

Long story short, I was afraid to meet the myth/man/legend…but, when I did…he was, as my friend Karl Justin says, “Sweet as Punch”.


Do you guys have an opinions, feelings, or thoughts on “Illmatic”?

Any interesting life stories, like where you heard it for the first time

or what memories it brings back for you?


Enjoy Some Great Videos From “ILLMATIC”

NEWS: Violette New York x Beats By Dre Limited Edition “TAXI” Headphones #VIOLETTEBEATS

Eh em…I’m super stoked to announce that Violette collaborated with Beats By Dre on a Limited Edition New York Inspired Headset.

It was perfect timing when we were approached with the news, since Violette’s upcoming collection is New York City inspired!

We presented Beats By Dre with a few options and the numero uno pick was the “Taxi” Design…





If you’d like to purchase the headset, they retail for (gulp) $399.95 and are on sale today (3/28) at the Beats By Dre Store in Soho (until supplies last).

Purchase of the headset gives you:

-Violette New York & Beats By Dre Collaboration T-Shirt

-VIP Entry into the #VIOLETTEBEATS Event on 3.28.12 with 1 Guest

-Extra goodies and fun thangs!

If you buy the headphones, I will personally hand you your gift bag at the event and do a tap dance for you – since they are so expensive (sorry, I didn’t have any say in that department)



NEWS: Karmaloop Is Officially Carrying Violette New York!!!

The kingpin of all online boutiques, Karmaloop, is officially carrying VIOLETTE. I’m so stoked. Not only are they carrying my brand, Karmaloop is the only place where the ladies can find small sizes (you know I’m a little anti-tight tee).

Check it out. The model is cute and the styling was dope (maybe that was Miss Jasmine Imani’s great work?).




NEWS: Vashtie Featured On VH1 Big Morning Buzz Live With Hosts Carrie & Jason (Thursday 3/15 @ 10AM)


*Teresa Giudice & Me.

Oh snap. VH1 asked me to come on their hot new Morning Show called Big Morning Buzz Live which is hosted by ultra cuties Carrie and Jason. When the producers asked me to present sneakers I was more than stoked, but actually very nervous. The only other time I was on National Television, I was being interviewed on ESPN by Bram Weinstein in 2010 for the launch of my Jordan. This time I would have 6 minutes of discussing the latest in sneakers!!! Whoa. My dearest friends and glam team KARL JUSTIN and TAI LOTSON came to my rescue, helping to organize my wardrobe and makeup. It made sense that I should look like me and feel like me, hence my uniform kit.

For a more interesting and unlikely story, listen to this.

As Tai and I were driving over to meet Karl Justin and his lovely assistant Celasia before our call time, I called Karl to coordinate his location. Just then he said “Celasia, who is that leaving VH1?” trying to see through a crowd of people. Turns out is was Miss Monica and what was she wearing? Oh yeah, just the Balenciaga Coral Moto Jacket that Karl had brought to style me in. The black jacket you see me pictured in was not the final touch for my look. See below…

When we came in and heard from our friend and fellow VH1 Personality, Janell Snowden, that Monica in fact wore the same jacket for the same show — we had to think and we had to think quick. It was such an outlandish and unlikely outcome that I just had to giggle throughout the entire moment.

Luckily, the in-house stylist had some options for me and Karl Justin made it work. When I first tried on the fitted leather jacket I said “No, I hate it”. Then I tried it again and it ended up working out…I called it my “sexy bi-curious vampire” look. Of all the things I worried about (how I’d come off on TV, if I’ll be nervous, If I’ll be good enough), I never thought I’d have a wardrobe mishap with one of musics living legends! Good thing we caught it in time…




Special thanks to Dara Cook and Ellen Carl for being so cozy!!!

NEWS: BIG K.R.I.T. visits 106 & Park Tonight!!!

Tune in!!!