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VIDEO: The XX – “Sunset” (Live on KEXP)

“It felt like you really knew me,

now it feels like you see through me”

-The XX


Last week, I had the incredible opportunity to watch a small and intimate show by THE XX at The Armory in New York City. Cell phone and cameras were not allowed and after experiencing the performance (yes, “experiencing”) I was so glad that I could focus my real-time focus on the moment.

I literally had no idea what their sound was about or even what they looked like, until that night. Their show was phenomenal! I kid you not. I watched in amazement and even cried from time to time…you know I’m a sucker for love (requited and unrequited) and love songs.

Peep this live performance of their song “Sunset”…

VIDEO: Rainy Milo – “Treasure Girl” (Dir. Dexter Navy)

I am so excited for my friend Dexter Navy for directing and editing his beautiful video for artist, Rainy Milo. I met him in Paris last year and he has quickly become one of my favorite people. He also happens to be an incredible artist!

RAINY MILO [Treasure Girl] from Dexter Navy on Vimeo.

Directed & Edited by: Dexter Navy
Director of Photography: Nicholas Wiesnet
Color Grading: Trevor Durtschi
Produced by: Rebel Management
Big Thanks To: FourTwoFourOnFairfax, Sarah Park, Samina Soltani, Jordan Freedman, ntropic and everyone that worked on the video.

VIDEO: Disclosure – “White Noise” Feat. AlunaGeorge

I am absolutely obsessed with Disclosure, thanks to my friend James Rubin. I listen to them at least once a day. It’s like meditation for me…er something. This video is pretty tight although it is a bit strange. Thanks to Young Scoozle for telling me about it!

VIDEO: Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Despair”

Who doesn’t love Karen O.?! I mean, she’s a babe and she just rules. This video is proof that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have solidified their place in the game! This video was shot at the top of the Empire State Building, which is super cool. I also shot part of a Curt@!n$ video at the top of the Empire State Building…with no permission of course! See below for that little gem.

VIDEO: James Blake – “Overgrown”

Well, hello Seasonal Depression…meet James Blake. Now, I will never exit from under my covers.

VIDEO: FKA Twigs – “Water Me” (Dir. Jesse Kanda)

I’m loving the music Miss Twigs has been making and I am obsessed with this video for “Water Me”.

It’s slightly reminiscent of a (Queen Mother) Bjork video that I love just as much…check it out! It was directed by Inez and Vinoodh.

VIDEO: King Krule – “Easy Easy” (Official Video)

I swear to the gods above, if I ever meet King Krule aka Zoo Kid – I’m going to hold him hostage and make him sing me songs at night to ease my insomnia. This adorable ginger just doesn’t get any cuter! I also love the randomness of this video, I’m excited to see experimentation in music and music videos these days. He’s a breath of fresh air between the mundane. The song is the opener on his upcoming debut album, 6 Feet Beneath the Moon, due out 8/24

WATCH: CinematicTV – Smokin N Jokin – Intern Prank (VIDEO)

Oh, Jonny Shipes and the Cinematic Crew! These episodes never cease to have me busting a gut and rolling on the floor. Keep in mind everyone, that Jonny Shipes is my manager. Yes, this man who is a fool on camera (yet genius at work) manages my career!

Oh and Kwon is also hilarious…

VIDEO: Leah Labelle – “Lolita”

I am obsessed with Leah Labelle. Her sound is electrifying and her personality is adorable! I can’t stop playing this song…and I love the video!

VIDEO: Pusha T – “Numbers On The Boards”

Pusha is a friend of mine and he’s also one of my favorite rappers…ever. He’s literally a living legend and I’m so loving all his latest music. Peep the video for “Numbers On The Board”.

“Might have to head-butt your Evelyn”. Hahaha. Incroyable!