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NEWS: Violette New York Releases Latest Violette Vintage x Metal & Concert Tees!

My good friend Elle Clay always laughs when an interview or article refers to me along the lines of a “Hip Hop Princess” or anything to that effect. “They don’t know that you’re a dirty white boy underneath it all?!” she always exclaims.

My love for Metal and Rock has deep roots. Although I grew up in the hood (and love Hip Hop), I befriended a lot of young white boys who skated and bmx’ed in my downtown area of Albany. They put me on to a lot of great things; like Hardcore & Metal Music. I was already into Rock Music from my own interest (Metallica & Guns N’ Roses), but I’m sure MTV and my sister helped to influence that.

Anyways, some of the cool local hangouts where I grew up included a venue called the QE2 where most good shows occurred - mostly hardcore and metal shows. Any kid with brains who wanted to be out of the clutches of their parents at home knew to be where all the cool happenings were happening and I was one of them. I got to see a lot of great performances and shows, and I learned a lot about the culture…mainly to stay far away from the pit, but to always have your arms up to shield yourself just in case.

This shoot was fun and exciting. After compiling and editing the shirts we would shoot, the idea of painted faces came quite naturally. Kiss and The Misfits were big on stage dramatics and makeup, so it only seemed right to do the same. Although Pearl Jam, Lollapalooza and Sublime don’t fit the category of Metal whatsoever – I just really liked the shirts and wanted to add them in also.







NEWS: New Violette Vintage Collection x “Faces Of Death Metal” Releases Wednesday 2/27/13

Violette New York is dropping another collection & lookbook of Vintage pieces on Wednesday February 27th. This time, the collection is based solely around Metal and Concert Tees – something very dear to my heart. We teamed up with super talent Amanda Lopez once more and make up wiz Camille Thompson. It was an all-girl revue and lots of fun! I think you guys might dig the stuff. Stay tuned.


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NEWS: The Violette Funbags Shirt is Biz-ack! In “Itty Bitty” & “Super Size”! On Sale Now!

We first launched this shirt back in 2010, and due to popular demand (literally) mostly by friends and Violette Customers – we have decided to bring it back for a limited time only!

Modeled by Dee & Ricky, the Funbags Shirt is offered in the original 2 options; “Itty Bitty” (small) and “Super Size” (large).

This special shirt was designed especially for the ladies (and brave fellas). Some of us girls are never happy with what we’ve been blessed with (especially when it comes to our ta-ta’s, titties, breasts, love muffins, congas, sweater puppies, funbags, boobies, chesticles…whatever you want to call them). I guess it could be appropriately called “BREAST ENVY”; girls with small boobs wanting big ones and girls with big boobs wanting small ones. We always want what we don’t have!

VIOLETTE is all about your right to choose…have “biggin’s” one day and “littlin’s” another.

Available now for $45! Or buy both in the same size for $80!

COP A FEEL, before it’s too late!

V I O L E T T E  N E W Y O R K . C O M



NEWS: Violette New York Re-Releases The Ever-Popular Fun Bags Shirt!

Stay tuned for more information. Until then, feast your eyes on this!


SHOP: Violette New York x Limited Edition x The #VLADENCHY Tee (Available Now!)

After being bombarded by the Givenchy Rottweiler left and right, we decided it was time for a new take on the instant classic! Voila, THE #VLADENCHY TEE was born. Instead of the growling dog, you will find a scowling cat named VLADIMIR – My pet Russian Blue Kitty! This shirt has been HAND PRINTED in NEW YORK CITY and produced in LIMITED QUANTITIES.



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LISTEN: Violette New York & DJ Iron Lyon x “Rude Boy Yute”


Violette New York, DJ Iron Lyon and I  present to you…a classic reggae mixtape! Inspired by our latest “Rude Boy Yute” Collection and in honor of today being Jamaica’s 50TH YEAR OF INDEPENDENCE (Bullet, Bullet!).

I hope you like it!



With a Track Listing like this…be ready to whine and/or dutty whine.

Pinchers- Bandolero
Barrington Levy- Prison Oval Rock
Buju Banton- Driver
Foxy Brown- Sorry
Super Cat- Dolly My Baby
Beres Hammond- Tempted To Touch
Tony Rebel- Fresh Vegetable
Cocoa Tea- She’s Gone Away (Sonia)
Beres Hammond- I Wish
Garnett Silk- Everything I’ve Got
Buju Banton & Wayne Wonder- Bonafide Love
Gregory Isaacs- Rumors
Lady G- Nuff Respect
Shabba Ranks & Deborah Glasgow- Champion Lover
Shabba Ranks & Cocoa Tea- Pirate’s Anthem
Johnny Osbourne- No Ice Cream Sound
Mega Banton- Sound Boy Killing
Buju Banton- Champion
Tenor Saw- Pull Up Selector
Lady Saw- Sycamore Tree
Wayne Wonder- Bashment Girl
Tanya Stephens- Yuh Nuh Ready
Frisco Kid- Rubbers
Sean Paul & Mr. Vegas- Hot Gal Today
Beenie Man- Girls Dem Sugar
Capleton- Look Good Chart
Tanya Staphens-Mi Finger
Beenie Man- Let Him Go
Lady G- Ease Off, Breeze Off
Spragga Benz- She Nuh Ready Yet
Nadine Sutherland & Buju Banton- Wicked Dickie
Barrington Levy & Bounty Killa- Living Dangerously
Nadine Sutherland- Action
Buju Banton- Love How the Gal Dem Flex
Beres Hammond- No More Pain
Dirtsman- Hot This Year
Red Fox & Screechie Dan- Pose Off
Super Cat- Don Dada
Tanya Stephens- Goggle
Lady Saw- Hice It Up
Reggie Stepper- Wife
Simpleton- Coca Cola Shape
Shabba Ranks- Trailer Load A Girls
General Degree- Super Man
Mr. Vegas- Big Things A Gwan
Beenie Man- Tell Me
Shabba Ranks- Ting A Ling
Red Rat- Dwayne
Cutty Ranks- Who Seh Mi Dun
Chaka Demus & Pliers- Murder She Wrote
Chaka Demus & Pliers- Bam Bam
Super Cat- Ghetto Red Hot
Patra- Romantic Call
Tanto Metro & Devonte- Everyone Falls In Love
Sean Paul- Nah Get No Bligh
Beenie Man- Do You Wanna Dis
Buju Banton- Batty Rider
Capleton- Everybody Needs Somebody
Shaggy & Rayvon- Big Up
Bob Marley- Could You Be Loved


V I O L E T T E   N E W   Y O R K

V I O L E T T E   N E W   Y O R K

V I O L E T T E   N E W   Y O R K

V I O L E T T E   N E W   Y O R K

V I O L E T T E   N E W   Y O R K