What The New ‘Chance Arts and Literature’ Fund Means For Chicago

  Chance The Rapper has been making major moves within his city. Just like every other major city in America, it’s no secret that Chicago suffers its fair share of obstacles and injustices. The palpable class distinctions within the community are sadly portrayed in the performance differences between local public and private schools. With black and brown students encompassing roughly 84.2% of the entire Chicago school population, the racial injustice undertones are impossible to ignore. With this in mind– following a recent press conference with the city of Chicago– Chance The Rapper has taken a stand for his community and generated the New Chance Arts and Literature Fund that you can be a part of, too! Undoubtedly an uphill battle, Chance overcame the political obstacles and raised over $2.2 million towards his cause.

A product of the struggling education system, Chance encourages members of his community to step up and provide positive outlets for the youth. As an artist himself, he has a deep understanding of the value and importance of providing diverse academic programming that facilitates education in a variety of subjects and topics. In a strategic attempt to combat the notorious violence synonymous with the Southside of Chicago, Chance quite literally is providing his hometown with a chance of their own. The fund may potentially create a platform for public school youth to engage in art-based activities that they may have otherwise never been exposed to. By spending time exploring new endeavors and literary classics, the fund just may save a few kids from the streets. At the very least, it will allow for positive and creatively stimulating programs that can distract at-risk youth from the pains of every day life in a constructive way.

Although major, Chance’s donation to the Chicago education system is only a small piece to the puzzle. An immense amount of additional work is required to rectify the series of issues that have hurt the academic system, causing the students to suffer. However, it is still a piece to the puzzle, leading the community one step closer to a safer, better tomorrow.

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