i like to collect things. well-made and specific things; like japanese cameras, german lenses, fashion magazines, party flyers, match books, vintage postcards, and more. i will be posting a series of thing i collect under the post “COLLECTING”. i hope this isn’t just another word for HOARDER.

back in the day, 2004, DAME DASH published one of the most innovative and forward fashion magazines the american market had ever seen. it was especially remarkable, because it included a lot more people of color being photographed and styled by fashion icons. the magazine folded (i believe a year later), which is a shame because it was a great piece from beginning to end.

before digital film and before everyone and their mom became filmmakers due to the accessibility and cost-effective onset of digital cameras, film was an super expensive and arduous practice.

i can remember in film school, before they trashed the film room and equipment – we had STEENBECKS, a machine used for editing film. i remember having to wear white dust-free gloves in order to handle the film. then you’d have to run through all your footage and make cut marks with a grease pencil, then use a splicer to cut the film and tape it back together with special film tape that came with perforated holes that you’d have to match perfectly in order to make a correct edit. it was exhausting but exhilarating.

(sure we had video classes, but the focus was the true art and history of FILM…RIP)
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a-Guillotine splicer LS.JPG


long story short – i’ve collected what i could of old film relics…here’s a SUPER 8 FILM SPLICER


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