DISCUSS: Super Bowl XLVI x Giants Win x Madonna’s Halftime Show

I made Vladimir a custom Giant’s Shirt and he hated me for it (Taken with Instagram)

Last night I held a small soiree for the Superbowl. At some point ELLE made a comment, “Vashtie, you know nothing about sports”. She was right, but…I love, love, love New York. I was also wearing a vintage New York Giants Shirt and a super dope vintage Giants Painters Cap. I responded. “Shhh…they don’t know (looking over at the boys). I’m passing, girl”.

Look. I didn’t grow up with sports, which is where most people are exposed to it. My dad only had an interest in Wrestling and Boxing, which in hindsight is darkly comedic knowing our domestic abuse situation. My brother was gay and although that doesn’t mean he was wearing dresses, he was more into Sci-Fi and Clubbing which furthers my point that I had no sports exposure in my household. By the time I was a pre-teen, the only sports I was interested in was skateboarding and drawing. After that it was high school and we all know the stereotypes that the media has thrust upon us, art nerds and jocks don’t mix. I could go on to discuss other points like how I believed (and maybe still do) the culture of sports and the politics of religion mentally confine us, but that would be boring.

A few of my close friends now are a breed of sport-loving, high school jocks who also understand art. Never before have I had friends who have loved sports…I mean never. In high school some of my homegirls played basketball or soccer (I went to an all-girls high school), but we weren’t watching games or talking about players…we were sneaking into raves and hanging out in the park. I have no recollection of my guy friends being sports fans – they were more into flipping through issues of Transworld Skate Magazines, defacing city property, or watching X Games.

( L to R, Top to Bottom: Greg Kubie, Young Scoozle sipping on Patriots Blood, John-Paul Belle, Harry McNally, Victor Cruz & Sam)

With my new crew, I have been taking sports (well, New York Sports Teams) more seriously. The only reason I haven’t fully committed is because, despite displaying an even temper and calm demeanor, I have a hot head (Thanks Dad) when it comes to my attachments. With my temper I’d easily become a soccer hooligan flipping cars over after a loss or trash talking the opposite team any chance I got. This is why sports and I can only be friends. We can flirt – but that’s where it has to end.

Anyways –  I’m very excited about the GIANTS win last night (sorry PATRIOTS) and Madonna’s Halftime Show was murder! She’s 53!!! I’m saying though, she has more flexibility than most young girls I know. I was thoroughly entertained and loved every second.

What did you guys think about the show?

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