Doin’ It Well: How to Survive Retrogrades

Let’s face it, sometimes retrogrades suck. With Mercury retrograde ending in June, it’s important for us to recoup and learn how to deal with retrograde all together.Each planet can effect you in different ways, so let’s start with the basics:

Retrograde is a term that refers to the time when it appears that a planet is moving backwards. Retrogrades allow us to go back into time spiritually and give us a chance to look at things that might need a second glance.  It’s important to know that all planets have a retrograde phase but it depends on what that planet rules when thinking about how the retrograde phase will affect you.

Mercury rules communication, clear thinking, truth and travel. So in reality, when Mercury goes into retrograde it’s as if every basic part of life is going backwards causing an uproar in one’s life if things aren’t handled properly.

Venus is another planet that can wreaks havoc during retrograde. Venus rules beauty, creation, love and money. You can blame Venus when your bank account only has $10 in it, your face is covered in pimples, and you don’t have to energy to create. This is key especially for the Libra and Taurus since Venus rules them too. Just like Mercury’s retrograde, if not handled properly an uproar is bound to happen.

Since each planet rules something different,  here are a few common steps to take to prepare for any retrograde. And remember retrogrades should be thought of as a time of spiritual reflection.


  • Be prepared for some unusual things to happen
  • Take each challenge thrown at you with ease, don’t panic
  • Take a second look at the things that are going wrong to figure out how to fix them
  • Take time to yourself to reflect on life


Someone else who might help with things to do during each separate retrograde would be Danielle Ayoka, known on twitter as @mysticxlipstick. She is a modern day astrologer who uses the platform to give advice on ultimately almost everything spiritual.  Here is a thread on her don’ts during retrogrades.


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