Drake’s In My Feelings video by Karena Evans is What We Needed

Drake’s In My Feelings has been dubbed the song of the Summer. For the past few weeks, we’ve been (carefully) jumping out of our cars, throwing up a heart symbol, and asking KeKe if she loves us. The single made its debut from the Toronto rapper’s latest album Scorpion and has been blasted on playlists and radios since. But what makes a single even better? A video. Well, a film rather. Karena Evans was tapped yet again to bring a Drake single to life and we can honestly say she nailed it. She told the story through a nearly eight minute long visual starting with Drake telling KeKe he loves her only to be dismissed by her mom, strolling the streets of New Orleans, keeping up with the Twerk Team, and then realizing it was only a dream.

Here are a few things we peeped after watching the In My Feelings Video:

  1. Phylicia Rashad is still and always will be fine
  2. Golds are still poppin
  3. Shiggy got the video time he deserved in this video. His “Shiggy” is still unmatched
  4. New Orleans is absolutely beautiful.
  5. Hello Lil Wayne
  6. We need to get our twerk game up after watching this
  7. Free JT
  8. Free whomever t shirts and jackets are still relevent
  9. Drake’s Shiggy dance is questionable
  10.  Keke does love drake.
  11. Bonus: The fan videos of the Shiggy dance is the type of energy we need

Tell us what you think about the video below!




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