Five Vegan Labor Day Cookout Recipes

It’s finally Labor Day, the day we are supposed to celebrate “work” but if you’re like Vlad, Vashtie’s kitty, you’re just here to cookout hop. As a vegan or vegetarian, usually, no one is thinking of you as they turn over the burgers on the grill and tell you there’s plenty of side dishes to go around. Not this Labor Day. The VashtieDotCom team is giving our vegan friends more to look forward to this weekend with a handful of recipes that are vegan friendly. Here are five recipes you can try this Labor Day weekend. Don’t be a side dish.

Lunch Box Brunch

Vegan Hot Dog

This isn’t your regular vegan hot dog okay, we’re giving you topping options to die for with this recipe.


Pink Troll Kitchen

Gluten- free Black Bean Burger

Hey Gluten- free babes, we’re looking out for you with this one.

Kitchen Treaty

Grilled Sweet Potatoes

A side dish with enough class that we won’t judge you if you grab two.

Brown Sugar Baked Beans

No cookout is complete without beans on your plate

Food porn vegan style

Vegan Skewers with tofu and pineapple

Your fave can’t even spell skewer.


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