FOTO: Nails By Naomi Yasuda & Jewel Shopping At Genevieve Jones Studio

Earlier today, I finally made my way to Miss Naomi Yasuda’s for nail life. If you don’t know, Naomi is Queen Mother when it comes to nail beds, cal gel and gems. Take a look at how she turned out my sausage fingers!

Later…I stopped by to see my fellow Trini Babe Miss Genevieve Jones. She always hooks her sis up when I need to be decked out in jew-els. I have 3 major events happening this week and as soon as I get my new camera I will show you all the re-caps. Thanks for bearing with me during this “camera-less” time. You know how it be.

Genevieve took this picture below of me sitting on her driftwood bench, wearing one of her pieces in my sneaker laces. I love that gal! Or should I say “gyal”.

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