hanging with MR. INGLISH, it was CHUCKLES all night.

(ok, i thought that was clever, but clearly not).

despite what it looks like, i rarely go to parties that are my own. that’s because, throwing parties are work and being at one is draining. also, i’m not into clubs that judge you. and when you dress like a man (ie: me) door men look confused. most clubs have a hard time understanding anything past BabyPhat on a girl. anyways…

CHUCK INGLISH was in town and we got to spend some funny times together!

*we found this at SOB’s, it was pretty funny.


*GOLD BAR…it’s a really nice golden venue. i had to visit a friends birthday party and took CHUCK along for the ride.

*everywhere i looked, all i saw were ciggys and acrylic nails. weird right?

*happy birthday CHRIS!

* we had jokes all night. the best is when you know famous people and you’re out somewhere and people don’t know who they are and they play them – which is fine. but, then they find out who they are and they son themselves by being over-nice.

*we ran into MIKEY and EMILIO…

*somehow i stepped in mud (yeah, in NYC…how is that possible) and didn’t remember until the next day. clearly, it was a fun night 🙂

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