happy birthday: DAVE RUSINOVICH

awww, my good friend DAVE from albany turned 30. i can’t believe how time flies. i’ve known him for 15 years or more and he’s always been a good friend. he was the only white kid in our all-black hood, which is why he’s been nicknamed GHETTO DAVE. we’ve come a long way, from hanging out in WASHINGTON PARK and him crashing in my tiny ass dorm room at SVA (it was so small he slept next to the bathroom door on the floor). 

*a great DAVE quote:

“i’m naming my son ‘JAMAAL, so everyone will know who is. When they talk about him they’ll be like ‘you know, that white kid named Jamaal”.

*photo taken for me at WALMART by CHRIS, TOMMY and DAVE in 1999.

*about 10 years later…

*my favorite DAVE memory:

one night as he and a friend left a movie, we were met with a terrential downpour. we waited in cold rain, looking for a cab. when we found one, the cab pulled over on our side. just then, some random white girl from a block above us decided to run down to OUR CAB, hop in through the other side as i was trying to get in. you can imagine the anger that boiled inside as after waiting for 45 minutes in soaking rain. we told her she needed to leave because it was our cab, and she declined. suddenly, DAVE’s body heaved…making the sound of collecting phlegm from your chest – he opened his mouth and spit a nasty mess of something in her face and slammed the door shut! end of story.

*clever tatty.



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