Happy Birthday to the Voice of New York, Angie Martinez!


Next in the line up of Capricorn season birthdays is the voice of New York, Angie Martinez. For outsiders of the Tri-state area who may not know who she is, Angie is known for making her big switch from the New York radio station Hot 97 to competitor Power 105.1 back in 2014. But she is infamously known as an important piece of hip-hop culture in New York, specifically through the 90’s and 2000’s.

She has literally grown up in the radio industry and has made her mark in the industry with interviews with rappers like Tupac, Jay-Z, A Tribe Called Quest and more throughout Hip-Hop beef and history. She even managed to create a surprise music career for herself. Maintaining to keep her personal beef at an all time low, she has mastered the art of being humble, making her the most respected and trusted woman in the game of hip-hop.


Just last year, she released her memoir, My Voice: A Memoir. This book is highly recommend for anyone interested in the entertainment industry in general. For me, this book was super inspiring, especially as someone who has grown up listening to her on the radio. In the memoir, she discusses her childhood growing up in New York, moving to Miami being a rebel and then eventually returning to New York.

Her mother worked in radio which is how her own career blossomed. She writes about how Hot 97 was a dance radio station before it was a hip-hop station and her relationship with DJ Funk Master Flex. You can read about her many interviews with rap artists and her perspective of the myriad of beefs that happened between the 90s and 2000s. The greatest thing is that you witness her growth through her words; How she matured in her personal life, how she became interested in politics after 9/11, all the way down to how she grew out of Hot 97 and made her respectful switch over to Power 105.1.

Thank you for your honesty, humility and representing for women in hip-hop and the radio industry! Happy Birthday Angie!

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