HEALTH: A Sample Day Of My Weird Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw Diet…The Homemade Edition

Okay, so some of you have asked me to share a little bit of my diet. Over the years it has fluctuated and changed, but it has mostly been of a Vegetarian/Vegan frame. Currently – I do not eat meat or dairy, but I do eat fish and eggs…so I’m not sure I count as a Vegan or Vegetarian.

I became Vegetarian at the age of 12. Even back then I was an advocate for animals and personal health – I was also a huge supporter of Green Peace (no lie). It wasn’t until I fell in love with my older brothers friend, Brian, that I decided to become Vegetarian. Why was falling in love with him the deciding factor in my diet? Well, because he was Vegetarian and in my 12 year old mind I thought it would impress him despite our 6 year age difference. I’m not sure it did. Anyways, I kept with the diet and actually liked it.

VASHTIE circa age 12

(don’t you just love that awkward, apathetic pre-teen smile that we all had)

At age 14, I became Vegan. My straight edge/Vegan/hard core friends put me on to it. I watched terrible videos of how inhumanely cows were treated, learned the facts about dairy and how you should only drink it if you’re a calf and I vowed never to go back. I will say that I noticed a huge difference in my energy and breathing once I removed dairy from my system. I was never lactose intolerant, but I felt super clean and energized – it was pretty dramatic and I suggest you try taking dairy out of your system for a week to see how you feel.

A few years ago, I thought maybe I should try meat again. It had been 12 years since I had eaten it, and although I didn’t miss it – I thought, why not try it out. I went directly to red meat…and I didn’t get sick after not eating it for so long, which many Vegetarians deal with after an absence of meat. After a while, I’d forget that I started eating meat again. I wouldn’t order it when I went out to eat and realized I wasn’t very much into eating it. So…I went back to my old ways.

In general, my diet is something of a trial and error. I learned what worked for me and what didn’t and came to my current diet. I used to skip meals during the day because eating while working made me feel sluggish. Then I started eating more of a Raw diet and was able to eat during the day and not feel tired. I also like the idea of eating things that are good for me so it makes not eating fried foods, bread, pasta, dairy and meat easy. That’s just me and everyone is different.

Here is a run down of the things that I eat…The “HOMEMADE EDITION”



Soft Boiled Eggs and 1/4 Avocado

I don’t eat anything before I go to the gym, but I eat this right after I work out – so this is technically my breakfast. Eggs are good source of Riboflavin, Vitamin B12 and Phosphorus, and a very good source of Protein and Selenium. Avocado is a great source of Fiber, Potassium, Vitamin E, B-vitamins and Folic Acid. I drizzle a tablespoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Flax Seed Oil over it…both are essential for great skin! I then top with crushed sea salt and black pepper. It’s the bomb.

Side note: I used to think soft boiled eggs were weird because of the sloppy yolk, but I’ve grown to actually love it. It’s also a regular dish for Europeans, we Americans tend to have less love for the hard-boiled or soft-boiled egg.

Green Juice

I try and drink at least one green juice a day. This one is Beets, Spinach, Kale, Ginger, Apple and Lemon. It wasn’t very delicious when I first started drinking them years ago, but you start to enjoy them and they’re super good for you. If you want to try and a green juice, but find the taste unbearable…just add more apple so the sweetness will cover up the green flavor.

Side note: Juices can be expensive, it’s true…but, if you can drink one at least once a week you will be investing in the best stock of all – yourself! You can buy a juicer for at home use and make your own affordable concoctions. I try and juice at home with my Jack Lalanne Juicer, but sometimes it’s just easier to pick one up. A juice in New York City can run about $6-$8.



Steamed Vegetables with Avocado and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This is super easy and cheap to make and for me it’s really filling. The Broccoli is full of good source of Protein, Thiamin, Pantothenic Acid, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium and Phosphorus, and a very good source of Dietary Fiber, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol), Vitamin K, Riboflavin, Vitamin B6, Folate, Potassium and Manganese. The Sweet Potato is full of Beta Carotene and Vitamin A!



Raw Zucchini Pasta & Rao’s Arrabbiata Sauce

So, I like to eat raw whenever possible. I’ve found that it keeps me energized throughout the day whereas before, I would skip meals in order not to feel sluggish (ie: get the “itis”) after eating. I also avoid cooked food because most foods cooked over 115 degrees loses it’s nutrients and becomes “dead food” (which weirds me out when I think about). Again, this is just me. Other people are different, so I suggest you follow what works for you.

This dish is basically a raw Zucchini cranked through a Spirooli Spiral Maker (it makes pasta like strands of vegetables for pasta replacements or making curly fries). Then, I add my favorite sauce in the whole wide world – Rao’s Arrabbiata Sauce. Its super spicy and just damn good it makes me drool to think about it! Despite trying to eat as raw as possible, tomato sauce is one of those rare items that I like to cook because with heat it becomes more potent.



Raw Cheesecake (via Juice Press)

Again, I like to eat Raw as much as possible. When it comes to dessert, I prefer them to be Raw and if not I will settle for just Vegan. There are just so many delicious Raw/Vegan options now-a-days that it makes indulging in sweets feel less guilt-ridden. I have a sweet tooth, so the less guilt involved the better I feel. Also, Diabetes runs in my family so I have to be careful with my sugar intake.

This slice of pie from The Juice Press is super expensive ($12) and I don’t have it that often…maybe once or twice a month as a splurge. It may be pricey, but it is amazing…rich, sweet and decadent. It also makes me feel good that I’m only eating berries, agave, nuts and coconut rather than heavy cream, butter, white flour and oil.


I hope this gives you guys some insight into my diet. Some of you may think it’s weird and that’s fine because so do my friends! While I would love to be that girl that can eat french fries and Cool Ranch Doritos while still feeling awesome, I can’t. Eating this way makes me feel good which ultimately makes me happy. While I know it’s not for everyone, I do think that trying new things is important – especially healthy things!

I will try and post a “TAKEOUT EDITION” to show you how a gal like me eats when I’m on the town.

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