Here’s How You Can Earn an AFROPUNK Brooklyn Ticket


Festival season is among us and it’s safe to admit your pockets may look at little empty. There’s nothing worst than seeing the line up for a AFROPUNK, (festival you promised yourself you would go to this year) to open your wallet and see some old gum, $8.13, and a business card for a plumber you will never use. Luckily, there’s ways achieve the ultimate festival experience without costing any money, but only your time.

This year Chip’N and AFROPUNK ARMY are providing a unique opportunity for you to earn a ticket to AFROPUNK Brooklyn 2017. Consistent with AFROPUNK ARMY’s mission to promote volunteerism and social change, Chip’N provides an opportunity to utilize technology to mobilize people and help effect change in their communities. Chip’N, an”Economy for Good”, allows individuals to volunteer and participate in various AFROPUNK ARMY community projects and in exchange receive tickets to the festival. The founder created this app to allow those to give back to the community (remember that was your New Year’s resolution) and still enjoy the festival.  Chip’N is an “Economy for Good” and the first app to tackle social impact challenges by connecting individuals with opportunities to work on community projects and reward them with “Chips” that can be spent in an online marketplace.

Here’s how you can get started



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