i’m starting a band…

it’s official. i’m starting a band. well, not exactly a real band…a GUITAR HERO BAND! just got the game because i’m late-boots, but i am OBSESSED. have you guys experienced this? please tell me you have. i’m a pro on the drums and vocals! i murdered NIRVANA’s “About A Girl” last night. which reminds me. that was a dope actual performance without me ripping it to shreds on a video game 😉

ugh, UNIVERSALMUSIC has disabled the embedding code, so here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_apoJ0LLCk

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5 comments on “i’m starting a band…
  1. London says:

    Oh I love that game. I don’t have it yet, but everytime I go to Best Buy I play it. LOL

    I’m stuck on Call of Duty, I love army fighting games.

  2. Ryannnn says:

    Try doing vocals while playing the drums..haha

  3. Khanhtagious says:

    We don’t believe you, you need more people!!!

    Video of you ripping garage band is a must lol.

  4. Addict4Sneakers says:

    sweeet what system do u have it for if ps3 holla at me lol

  5. E.D.Hayes says:

    Guitar Hero is probably the BEST GAME ever invented!! Im a PRO (on medium lol)

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