Insecure Insights: Turning Tables

As last week’s episode was closing out we caught a feel of the scripts flipping between Lawrence and Issa. Lawrence pulled up to her place after his escapade as we saw shots of Issa at Roscoe’s (I’m guessing) laughing it up with Daniel and her friends. Typical role reversal. Women tend to hurt the most in the beginning. Well, maybe not the most, but we definitely hurt. Men don’t heal, they hoe. As a man, society has taught Lawrence he can’t be sad. Society has forced this image of a “real man” and in no way, shape or form does being emotional fit in that image. Relationships are prisons so when they finally become free of them what’s one of the first things they think of? Sex. Coincidentally, it is sex they often use to mask that hurt not realizing that it doesn’t work. We finally see this in the last episode because we weren’t getting it with Tasha. He was fresh off the single boat so Tasha was a win for him. Now that we’re months down the line Lawrence realizes he doesn’t want meaningless sex with random chicks. Let’s be honest, my man likes to cuddle and there’s nothing wrong with that. Lawrence’s problem is his neglect to take accountability of his actions. He’s playing the victim when he is the reason Issa cheated in the first place. (Not justifying her infidelity, just highlighting the cause)

Every man needs a friend like Derek. Someone who has no bias towards their situation and calls things out how he sees it. It has been months since his split with Issa and this is the first time Lawrence is finally hearing about himself. LONG OVERDUE. Just like every woman on my timeline has said before/after me, “I can see what attracted Issa to another man who seems to have it all together”. Reminding Lawrence he spent damn near half of their relationship broke as hell sitting on the couch. Full of denial focusing the blame back on Issa, Lawrence tries to spin his seemingly new problematic ass views on women onto Derek and his relationship with Tiffany. “Women hide it better”, “They’re slick”. Secure in his, Derek waves the flag on that poor attempt.

Black families and their secrets? Let’s talk about it. It’s interesting to see that we all have messy aunties who spill all the tea. What puzzled me was Molly’s brother knowing about the affair when she didn’t. It reminded me of a J. Cole song, “Never Told”  which is about a conversation a young boy is having with his father about his infidelity on his mother. Automatically, I’m assuming this could’ve been the case with Molly’s brother. Although talks like this could have a positive impact, they often don’t because of the secret being forced to keep and the way it could assist the mentality of young boys and how they begin to view women at such an early age which eventually grows into a man’s mentality on love and relationships. However, Molly was blind sighted and felt like her world was crashing down on her because she idolized her parents love and searched for that in every man she met.

Forgetting that true love comes with forgiveness. No one’s relationship is perfect. We learned that a couple episodes back when Tiffany disclosed that Derek and her were separated at a point. I’m not condoning cheating. I am however keeping it a buck. Her parents’ business is her parents’ business. Not hers. Hurt from the harsh news that her father isn’t the Superman she thought he was; Molly runs out of the house upset. Her stand in dude sees this, but he is in no place to comfort her which stops him from stepping up to the plate. Big mistake. Him hesitating allowed Dro his first at bat and boy did he swing. Now what had the timeline in shambles was the fact that Molly was broken up about her father cheating yet she opened her legs to a married man. Open relationship or not, I can see how she might try to justify her actions. Especially because (in my opinion) she had this “to hell with it” attitude about relationships now, so she basically said “fuck it”.

What stirs the pot is their sex being a little deeper than that. My only concern for Molly is indulging in something she doesn’t fully want to do. If this would have happened during last week’s episode, then I couldn’t be mad at her decision because it would have been genuine. This decision is solely based on sadness and comfort. Yes, Dro was there this time, but he won’t be there every time. How can he? 1) he’s a guy and 2) he’s MARRIED. When she starts to look at Dro for emotional comfort and he won’t deliver things will spiral. And why is his wife always conveniently somewhere else? Wait until Molly finds out she was the home-wrecker in Dro’s relationship just like another woman was in her parents. I’m a little afraid for her well-being because I’ve been there. I’ve SOS’d for a shoulder to lean on out of sadness because I wanted comfort, but I haven’t always chosen the right guys to confide in.

Ditch your Lawrence and find your Daniel! We’ve all had a Daniel a time or two. Just like every man has a Tasha, or a few. There’s always been a guy who’s been totally into us. Not what we do for him, not what we could do for him, not for clout, but for love. The ultimate goal. It’s obvious Daniel’s feelings run deep for Issa. The girl called him “an itch” she had to scratch… to his face AND HE STILL TOOK HER BACK! LAWD JESUS IT’S A FIRE. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Issa wanting to have a “hoetation”, but she’s still going about her hoe phase all wrong. If the point of her doing this is to have sex with no feelings involved Daniel shouldn’t be in the picture. There’s too much comfort there, let alone history. I’m definitely #DanielHive all day because I haven’t given my time of day to the good dude before and I know what I missed out on. In a way, Daniel is becoming the new Tasha and he doesn’t deserve to be. This man did not hesitate to come pick you up after your goofy ass got in a car accident by looking at soft dick pics that weren’t even his, I mean c’mon sis. He even hugged you because he knew you needed that bit of comfort (car accidents are scary) You gotta know what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with. It’s clear that she’s never really had to learn this lesson so here she goes, learning it in the hardest way possible.

The episode closes out with Lawrence on Issa’s page. From the jury duty zoom in to the full desktop computer stalking at home. My man is going through it. Tables always turn… #LawrenceHive is #HellaShook#TakeCare

How common is it to stalk your ex? What makes you log off? Speak your truth.

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