An ironic narrative of Cant Stop Wont Stop : Diddy and designer of the Bad Boy Jacket, Michael Roxx


Recently, Sean Combs better known as “P.Diddy”(curated by The Notorious B.I.G himself) debuted his Cant Stop Wont Stop documentary film on Apple Music that has everyone talking everything into existence and  feeling deeply inspired. The film who’s production ranged from Diddy to Andre Harrell and Kim Porter dropped Monday that tells the story of Diddy’s rise to becoming a pioneer while bringing his  past to present artists (including Total, Mase, The Lox, Lil Kim, Mary J. Blige, Faith Evans, Carl Thomas, Cassie and more)  on tour to celebrate, build, and re-cherish their love for music and for one another.

In the film, Diddy reflects on the success and impact of his label Bad Boy Entertainment in Hip-Hop as well as shares his nostalgic moments with the Notorious BIG that helped inspire and manifest caviar dreams into a reality. From party promoter to becoming one of the most successful businessmen of our time to bringing everyone together on tour after 20 years , Puff still refuses to stop working and influencing at any cost. Before the film even dropped, there was a lot of promo for the production that featured Diddy in a certain jacket who’s designer ironically was carrying on a similar narrative of persistence , Michael Roxx.

Right before Puff was headed on tour, the Virginia designer made it his duty to make sure Diddy would get the jacket. His first attempt didn’t work out making the jacket simply because the embroidery company that was assisting him completely misspelled the word “entertainment” [how convenient right?]. While riding on the notion that it may or may not work out from a second try, he tried making the jacket again and this time, the narrative would end differently. Not knowing if the jacket had even got to Diddy yet, Roxx automatically just assumed it was bad timing or simply not meant to be.

A week later, Roxx was scrolling on the gram and suddenly came across that very jacket being worn by Diddy while in the studio with The Game just before heading onto the Bad Boy Reunion tour and now in the scenes of the film. One moment of not giving up automatically developed into a historical moment for the designer. Not only was this a moment because the jacket was finally made properly and on the doorsteps of Diddy’s home but because it finally landed  on the back of  a visionary who applied the same necessary pressure and persistence to become what everyone inspires to be, greatness. If you haven’t seen the film, now is the very time to do so and apply your own pressure to becoming the best version of yourself .




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