Janet Jackson: The Princess of Pop, A Living Legend

Janet Jackson is the complete package, a triple threat! She’s been in the game since she could walk and has killed it ever since.  She’s an artist who paved a way for herself, as well as many others. We could go on and on praising her legacy but instead we’ll give you a chance to relive some of her top moments:


When she teamed up with her brother and gave us the amazing music video for, “Scream.” Not only did it premier on four different TV networks at once, according to Forbes, it’s the fifth most expensive music video that was ever made.


MTV Awards

Then when she danced to “Scream,” in honor of her brother, Michael Jackson at the 2009 MTV VMA’s.


Good Times

When she landed first big role as, Penny Gordon on “Good Times” which showed how well rounded she was as an artist.


Trendsetting Choreo

Anytime she danced in a music video, because her mesmerizing choreography was always on point!


The Sexiest Magazine Cover

Her Rolling Stone cover, which is literal the definition of goals!


Control, the Album that Changed it All

When she went off on her own and blessed us with, Control, an album that speaks honestly about being an independent woman. At only 19 she gave us hits like, “Nasty,” “The Pleasure Principle,” and “When I think of You.”

Poetic Justice

When she starred in Poetic Justice with Tupac, she and Lucky told a love story like no other. Also, let’s not forget the famous box braids that inspired us all.


The Comeback Album

Her tenth studio album, Discipline, which was not only a great comeback for the artist, but also gave us the bop, “Rock with U.”

She’s a Mama!

After all of those years dedicating her life to her career and her fans, she finally decided to take a much deserved break and start a family.


Her Amazing Discography

Every moment she’s given us in this half century, her noteworthy art is will forever be unmatched.

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