Kaytranada wants to know “Do We Have A Problem?”

When it comes to Kaytranada, we know that he turns every beat into gold. Last year Kaytranda served us his 99.9% debut album that featured an array of artists like Anderson Park,Vic Mensa, Syd and more. This year the producer has not only been just taking part in commercials for Adidas and performing in front of huge crowds, but he’s been releasing music. If you follow Kaytranada, you’re aware that he’s been teasing us with new music since the beginning of the year. For instance, earlier this year Kaytranada posted a performance featuring him with Taz Arnold for a song that he never told us the title to and then shortly deleted it (I was definitely hurting). Following this, he produced “Play It Safe” for Cassie, he posted only gram accessible snippets of new music, and then released “Alexys” w/ Freddie Gibbs and Badbadnotgood.

Luckily for us Kaytranada isn’t done dropping music that we  can actually have access to. Last week the artist released a demo entitled “Do We Have A Problem?” and made it available via Sound Cloud. Perhaps we will see more Kaytranda music this upcoming summer but for now, listen to his new bop below and tell us what you think!



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