Keeping Your Hair Tight Inside And Outside The Gym

We’ve all been there: body goals are on the agenda, but you don’t want to mess up your hair.  This is sure to slow down your progress, because who really wants to sweat out their new hairstyle? No one. So we avoid the gym like its the plague until its time for us to wash our hair again. The upside is that you’re cute, but while you’re being cute, you’re putting your fitness goals on hold. Thankfully there are ways to keep your hair looking fresh during and after the gym:

For Waves

If your hair is wavy, or you like to style your hair that way using various methods, buns will be your saving grace. Be sure to roll your waves into one wave. For some, it might be beneficial to make two or more buns. After you take them down, your hair should hold a similar wave to what you had prior to the bun.

For Curls

Whether you have tight or loose curls, braids/flat twists will be your best friend at the gym. Depending on the curls, you’ll know how tight your protective style should be. Remember, you want to preserve your curls, not create a whole new pattern.

On-the-scalp twists and braids can be a little tricky to get a hand of. As an alternative you can do them like Vashtie often does when her hair is wet but she has somewhere to be. 

For Straight Styles

Keeping hair straight is one of the harder things to do, even if your hair is naturally that way. Ponytails can cause indents and pigtails can leave hair wavy instead of straight. While it might not be the cutest style, girls with all hair types can wrap their hair around their heads in order to keep hair straight. Don’t worry about people staring, you preserve your hair at. all. costs.


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