LIFE: A Simple 6 Day Detox With Blue Print Cleanse

If you’re a regular here at Vashtie.Com, then you probably know I’m into Juice Cleanses and have been for some years. As a student of life who is interested in increasing vitality and longevity, I’ve found that juicing is an integral part of life.

You may be asking: “Why sweet Vashtie? Why on earth would you not eat and only drink juice?”

My answer: “Well Baby Bubba, I juice every few months to give my body a break from food so that instead of my body constantly having to break down food and toxins – it can turn it’s attention to my body and work out whatever ailments or possible ailments might arise. You know that “itis” feeling we all get after eating? Yeah, that’s your body basically shutting down because it’s working in overdrive to breakdown whatever genius meal we decided to throw down our throats. Anyways, other folks do it for other reasons…spiritual, weight loss, etc. If you do it right, you’ll drink the amount of calories you need while giving your system a break from an overload of toxins – like; alcohol, sugar, dairy, meat, processed foods, etc.”

Really, if you need to know why to do a juice cleanse – just watch “FAT SICK & NEARLY DEAD”. Seriously. It could save your life or a friend or family member’s life!!!

I personally don’t have the discipline to juice all the juices myself, I mean who does. This is exactly why I love BLUE PRINT CLEANSE. Their motto says “WE THINK YOU DRINK” and it’s true. They broke down the science for you, so all you have to do is twist open a cap and drink your designated juice at the designated time you are supposed to. It’s really that easy! You can also pick your level of expertise.

I go in the middle with FOUNDATION…it’s a nice in between! You can also decide to do anywhere between 1 day and 6 days or more. I usually do 6 days in the Winter and 10 days in the Summer. Winter time isn’t really the best time to cleanse, but you can do 3 days and be fine. You should always consult with a doctor before embarking on something like this if you are new to it.

This may be the third time I’ve done BLUE PRINT CLEANSE. Sometimes I juice on my own and go to local juice shops to supplement my beverages, but every now and again in the Winter months I like to have it delivered to me. Did I mention BPC delivers to your front door? Yes, that is right. How easy is that?

Oh yeah, there are a lot of juice because I’m doing 6 days! 6 per day!

The number 6 drink is worth the whole day of juicing – Cashew Milk. Oh my goodness. It’s like a milkshake from the gods, I swear. Perfection!


If you’re interested in a Juice Cleanse, I highly recommend BLUE PRINT CLEANSE! If you want to splurge on yourself, don’t buy any fancy object – buy a cleanse for yourself, something that will really improve your well being. It’s most important that you use the cleanse as a kick start into a healthy life style. A 3 day cleanse won’t give you Heidi Klum’s body, but it will give you energy and the desire to eat healthy while also shedding a couple pounds. If you do decide to do a cleanse, spend at least 3 days prior prepping…removing heavy foods like meat, dairy, processed foods, sugar, flour and alcohol. You don’t want to start anything cold turkey.

I am currently on Day 3 and feel great. Day 1 is always the hardest for me. I always have dreams/nightmares about food…usually that I overate and I wake up in a panic like “I ruined my cleanse!”. I have a ton of energy and I continue to workout even on the cleanse. I even go into overdrive with work! It’s really a picker upper.

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