I was so excited to start, you have no idea! Juicing can sound like a death sentence to some, and yes it can be hard – but the feeling it gives you is so addictive! Healthy and full of life!

Let me give you a brief background on my personal diet; I became VEGETARIAN at the age of 12 (to impress my older brother’s best friend, whom I had a massive crush on). From time to time I went VEGAN after self-educating myself on the perils of the food world. I never had an allergy symptom, nor did I ever get sick.

A few years ago, I decided I wanted to try meat again. I went straight in for beef, chicken and turkey seemed so boring (after years of being Vegetarian and eating engineered tofu that had the same taste and consistency of the two). I remember eating a steak and feeling not so enthused about it. I didn’t get sick, but I realized I didn’t much care for meat.

I much prefer a PESCETARIAN/VEGAN or RAW diet, but wouldn’t mind eating a hot dog in the Summertime or Prosciutto and Melon from time to time.


I woke up feeling normal, sleepy but normal. Considering Halloween was the night before, sleepy was expected. I drank hot water and lemon, as suggested by BPC and what I normally drink on a cold day. This was to get my system ready for the 20lbs of fresh produce I would be intaking.

11:00 AM – JUICE 1 (GREENS): I drink green juices from time to time, packed with super foods like Kale and Spinach and sweetened with a Apple and Ginger. This was less sweeter than I had hoped for, but I chugged through it…

3:00 PM – JUICE 2 (P.A.M.): I probably waited too long to start sipping on this one, but it was so good I think it was gone after one gulp. This drink was so amazing. Pineapple juice and mint are the main ingredients and it was delicious. I’ve been at the office all day, so I’ve been drinking at my desk.

5:30 PM – JUICE 3 (GREENS): Here we go again. This one is the least favorite of the bunch, but it’s not that bad. I can imagine for someone who doesn’t drink green juices it can be terrible, but the sweet juices in between more than make up for it. I have a couple meetings, but the plastic bottle makes for easy on-the-go living.

8:00 PM – JUICE 4 (SPICY LEMONADE): Wait, this juice did not sound appetizing but it was the best yet! Just like GURU said “Lemonade was a popular drink and it still is”, just add a little cayenne and you’re good to go!

10:00 PM – JUICE 5 (GREENS): I started to sip this and realized how late it was. Since I’m not a breakfast or lunch eater (I know, I know), I see that I didn’t map my juices out so well. I also start to think I might get hungry later and pre-emptively wonder if I should buy an Avocado or a Cucumber to prepare…but, I didn’t get hungry.

11:30 PM – JUICE 6 (CASHEW MILK): OH MY GOD. This Cashew Milk, Vanilla and Cinnamon gift from God was the best…to the point that I searched online for a Cashew Milk Maker. Which then had me looking at recipes of the food I would make when I was done juicing. I seriously can’t wait until the end of tomorrow when I can bask in the glory of another Cashew Milk.

OVERALL: I feel fine. I’m not hungry and I’m sleepy from not getting enough sleep the night before. Haven’t noticed many physical changes, but it’s also just the first day.



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