I woke up feeling super! Also a little sad that my 3 day relationship with BLUE PRINT CLEANSE was over. They were emailing me tips and words of encouragement, it made me feel loved and it wasn’t just because I hadn’t eaten a meal in 3 days! This was seriously a very great cleanse experience. It felt like I had a community behind me; the experts at the company and even friends who had previously done it. I feel great and the best part is that it kick starts you into taking your health seriously…

11:00 PM – JUICE 1 (GREENS): This one tasted much better that the previous Green juices. It still tastes very Kale and Romaine-like, but now you can start to taste the Apple and Lemon – possibly because toxins are exiting my body.

4:30 PM – JUICE 2 (P.A.M.): My meetings ran over and I was so not prepared and forgot to bring a juice with me. I had a Green Tea and felt fine, but knew I should get another juice soon before it was too late.

5:45 PM – JUICE 3 (GREENS): Still the least favorite of the bunch, but NOT THAT BAD. The Apple adds a nice touch of sweet and if this is a flavor you can’t tolerate, BLU PRINT suggests diluting it in water.

7:00 PM – JUICE 4 (SPICY LEMONADE): This one adds a little pep in your step. The slight Cayenne ingredient is perfect. You can’t taste it, but you can feel it. Cayenne is a nice addition to hot water and Lemon in the morning when you are or not cleansing, it helps to invigorate your system and loosen toxins.

9:00 PM – JUICE 5 (GREENS): This last and final Greens wasn’t so bad, as I knew I would get my fix of Cashew Milk soon!

11:00 PM – JUICE 6 (CASHEW MILK): This drink is simply wonderful. For those of you who might have tried other nut milks like SOY or ALMOND, you might be aware of the great flavors those milks can have…but CASHEW MILK? Wow. It’s creamy, with vanilla, cinnamon and agave and doesn’t taste like cashews at all. It’s like a light milkshake. Within 3 minutes it’s completely gone!

OVERALL: I feel amazing. All day I was in deep thought which, for me, has always been a great outcome of fasting/cleansing. Not only that but my body feels lighter and energized. Another great thing about any cleanse is that you want to do better; eat better and live healthier. It’s a great fresh start!

Thanks again to MICKI for this great experience. I hope that if you guys are able to try the Blue Print Cleanse, you will. It really takes the work out of the process and their motto of “WE THINK, YOU DRINK” is so true. If not, you can always start on your own. There are many websites centered towards proper fasting/cleansing. If you do it the safe and right way, you’ll be good to go 🙂



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