LIFE: En Noir Fall Winer 2013 Presentation x Milk Made x A$AP Rocky, Mark McNairy, Leo Vazquez,

I feel like everyone who attends NYFW this season should have been given a trophy. It’s such a crazy time, running from show to show…but this time we were cursed with a snow storm and freezing temperatures that made it almost impossible to dress for. Under my jeans in the photo above, I’m wearing Nike Hyperwarm Pants so that I could keep my blood warm. Oy vey.

Josh Madden

Leo Vazquez

After the models walked, we were urged to walk alongside time to take a closer look. It became super packed and hard to walk through…

Oh hello there.

Ran into Rocky during the death trap they had us in. I’m claustrophobic so I was convinced we would all suffocate.

Jon Buscemi, Me and Dennis (Mighty Healthy)

William Yan, Josh Madden and Ricky Twin

Mark McNairy, Deirdre Maloney and Loic Villepontoux


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