Yesterday, I touched down in Atlanta at 5PM. I was super excited, as usual, about visiting Atlanta. It has always been one of those places that I’ve found to be “doing its own thing” in a super creative way. Everyone seems to have their own look and style, despite current trends. I love that!

This trip (as all work trips are) was short on time. I got to the hotel at 6PM, meeting with my manager Jonny at 630PM, ready for the event by 745PM.

*Jonny and I ordered mad room service for our metting. It looked like we were having a dinner for 5.


Normally, I stay away from fried foods and dairy (allergies). But, I’ve always wanted to try a Fried Green Tomato, because of the movie “Fried Green Tomatoes”

*I scraped off the dairy and went in. It was the



*My look…


I had invited my local Atlanta friends; Big K.R.I.T., Kamilah, Khary, Anthony Topps and Andy Sapp.


Andy knew me when I was 15! My then boyfriend, Chris, was best friends with him (they were 17 I think). He had been originally located in Atlanta, but by the end of high school his family had re-located to Albany. He, Chris and Tommy (our other best friend) would come pick me up everyday at my all-girls high school and we’d go BMX and skate at random historical city monuments and watch TV or draw. He also co-directed/edited my first short that I made in high school for my Spanish Class. Some of you might remember me posting about it HERE. It was so amazing to see him, as I rarely ever do these days. It was also strange to have him around me now, especially at an event I was hosting.



When I arrived, I was blown away by everyones personal style. Seriously, it was an eye feast. I was greeted by so many amazing people; asking for photos with me and telling me about their projects. Sure, I meet people like that here and there, but never so many under one roof. I was blown away and felt very honored, to say the least. I was greeted with so much love and I tried to take as many pictures of their beautiful faces to share with you all (I tried to remember as my names as possible, but it was hard).

*Stunning southern belles!

*Beautiful babes. AMINAH in the middle has a line called YANGHI and she gave me a few pieces!

*SHEILA RASHID and one of her designs. I almost stole a dress off her rack.

*KREEMO made me a pin with my mug on it! It is seriously so cute, I started pocketing the ones for give-aways until I was informed that they already had a stash waiting for me.


*Recent college graduates who were so cool to chat with!

*What a doll! This girl was super sweet and I loved meeting her.


*I incited a “DANCE OFF” and it was damn good…


*In between the shows, I picked people out at random to discuss their personal style.

*Models walking in a designers pieces…

*ATL creatives


*Cool as cucumber, Southern Gentlemen!


*Right after the show, we stopped for food at R.Thomas and it was DAMN GOOD.

*Birds line the outside of the restaurant…

*The crew

*BANANA FRENCH TOAST (Kamilah and Andy got it and it was yum)

*RAW PLATE (yeah, my boring self got that but it was delicious)

*ANTHONY TOPPS stopped by. It was so nice seeing him!

*We stopped by the after-party…

*3AM exhaustion…

THANKS ATL & ATLIENS!!! You were all sweet as punch and I didn’t want to leave!

Hope to see you all soon!

xo, vashtie.




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