LIFE: Hurricane Sandy Visits The East Coast – “Damn Nature, You Scary”

Let me begin this by saying, I hope all of you (wherever you are) are safe and well. I am in the only place I ever want to be (and even more so now), New York City. HURRICANE SANDY is on her way to the EAST COAST and although she hasn’t actually crossed us yet – we are already feeling the power she is carrying.

4:23 PM EAST VILLAGE, NEW YORK CITY: I can say that there is minimal rain, but very fast winds. We are told the storm won’t really hit us until a few hours later. I’ve seen that parts of BATTERY PARK CITY, MANHATTAN are flooding as well as parts of NEW JERSEY and LONG ISLAND. I am sending everyone and anyone in harms way, white light and good energy! Especially those in HAITI, JAMAICA & CUBA.

I am a level-headed person who doesn’t react, but rather spends time mulling over various points of view before making a decision. BUT, somehow I am also a person that constantly thinks about how everything can go wrong and what possible twisted things could happen at any given moment (I know, it’s sick and it explains why I have a hard time sleeping at night). I think being both of those things has allowed me to research HURRICANE SANDY and then plan for all the worst case scenarios…including, the end of the world (I know, I wish I could turn it off).

*NOTE: This sign fell just moments after I took the picture above. I saw the sign dangling after, but had no idea it was in tact when I took the first picture until I blogged the images…

So many people I’ve been encountering think that this isn’t a big deal and that somehow it’s a conspiracy to get people to buy things. Being a massive conspiracy theorist myself, I think we should all be smart about the situation and prepare ourselves for all possible outcomes. Nature cannot be controlled and will do what it must. The only thing we can do is prepare and stay as safe as possible, which I hope is what everyone else is doing.

SIDENOTE: An image of an injury I sustained last night, thanks to HURRICANE SANDY. A tea kettle to my forearm.

How are you guys holding up? Where are you? Update us what’s happening where you are. Send blog posts, links, etc! Be safe and be well.

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