LIFE: I’m In A Global Samsung Galaxy Note II Television Commercial (As Myself)

Ya’ll remember when I went out to LA with a fellow artist and friend, Eric Elms in October? Well, I couldn’t tell you exactly why we were there…but now I can. Basically, we were 2 of 3 artists who were cast in a Global Samsung Television Commercial!!! It was directed by the homie, Brian Beletic, and we had a great time shooting.

I had my own trailer!

Finally this very big commercial is out and I am stoked to share it with you! In case the concept is lost in translation, it basically starts with an art gallery owner who texts 3 different artists the phrase “Opposites Attract”. We 3 Artists interpret that through each of our perspective mediums. We were asked what our actual ideas would be for that concept, something that would translate globally and in a matter of seconds. I thought, “I’d love to shoot a film about a goth girl and a jock falling in love”. They loved the idea and we went ahead with that. Eric Elms created a sculpture that read “Str8 Up Wavy” and the other Eric took a photo of a muscular braun holding a petite doggie.

It was a lot of fun and I am so stoked to be apart of such a major production and such a forward brand like Samsung Mobile. I especially love that I got to play myself! Special thanks to Brian Beletic, Smuggler Films & Samsung!!!


The Gallery Owner sending out the text…

Getting the text from the Gallery Owner…

Eric Elms!

Photographer Eric’s Art Pieces…

Eric Elms sculpture sketch…

On set directing my short film for the gallery…

My friends clowned and applauded me for having the only line “AND ACTION”

The finale, everyones art work at the Gallery Opening…

The stoked Gallery Owner!

The End!!!


I got to wear and keep my incredible wardrobe. It was all the kinds of things I would normally wear, just the best version of that…



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