LIFE: Manhattan Sandy Refugee in Brooklyn x 5 Days Stay-Cation In Historical Boerum Hill

Shortly after my previous post, Hurricane Sandy got mad real. After sundown, the wind started blowing even harder – it sounded like my windows would blow at any moment. I had stocked up on water and non-perishable food, but somehow that didn’t seem like it would be enough…especially after hearing what Sandy was hollering, which was something much scarier than Hurricane Irene.

Around 8pm, I saw blue and green light fill my East Village horizon…apparently a Con Edison transformer had exploded – not one, but two. Just typing that makes me feel weird all over again. Something about blue and green light exploding in the sky felt all too apocalyptic.  Right after the second explosion, everything went out…television, lights, internet. I looked out the window to see nothing but darkness, being slightly illuminated by a full moon. You never know how dark things are until you lose electricity, like your apartment hallway. I tried to call friends, but lines were down also. Something about it felt frightening, but also very interesting. We rely too heavily on electronics…

Eventually, we lost water. I’ve stayed in Trinidad with family who didn’t have indoor plumbing for extended periods of time and I could deal, but something about an unflushable toilet with the fear that my windows could break at any moment didn’t sit well with me. I went to bed listening to a hand-crank radio and a hand-crank flashlight (you should invest in those also). From what I could hear, I was extremely fortunate. Houses were being ripped from foundations, cars were drifting away and lives were being lost – I had and still have nothing to complain about. All I coud  do was worry and send as many positive thoughts to those who were being hit the hardest.

The next day, I went to my friend KARL’S apartment who lives a few blocks away from me. His buzzer wasn’t working, so I had to go “old school” and yell up to his window. He wasn’t there. I walked North since apparently only downtown lost it’s power.

Stores were open, but in the dark. I had a flashlight which was very smart, since people were shopping in pitch black otherwise. Eventually I got service as I moved upward. My friend had made his way to Brooklyn and was offering me to come stay with he and his brother, ERIK.

I went back home, cleaned, packed and waited. Eventually they came through to rescue us! I was very happy since VLADIMIR is such a fraidy cat.

I must stress, I am very blessed to have such loving and wonderful friends and that I am VERY FORTUNATE – especially considering what other people are going through.

I brought a bottle I was sitting on for my wonderful hosts!

We dined on a wonderful array of Mediterranean food.

I ate about this whole plate of Baklava. No lie…it was damn good.

MANGO was the host cat who was so loving and cute as a button!

When there is a natural disaster, you don’t care much for dressing up…

Although some parts of Brooklyn seemed untouched and unphased by Hurricane Sandy, other parts proved to have felt her wrath.

This made me happy! We all decided to band together and buy candy to hand out to the chil’rens.

VLADIMIR was so afraid, which I knew he would be. Despite having the perfect hosts and host cat Mango, he was too afraid to see how kind everyone was being to him.

Hot Toddy’s are perfect for a cold evening!

We ran into our friends and their adorable babes. ANOMA, DAMION & DJ LINDSEY

VLADIMIR started to come out of his shell…


On our last day, TOFU enjoys a glass of red wine.

Cousins TOFU & MANGO enjoying the view.


My time in Brooklyn was more like a vacation. We ate amazing food, exercised (we ran around Prospect Park and I am not a runner!),  had lots of fun and laughed a lot. I was also recognized a lot by blog readers & general supporters which was interesting…good to know I have friends in Brooklyn!

Special thanks to my friends KARL & ERIK and their kitties TOFU & MANGO. Thank you to the borough of BROOKLYN for all the love and making my stay the coziest. Now, it’s time for organizing and rebuilding the less fortunate ones!


How are all of you doing?! Were you affected by Sandy?


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