LIFE: Nike Football Society Photo Re-Cap – Nike Flag Football League – Team Jamaica Diamond Turf – Week 4

Hey Guys…

So as you know, I started playing “sports”. Haha, well I’m in the Nike Flag Football League. It’s week 4 and guess who the only undefeated team in the league is? (*sips green tea and stares at nails*). Yeah…that would be my team – TEAM JAMAICA DIAMOND TURF! We have “a stone cold pack of weirdos” that make up our bunch, which is perfect because we are killing them! Here are some photos of me and my team-mates…which include some of my blog regulars; ELLE CLAY, YOUNG SCOOZLE, NIGEL SYLVESTER & MORE!!!

ELLE CLAY aka ICE BOX, who is for real good at sports…like for real, for real

CHESTER BERRY who is, I am convinced, faster than USAIN BOLT (well maybe not, but…he’s FAST!)

…and super quick on his toes.

NIGEL SYLVESTER & NICK RESTIVO, beasts! I mean, sweethearts…but BEASTS!!!

YOUNG SCOOZLE making moves, defending territories and scoring points!

JAY CORBIN passing out touchdowns.

RALPHIE ripping flags off like a bat out of hell!

and ME! I may not be a sports-enthusiast or athletically designed, BUT I am determined to get any job done.

I am a defensive specialist who rips through flags like an unpatriotic maniac!

Well, maybe not that intensely, but I try.

I ripped this flag off my opponent (who was a lovely girl) and it felt so good.

If the old saying  is true “bands’a make her dance” well here’s a new one that is true for me…

“flags’a make her dance”.


For more information on the games and how you can attend, check here:

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