LIFE: Nike Surprises A Few Friends With A Visit To The Pivot Point Store & Tickets to Watch The Knicks and The Nets Play at Barclay’s

Many brands try and court their perspective taste-makers in fun and creative ways, but they mostly fail to ignite the passion. If Nike was an actual potential life partner, they would be the most exciting, romantic and charming of suitors (not to mention super cute). I got the invite to participate in a secret event. No details were revealed to me, but I was told I would meet at one common spot and there would be a bus waiting for me and other lucky participants. Nike is such an adventurous lover!

On the bus, HERON explains that we are on our way to the brand new Air Force 1 store in Brooklyn…

As we pulled up to the store, which is housed in the brand spanking new Barclay’s Center – my friend sitting next to me, Ramona, said “what if they’re surprising us by taking us to a game?”. Little did I know…

They handed us these tickets as soon as we walked in!!! After some mingling, we made our way up to the suites!

Suites are cool because they usually have tons of food…but rarely anything that a non-meat and non dairy eating fool like me can devour.

The Star Spangled Banner!

I sat next to my friend KING SOLOMON. He had some of the best jokes of the night. We both loved that the time outs were “brought to you by” Hublot and Key Foods!!!


Despite the new Barclay’s Center and popularity of The Brooklyn Nets, I am and forever will be a New York Knicks fan. I am stoked for people who love them, especially Brooklynites…but somehow, the whole craze surrounding them feels like a hypnosis trick (the craze, not them). After I left the Barclay’s Center, I felt like I needed to be de-programmed.

I will forever love The Ruler SLICK RICK, but whoever booked him for this needs to be put on a serious time out or just take a serious tap to the chin. If you saw it, you would know what I mean – it hurt to watch. He performed during halftime, when most people at the stadium weren’t even there to watch. Not to mention, it just wasn’t what it could have been. Maybe they had good intentions when booking him, but it should have been thought through.


Then, thanks to DAMIEN BULLUCK, I went down to the court side seats and watched the last 5 minutes of the game.

LYOR COHEN was in the building. I wonder who he was cheering for?


Just found out that there is a part two to all of this and I cannot wait! I am going prepared!!! Special thanks to NIKE for always looking out for an ashy kid like me!

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